35 Things To Do In Fort Worth

By Janet Benoir – April 9, 2024

Located in Texas, Fort Worth is a city full of adventure and Western charm. It’s a place where culture, history, and modern style meet, offering a wide range of experiences for all kinds of visitors. From history enthusiasts and art lovers to nature admirers and adventure seekers, Fort Worth has something for everyone.

Join us as we explore the top 35 things to do in this lively city, making your visit to Fort Worth truly memorable.

Fort Worth Stockyards

The Fort Worth Stockyards bring Texas’s cowboy past to life, offering a unique glimpse into the state’s history. Visitors can watch the world’s only twice-daily cattle drive, browse shops for Western gear, and enjoy country music in a setting that feels like a classic Western film. This historic area, with its lively atmosphere and authentic experiences, is a testament to Texas’s rich cowboy heritage.

Step back in time at the Fort Worth Stockyards

At the Stockyards, every corner tells a story of the cowboy era, from iconic venues like Stockyards Station to the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame. It’s a place where history is celebrated daily, offering a deep dive into the cowboy way of life. Whether it’s watching gunfight shows, shopping in the old-timey stores, or relaxing in a traditional saloon, the Stockyards offer the spirited heart of Texas.

Kimbell Art Museum

In the center of Fort Worth, the Kimbell Art Museum stands out as a haven for those who love art. Its design by the famous Louis Kahn is as much a work of art as the pieces it displays. The museum offers a journey through the history of art, from ancient to modern times, in a setting that encourages reflection and connection with timeless works.

Marvel at masterpieces in the Kimbell Art Museum

The museum’s collection, both rich and personal, creates a unique art experience. The natural light and the selection of important artworks make the Kimbell more than just a museum; it’s a place where art and viewers meet across time. Here, visitors are invited to explore the beauty and history of art, making the Kimbell Art Museum a special retreat for the spirit.

Fort Worth Botanic Garden

The Fort Worth Botanic Garden, nestled in the heart of the city since 1934, is a verdant retreat that offers a peaceful escape to nature lovers. As the oldest botanic garden in Texas, it’s home to over 2,500 plant species. Each corner of the garden, including the serene Japanese Garden with its koi ponds and the fragrant Rose Garden, provides a unique experience.

Roam the Fort Worth Botanic Garden

This botanical paradise serves as both a tranquil haven and a place of learning, where visitors can immerse themselves in the natural beauty and diverse plant life. The themed gardens offer a glimpse into different ecosystems, making every visit a discovery. It’s an ideal spot for those looking to unwind amidst nature or explore the intricacies of plant species, right in the middle of Fort Worth’s urban environment.

Bass Performance Hall

The Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth is a grand showcase for the arts, marked by its iconic angels that promise an extraordinary experience inside. With its lavish interior and exceptional sound quality, the hall turns every performance into a memorable occasion, ensuring that the audience fully absorbs the beauty of each note and word.

Catch a performance at Bass Performance Hall

This venue is at the core of Fort Worth’s cultural life, hosting an array of performances from stirring symphonies to expressive ballets. Experiencing a show at the Bass Performance Hall is more than just an evening out—it’s a journey through the arts that leaves a lasting impression, highlighting the profound impact of live performances.

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, with its striking glass and concrete design, is a haven for fans of contemporary art. It showcases an extensive collection of post-World War II artwork, pushing visitors to reconsider their perspectives through innovative sculptures and vibrant paintings. This museum fosters a conversation between history and today’s world, pushing the limits of artistic expression.

Explore the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

As guests wander the museum’s open spaces, they encounter art that has shaped the modern age, from abstract expressionism to minimalism. The Modern Art Museum is more than just a place to see art; it’s a hub for cutting-edge ideas, blending art and architecture into a unique experience. It’s an essential destination for anyone eager to dive deep into the art influencing our society now.

