35 Things To Do In Indianapolis

By Janet Benoir – April 9, 2024

Located in the heart of the Midwest, Indianapolis, Indiana, is more than just the home of the renowned Indianapolis 500 race. The city is bursting with a variety of attractions, from its rich cultural and historical sites to picturesque parks and lively entertainment choices.

If the allure of high-speed racing, the tranquility of natural landscapes, the intrigue of museum exhibits, or the excitement of hands-on activities that captivates you, Indianapolis has something for everyone. Discover 35 compelling reasons to make Indianapolis your next travel destination.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is more than just a racetrack; it’s a legendary site where the excitement of racing comes alive through the roar of engines and the history of the Indy 500. Visitors have the unique opportunity to explore this iconic venue, experiencing the thrill of motorsport by getting close to historic race cars and feeling the energy of iconic races.

Explore The Indianapolis Motor Speedway

This speedway offers a deep dive into the evolution of auto racing, combining the past’s rich history with the present’s thrilling advancements. You can explore the museum, take a tour of the track, or experience the adrenaline of race day. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway shows the incredible blend of technology, competition, and tradition that captivates fans worldwide.

The Children’s Museum

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is a magical place where learning and fun collide, offering adventures in science, art, and history. Kids and adults alike can dig for dinosaur bones, journey through space, and immerse themselves in different cultures, all within a vibrant and interactive setting that fuels the imagination and curiosity.

Learn inside The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

This museum isn’t just about hands-on exhibits. Visitors can travel back to ancient times, make groundbreaking scientific discoveries, and engage with a variety of changing exhibits and special events. Every trip to the museum promises new discoveries, making it a perfect spot for creating lasting memories and inspiring young minds.

White River State Park

White River State Park serves as a serene getaway and a lively cultural spot right in the heart of Indianapolis. It blends the natural beauty of green spaces with the excitement of art and entertainment, offering something for everyone. Here, you can stroll through beautiful gardens, catch an outdoor concert, or visit top attractions like the Indianapolis Zoo and the Eiteljorg Museum, all within the park’s extensive grounds.

Visit the Monument Circle

The park also features trails along the White River, providing a perfect setting for a peaceful walk or a paddle on the water. It’s an ideal spot for art enthusiasts, nature lovers, or anyone looking to unwind amidst the trees. White River State Park represents the diverse charm and cultural richness of Indianapolis, making each visit a unique experience.

Museum of Art at Newfields

The Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields offers art enthusiasts a unique blend of natural beauty and creative expression. Its extensive collection, ranging from ancient artifacts to contemporary art, provides a comprehensive look at the evolution of artistic expression. The museum is set in a scenic estate, where art and nature come together, creating an engaging and lively atmosphere for visitors.

Visit the Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields

Beyond its indoor galleries, Newfields presents an immersive experience with its art-enriched outdoor spaces, including the impressive Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park. The museum regularly hosts seasonal events and new exhibitions, offering fresh and exciting ways to experience art amidst the beauty of its gardens and landscapes. This makes each visit to Newfields a distinctive mix of inspiration drawn from both art and the natural world.

Fountain Square

Fountain Square in Indianapolis is a vibrant neighborhood that seamlessly blends history with innovation. It’s a hub of artistic expression, where live music fills the air and colorful street art decorates the streets. Here, retro diners serve up nostalgia alongside contemporary cuisine, and galleries showcase the diverse works of local artists. Every corner of Fountain Square brims with inspiration, inviting exploration and discovery.

Spend time at Fountain Square

Whether you’re enjoying live music, browsing unique shops, or simply immersing yourself in the creative ambiance, Fountain Square offers an enriching experience that captures the essence of Indianapolis’ cultural heartbeat. It’s more than just a destination; it’s an unforgettable journey through the soul of the city.

The Escape Room Indianapolis

At The Escape Room Indianapolis, you’re thrust into a captivating scenario where escaping hinges on your ability to think quickly, work as a team, and solve intricate puzzles. It’s an exhilarating challenge that combines brainpower and collaboration for a truly engaging experience. As you navigate through the clues and tasks set before you, the excitement builds, making for a memorable adventure that’s both fun and intellectually stimulating.

Get thrilled at The Escape Room Indianapolis

Each room at The Escape Room Indianapolis is crafted to offer a unique journey, transporting you to places like a daring bank heist, an enigmatic ancient temple, or a cutting-edge laboratory. These immersive and richly themed environments provide a backdrop for a compelling story, where you’re the protagonist solving mysteries to escape. Ideal for groups of friends, family outings, or team-building events, it’s an experience that goes beyond the game.

Mass Ave Arts District

Mass Ave Arts District is the cultural epicenter of Indianapolis, bustling with the energy of creativity and community. Here, you’ll find a mix of independent shops, art galleries, and theaters that showcase the city’s creativity. The area is alive with vibrant murals, street performers, and a variety of places to eat, ranging from quaint cafes to upscale dining.

Appreciate the Mass Ave Arts District

Walking down Mass Ave offers a taste of Indianapolis’s artistic and local culture. The district masterfully mixes historical charm with modern vibes, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for entertainment, art, or just a pleasant walk among lively surroundings, Mass Ave is the place to experience the essence of Indianapolis’s artistic community.

Eagle Creek Park

Eagle Creek Park offers a vast oasis of nature within the city, inviting visitors to explore its extensive trails and waterways. Ideal for hiking, bird-watching, and various water sports, this large city park serves as a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle, where nature’s sounds fill the air. It’s a perfect spot for those looking to find adventure on the water or tranquility among the trees.

Relax in the Eagle Creek Park

The park is not just about exploration but also about relaxation and reconnecting with nature. Whether you’re paddling on the reservoir, wandering through the forest, or just enjoying a quiet moment by the water, Eagle Creek Park embodies