Fort Worth Zoo

The Fort Worth Zoo is a vibrant hub of wildlife, hosting over 7,000 animals and offering a perfect outing for families. Explore different habitats, from the rich African Savanna to the diverse Australian Outback, all designed to replicate the animals’ natural environments. It’s a place where both kids and adults can marvel at wildlife from around the world, nurturing a love for nature.

Enjoy family fun at the Fort Worth Zoo

At this zoo, learning comes to life with a focus on conservation and interactive exhibits that bring visitors closer to animals. The zoo ensures a memorable experience for all, with attractions like the Country Carousel adding to the fun. It’s a place of joy, discovery, and a growing interest in the animal world.

Trinity Park

Trinity Park, nestled along the peaceful Trinity River, is a haven of greenery and leisure in Fort Worth’s bustling environment. It’s a favorite spot for those who love the outdoors, offering trails, playgrounds, and scenic places to picnic. It’s the perfect place for a peaceful walk, a bike ride, or just to enjoy nature, providing a beautiful setting for relaxation and fun.

Relax at Trinity Park

The park is also a central spot for various community events, bringing people together for festivals and celebrations. Its lively yet natural atmosphere makes it a popular escape for both locals and tourists looking to take a break from the urban pace. Trinity Park stands out as a cherished spot in Fort Worth, embodying the community spirit and the beauty of the outdoors.

Glass Blowing Studio

Discover the magic of glassmaking at the Glass Blowing Studio in Fort Worth, where the ancient craft comes to life through the hands of skilled artisans. Visitors are treated to a captivating show as molten glass is shaped into beautiful art pieces, showcasing the unique blend of fire, skill, and creativity.

Witness art in the making at the Glass Blowing Studio

For the adventurous at heart, the studio offers hands-on workshops led by experienced artists. This is your chance to dive into the world of glass blowing and create a personal masterpiece, a memorable way to connect with Fort Worth’s thriving art community and take home a piece of its artistic spirit.

Six Flags Over Texas

For thrill-seekers and fun lovers, Six Flags Over Texas is the ultimate destination. This iconic theme park, nestled in the heart of Fort Worth, boasts an array of heart-pounding rides and attractions that promise an adrenaline rush like no other. From towering roller coasters that defy gravity to exhilarating water rides that cool you down on a hot Texas day, Six Flags offers endless entertainment for visitors of all ages.

Take a thrilling ride at Six Flags Over Texas

Beyond the thrills, Six Flags Over Texas captivates with its themed areas, each offering a unique blend of rides, games, and shows. Whether you’re exploring the Wild West or embarking on a superhero adventure, the park’s immersive experiences and festive atmosphere create lasting memories of joy and excitement.

Local Brewery

Fort Worth’s craft beer scene showcases the city’s love for diverse flavors and creative brewing. Local breweries, each with their distinct style and brews, capture the essence of Texas in every glass. Whether you’re a beer expert or just enjoy a casual drink, these places offer a taste of the local brewing culture through a variety of beers, from intense IPAs to rich stouts.

Savor the flavors at a Local Breweryf

When you visit a Fort Worth brewery, it’s more than just trying different beers; it’s about immersing yourself in the brewing experience. Many breweries offer tours to show you how your favorite beers are made, highlighting the dedication behind the craft. With tasting rooms and beer gardens, enjoying a beer becomes a way to connect with friends and celebrate the community’s brewing artistry.

Cowtown Coliseum

Immerse yourself in the West by attending a rodeo at Cowtown Coliseum, where the city’s cowboy culture comes to life. This historic venue, nestled in the heart of the Fort Worth Stockyards, hosts exhilarating rodeo events that showcase the skill and bravery of cowboys and cowgirls. Witness the thrilling action of bull riding, barrel racing, and roping, all set against the backdrop of a venue steeped in tradition.

Attend a rodeo at Cowtown Coliseum

The rodeo at Cowtown Coliseum is more than a sporting event; it’s a celebration of Texas heritage. The atmosphere is charged with energy as spectators cheer on competitors, and the Coliseum’s rich history adds a layer of nostalgia to the experience. For those seeking to connect with the roots of Fort Worth, a night at the rodeo is an unforgettable journey into the heart of cowboy culture.

Cultural District

The Cultural District in Fort Worth is a must-visit for those who love art and culture. This area boasts a variety of museums and artistic sites, filled with everything from modern art masterpieces to historical artifacts, offering a rich and inspiring experience for visitors.

Stroll through the Cultural District

As you wander through the Cultural District, you’ll notice the beautiful blend of art and architecture, with well-designed museum buildings set among landscaped gardens. This area isn’t just about visual arts; it’s a lively center for performances, festivals, and exhibitions, offering something captivating for everyone.

Grapevine Vintage Railroad

Embark on a nostalgic journey aboard the Grapevine Vintage Railroad, where the romance of the rails is brought to life. This vintage train, lovingly restored to its former glory, offers a unique perspective of Fort Worth and its surroundings. The gentle clack of the wheels on the tracks and the scenic vistas that unfold along the route create a serene and captivating experience.

Ride the Grapevine Vintage Railroad

The Grapevine Vintage Railroad is more than a mode of transport; it’s a gateway to adventure. Themed rides, including murder mystery trains and holiday excursions, add an element of fun and intrigue to the journey. Whether you’re a rail enthusiast or simply looking for a charming way to explore the area, a ride on this historic train is a delightful escapade into the past.

Magnolia Market

The Magnolia Market in Fort Worth is a treasure trove for shoppers seeking unique finds and local crafts. This vibrant shopping district buzzes with energy as visitors browse stalls and boutiques, each offering something special. From handmade jewelry and artisanal goods to vintage clothing and home decor, the market is a testament to the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of Fort Worth’s artisans.

Shop till you drop at the Magnolia Market

The experience of shopping at the Magnolia Market is enhanced by the warm and welcoming atmosphere that pervades the area. Friendly vendors share stories behind their products, adding a personal touch to every purchase. As a gathering place for locals and tourists alike, the market embodies the communal spirit of Fort Worth, making every visit a delightful exploration of the city’s artistic and commercial vibrancy.

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History is a hub for exploring and learning, where visitors can dive into the wonders of science and the universe. Its interactive exhibits allow people of all ages to discover the excitement of science. It’s a place that turns learning into an adventure, offering a glimpse into the vast world of discovery.

Learn at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

More than just an educational venue, the museum serves as a community space for exchanging ideas and igniting inspiration. Through its special exhibits, programs, and workshops, it nurtures a passion for learning and encourages a fresh perspective on the world. The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History represents a journey into curiosity and creativity, making it a unique and enriching experience for all who visit.

Trinity Trails

Pedal through the heart of Fort Worth on the Trinity Trails, where the city’s vibrant pulse slows to match the gentle flow of the Trinity River. Here, miles of scenic paths unfold, offering a tranquil escape for cyclists, joggers, and walkers alike. As you wind your way along these well-trodden paths, the panoramic views of the skyline meld with the natural beauty of the riverbanks.

Take a scenic bike ride along the Trinity Trails

The trails invite you to explore Fort Worth’s diverse landscapes, from bustling urban centers to quiet, leafy enclaves. Each turn brings a new discovery, from hidden art installations to serene picnic spots by the water. Whether you’re seeking a leisurely ride under the Texas sky or an invigorating jog at dawn, the Trinity Trails provide a perfect canvas for your outdoor endeavors.

Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden inside the Fort Worth Botanic Garden offers a peaceful escape, taking visitors on a journey to the calmness of the East amidst bonsai trees and koi ponds. It’s a place where the busy world outside fades away, replaced by the beauty and tranquility of nature, complemented by the sound of waterfalls.

Experience the charm of the Japanese Garden

This garden is more than just a sight; it’s an experience that awakens all the senses. Whether you’re breathing in the fragrance of cherry blossoms in spring or admiring the vibrant fall colors, the Japanese Garden blends nature’s artistry into a serene escape that stays with you long after your visit.

Coyote Drive-In

At the Coyote Drive-In, enjoy a blend of nostalgia and modern movie magic under the Texas stars. As evening sets, this spot becomes a magical place where people enjoy films from their cars, creating a memorable night with the blend of old-school charm and today’s hits on the big screen.

Catch a movie at the Coyote Drive-In

This drive-in isn’t just about movies; it’s a place where the community comes together to share laughs and good times under the open sky. With a mix of new and classic films and delicious snacks, the Coyote Drive-In offers an unforgettable experience that recalls the golden era of drive-in theaters.

Wine Tour

Explore the beautiful hills and greenery around Fort Worth, where local vineyards invite you to taste exceptional Texan wines. On guided tours, learn about winemaking from vine care to fermentation, discovering stories of tradition and innovation in every bottle.

Sip and savor on a Wine Tour

Taste a variety of wines, from deep reds to light whites, and experience the dedication of Texan winemakers. These tours offer more than just wine; they reveal the soul of the region through each flavor, making them a must-do for both wine lovers and those new to wine, highlighting the rich tastes and stories of Fort Worth.

Montgomery Street

Montgomery Street is a paradise for antique enthusiasts, offering a glimpse into history through its array of shops filled with vintage treasures. Walking through this area is like stepping into a past world, where each item, from old farm tools to classic books, has its own story to tell.

Go antique shopping at Montgomery Street

Shopping here is more than just about the items—it’s about the experience. Talking to shop owners reveals fascinating stories behind each piece, making you feel connected to different times. It’s not just about what you buy, but the stories and history you bring home with you.

Fort Worth Opera

The Fort Worth Opera is a cornerstone of the city’s cultural scene, known for its powerful performances and elegant shows. It’s one of the oldest opera companies in the U.S., offering a mix of classic and modern productions that showcase incredible talent and artistry. The opera house, with its luxurious interiors and excellent sound, provides the perfect setting for a memorable night of drama and music.

Attend the Fort Worth Opera

Going to the Fort Worth Opera means experiencing a tradition of excellence. The performances draw you in with the emotion of the singers and the orchestra, creating a timeless and space-transcending connection. This immersive experience doesn’t just entertain; it deeply enriches those who attend, leaving lasting impressions.

Sid Richardson Museum

The Sid Richardson Museum in Fort Worth showcases the American West’s vivid stories through the artwork of famous artists like Remington and Russell. Their paintings bring to life the excitement and challenges of frontier days, capturing the essence of cowboys, stunning landscapes, and the enduring spirit of the West. Visitors can explore this rich collection in an intimate setting, making personal connections with each piece’s story of adventure and perseverance.

Explore the Sid Richardson Museum

This museum not only displays art but also delves into the history that shaped America, with expert guides and interactive displays that animate the Old West. It’s a place where art and history meet, offering insights into the era’s impact on the nation. The Sid Richardson Museum serves as a journey back in time, celebrating the enduring influence and inspiration of the Western legacy.

Nature Center and Refuge

The Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge is a vast natural haven in Texas, showcasing the state’s diverse landscapes and wildlife. Visitors can explore various ecosystems, from forests to prairies, and enjoy the tranquility of nature through its numerous hiking trails. It’s a place for quiet encounters with nature, offering a deep connection to the environment around.

Soak up nature at the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge

Beyond recreation, the Nature Center plays a crucial role in conservation, protecting endangered species and habitats. It educates visitors on the importance of environmental preservation through tours, programs, and interactive activities. This center stands as a testament to the beauty and importance of nature, inspiring everyone who visits to cherish and protect our natural world.

Texan Cuisine

Fort Worth’s food scene is a delicious exploration of Texas flavors, offering everything from tender barbecue to spicy Tex-Mex. The city’s eateries celebrate Texas’s rich cultural mix, combining international influences with local ingredients and flavors.

Indulge in Texan Cuisine

Eating out in Fort Worth is more than just enjoying good food; it’s about experiencing Southern hospitality, sharing stories around the table, and soaking in the lively ambiance of each place. Whether it’s a perfectly cooked steak, flavorful enchiladas, or indulgent pecan pie, Fort Worth’s culinary offerings are a feast for both the stomach and the soul.

Thistle Hill

Thistle Hill offers a journey back to the early 20th century, showcasing the luxury of Fort Worth’s wealthy history. This Georgian Revival mansion, known for its stunning architecture and well-kept grounds, reveals how Texas’s high society once lived, through rooms that reflect its former elegance, from grand celebrations to intimate family life in the Gilded Age.

Visit Thistle Hill

Visiting Thistle Hill goes beyond exploring an old building; it’s about experiencing the lifestyle, fashion, and routines of the past. The mansion emphasizes the value of preserving history, connecting us to Fort Worth’s past, and teaching lessons for the future. Thistle Hill invites visitors to appreciate the charm of history, offering a glimpse into a different time.

Trinity River

Kayak along the Trinity River right through Fort Worth for an adventure that combines city views with the tranquility of nature. As you paddle, the city’s skyline, green spaces, and lively atmosphere unfold around you, offering a unique way to experience the contrast between urban life and natural beauty.

Kayak on the Trinity River

This journey down the Trinity River is both peaceful and exciting. With each paddle stroke, you’ll discover the rich natural environment that lines the riverbanks, from herons in flight to the gentle movements of fish. The setting sun adds a magical touch to the scenery, connecting you deeply with Fort Worth’s essence.

Cowtown Cycle Party

Explore Fort Worth in a unique and lively way with the Cowtown Cycle Party. This group bike tour lets you and your friends enjoy the city’s sights while sharing drinks and laughter. Pedal through iconic areas like the historic Stockyards and vibrant Downtown, feeling the city’s energy with every turn. It’s an experience that perfectly blends fun, exercise, and the warm hospitality Fort Worth is known for.

Join a Cowtown Cycle Party

As you ride and revel, the city’s life envelops you, creating unforgettable moments. The air is filled with laughter, new friendships bloom, and Fort Worth’s beauty unfolds around you in a lively display. More than a simple tour, this cycling celebration invites you to discover the city festively, giving each stop a chance to celebrate the journey’s joy together.

Log Cabin Village

Explore the pioneering spirit of Texas at the Log Cabin Village in Fort Worth. This living history museum takes you back to the early days of Texas settlers with its beautifully restored cabins and engaging historical demonstrations. Each cabin has its own story, offering a glimpse into a life that was simpler yet filled with challenges, all set within a serene environment of ancient trees and echoes of the past.

Admire the beauty of the Log Cabin Village

Dive into the daily lives of the early Texans through interactive experiences. Watch blacksmiths, weavers, and children of the era bring history to life amidst the aroma of woodsmoke and the sound of traditional folk music. The Log Cabin Village provides more than just a visit; it offers an educational journey into a crucial chapter of Texas history, making it an enchanting experience for all.

Ghost Tour

Embark on a ghost tour in Fort Worth and dive into the city’s eerie side as night descends. Guided by expert storytellers, this journey through historic areas reveals Fort Worth’s supernatural tales and dark secrets. Haunted spots, from old hotels to spooky saloons, promise chills and excitement at every turn.

Take a Ghost Tour

As you wander Fort Worth’s old streets, illuminated only by lantern light, you’ll be drawn into its mysterious past. The sounds of history whisper around ancient buildings, offering a unique blend of historical intrigue and ghostly encounters. This adventure invites the curious to explore the unseen, where Fort Worth’s ghosts wait to tell their tales.

Panther Island Pavilion

Panther Island Pavilion in Fort Worth is the go-to spot for enjoying the great outdoors with a backdrop of the Trinity River. This place buzzes with energy from concerts, festivals, and a variety of water sports, offering everyone a chance to soak up the fun under the Texas sky. It’s a perfect blend of excitement and relaxation, where the music and laughter create a welcoming atmosphere for all.

Relax at Panther Island Pavilion

Here, the essence of Fort Worth’s love for outdoor adventures comes to life. Whether you’re eager to see a live performance, join in on festival fun, or just kick back by the water, Panther Island Pavilion captures the community spirit. It’s where memories are made, surrounded by the natural beauty and vibrant culture that define Fort Worth.

Sundance Square

Sundance Square stands as the vibrant core of Fort Worth, blending historic charm with modern flair across its 35-block expanse. Here, shopping, dining, and entertainment abound, with cobblestone streets leading you past boutique shops that showcase high-end fashion alongside unique Texan keepsakes. It’s a destination that invites visitors to immerse themselves in the local culture and find something for every taste.

Dine and shop at Sundance Square

As day turns to night, Sundance Square transforms, buzzing with the vibrancy of live music and the camaraderie of diners and revelers. From gourmet meals to quick snacks, the square’s eateries cater to every craving, making it a hub of culinary delight. More than a place for shopping and dining, Sundance Square is an experience, crafting unforgettable memories beneath the wide Texas sky.

Amon Carter Museum of American Art

The Amon Carter Museum of American Art in Fort Worth presents a sweeping overview of American art, covering a timeline from the 19th century to contemporary works. The museum showcases an extensive range of artistic expressions, including paintings, sculptures, photographs, and films, complemented by educational programs and special exhibitions that enrich the viewing experience.

Discover the Amon Carter Museum of American Art

As a hub of American art and creativity, the Amon Carter Museum celebrates the complexity and richness of the nation’s artistic legacy. It offers a space for visitors to delve into the creative achievements that have defined the U.S., providing a window into the country through the perspectives of its artists. Visiting the Amon Carter Museum promises a deep and meaningful journey through America’s cultural history.

Billy Bob’s Texas

At Billy Bob’s Texas, dubbed the “World’s Largest Honky Tonk,” visitors are whisked away to the Wild West. This iconic venue pulses with the sounds of live country music, inviting everyone to hit the dance floor for a true Texan experience. The neon-lit ambiance sets the stage for an unforgettable evening of dance and celebration, epitomizing the spirited Texan culture.

Experience the Wild West at Billy Bob's Texas

Beyond just a musical haven, Billy Bob’s Texas is a deep dive into the cowboy lifestyle. The excitement of professional bull riding and the flavors of Texan cuisine offer a taste of the state’s traditions. Whether you’re there for the tunes or the cultural experience, a night at Billy Bob’s is a vibrant exploration of Texas, leaving an indelible mark on all who visit.

Fort Worth Water Gardens

The Fort Worth Water Gardens is a peaceful haven set against the city’s dynamic backdrop. This exquisite blend of water features and architectural elegance offers a space for visitors to unwind and immerse themselves in tranquility. The gardens present a variety of water elements from the powerful cascade of the active pool to the gentle whispers of the meditation areas.

Admire the Fort Worth Water Gardens

More than an architectural wonder, the Water Gardens serve as a communal retreat,. It’s a place where individuals seek tranquility, families create memories, and couples share moments, highlighting its role as a center for reflection and connection. The Fort Worth Water Gardens is where the water’s ever-changing form and sound offer a serene respite from the urban rush.

National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame

The National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame celebrates the trailblazers, creatives, and revolutionaries who have contributed to the region’s heritage and progress. Through its captivating exhibits, personal artifacts, and compelling photographs, the museum brings to light the stories of tenacity, perseverance, and autonomy that define the cowgirl ethos.

Uncover history at the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame

With interactive exhibits and engaging narratives, the museum connects visitors with the enduring spirit and legacy of cowgirls. The National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame serves not just as a repository of history but as a source of inspiration, urging all who visit to embrace the courage and spirit of adventure that cowgirls represent.

Fort Worth is a city where the old West meets modern culture and natural splendor. It offers something for everyone – from history buffs and art lovers to outdoor adventurers and foodies. This city guarantees a mix of experiences that are both varied and unforgettable. Get ready to explore Fort Worth’s unique charm, embark on exciting adventures, and experience the city’s vibrant spirit.

The 10 Best Restaurants in Fort Worth

Fort Worth, known for its cowboy history and lively culture, has a wide variety of dining options that mix old traditions with new flavors. From classic barbecue spots to innovative restaurants, the city’s food scene has something for everyone. Here are ten must-visit restaurants in Fort Worth for a memorable food experience.

Heim Barbecue & Catering

At Heim Barbecue & Catering, the enticing smell of smoked meats welcomes everyone into a world of authentic Texas barbecue. The tender brisket and the unique taste of “Bacon Burnt Ends” are just the beginning of what makes dining here a memorable experience.

The journey through Heim’s menu concludes with Emma’s Banana Pudding, a dessert so delightful that it alone could draw crowds. This sweet finale perfectly complements a meal that truly reflects Fort Worth’s rich culinary heritage, making Heim not just a place to eat, but a celebration of flavors and traditions.

Ellerbe Fine Foods

Ellerbe Fine Foods is a gem in Fort Worth’s dining scene, set in a charmingly converted gas station on Magnolia Avenue. This restaurant is a true testament to the farm-to-table philosophy, showcasing dishes that highlight the best of local and seasonal ingredients. The warm, rustic yet elegant atmosphere makes every meal a cozy and inviting experience, encouraging guests to savor each bite in comfort.

With a wine list carefully chosen to match the seasonal flavors of the menu, Ellerbe offers a dining experience that goes beyond just eating—it’s a celebration of the region’s agricultural wealth. Each meal here is a journey through the tastes and tales of the land, making Ellerbe Fine Foods a must-visit for anyone looking for a meal that feeds both body and soul.

Lili’s Bistro on Magnolia

Lili’s Bistro on Magnolia is a standout spot in Fort Worth’s dining scene, known for its diverse menu that features everything from rich Gorgonzola fries to subtly flavored coffee-crusted salmon. It’s a place that caters to both the adventurous eater and those seeking the comfort of familiar flavors, all within a setting that blends global cuisine with the warm, inviting atmosphere of a local favorite.

As night descends, the bistro comes alive in a new light, with candles flickering and live piano music setting a backdrop for an evening of warmth and connection. Lili’s Bistro becomes more than just a place to eat; it’s where friendships deepen, celebrations happen, and every visit feels like a return to a cherished space. It stands as a beloved part of the local food culture, offering not just meals, but memorable experiences.

Game Theory Restaurant + Bar

Game Theory Restaurant + Bar merges the joy of board games with culinary creativity, creating a unique dining environment where food and fun come together. The menu features imaginative dishes and captivating cocktails. It invites guests to dive into a playful dining experience where choosing a game is as exciting as picking your meal.

Game Theory encapsulates a vibrant atmosphere where dining transcends the ordinary. This establishment is a vibrant hub for interaction and delight, embodying the essence of Fort Worth’s innovative restaurant scene. Here, the simple joys of playing games and enjoying great food highlight the essence of togetherness, making Game Theory a standout destination for those seeking a memorable dining adventure.

Wicked Butcher

Nestled in downtown Fort Worth, Wicked Butcher is a destination for those seeking a memorable dining experience. The combination of its elegant atmosphere, meticulous service, and exquisite dishes makes every visit a unique adventure. Here, each meal is not just consumed but savored, offering a gateway to a world of indulgence and culinary discovery, where every bite is a testament to the beauty of high-quality ingredients and masterful preparation.

Wicked Butcher offers an upscale dining experience in the heart of Fort Worth, specializing in expertly crafted steaks and seafood. Its modern and sophisticated setting provides the perfect stage for a culinary journey, where dry-aged meats and fresh oceanic delights are presented with unparalleled artistry and attention to detail. This restaurant is an exploration of culinary excellence and a celebration of the finer things in life.

Rise Soufflé

Walking into Rise Soufflé feels like stepping into a chic Parisian bistro, nestled in the vibrant heart of Fort Worth. The restaurant excels in creating soufflés that are as delightful to the palate as they are to the eye, with flavors ranging from the deep, earthy notes of truffle to the indulgent sweetness of chocolate, each serving as a passport to the charming streets of Paris.

Beyond the exquisite soufflés, the bistro’s cozy ambiance, featuring intimate seating and warm lighting, crafts an inviting space that encourages guests to relish each bite and cherish the dining experience. Rise Soufflé blends French culinary traditions with a touch of Texan hospitality, ensuring that every meal is not just a feast for the taste buds but a celebration of life’s simple pleasures.

Clay Pigeon Food and Drink

Clay Pigeon Food and Drink offers a menu deeply rooted in American culinary traditions, enriched with local ingredients and a touch of creativity. Chef Marcus Paslay transforms simple ingredients into extraordinary dishes that delight the senses, from seasonally inspired handcrafted pasta to steaks that pay tribute to Texas’s rich culinary heritage.

The restaurant’s warm and rustic atmosphere complements its heartfelt menu, creating a cozy space where guests can enjoy great wine and engaging conversations. At Clay Pigeon, every meal is an opportunity to connect, making it a cherished dining destination in Fort Worth that celebrates the art of good food and good company.


Bonnell’s Fine Texas Cuisine offers a unique dining experience that captures the essence of Texas through its adventurous and flavorful dishes. Chef Jon Bonnell combines traditional Texan ingredients with gourmet cooking techniques to create a menu that celebrates the state’s rich culinary heritage. From succulent wild game to refined delicacies, each dish tells a story of Texas’s abundant resources and spirited culture.

Visiting Bonnell’s is more than just dining; it’s an opportunity to explore Texas’s diverse flavors. The restaurant’s menu, featuring everything from robust buffalo to delicate quail, showcases the creativity and richness of Texan cuisine. It invites diners on a journey of discovery, where each bite deepens their appreciation for the state’s gastronomic legacy.


Mash’D is a haven for those eager to explore the boundaries of American cuisine with its unique moonshine cocktails and innovative dishes. The menu, rich with playful and unexpected flavors, invites diners into a world where food is an adventure and every dish a topic of conversation. It’s an establishment that celebrates the joy of dining with a creative twist, making every visit a discovery of new tastes.

The vibrant energy of Mash’D mirrors its commitment to delivering an extraordinary dining experience. With an ambiance filled with lively energy and adorned with eclectic decor, it sets the stage for memorable moments shared over food. In Fort Worth, a city celebrated for its diverse culinary scene, Mash’D shines as a destination for those seeking not just a meal, but an unforgettable dining adventure.

The Rim Waterside

Perched at the water’s edge, The Rim Waterside stands is a culinary brilliance within Fort Worth’s bustling food scene. Specializing in seafood, the restaurant prides itself on serving dishes brimming with the freshest flavors of the sea, each a clear reflection of the chef’s dedication to quality and creativity. The ever-changing menu promises a taste of the ocean’s vast riches, ensuring a dining experience that’s both vibrant and satisfying.

A visit to The Rim Waterside offers much more than just a meal; it’s an engaging encounter with the beauty of Fort Worth’s waterside. With stunning views that vie for your attention and a sunset-drenched patio that frames the city’s natural splendor, dining here is truly an occasion to savor. Here, exquisite food and mesmerizing surroundings blend seamlessly, offering a feast for the senses and a retreat for the spirit.

Fort Worth’s food scene is full of amazing flavors, from delicious barbecue to upscale dining. These ten restaurants give you a glimpse into the city’s diverse food offerings. Dive into a food journey and discover why Fort Worth is a top spot for anyone who loves to eat.

35 Things To Do In Fort Worth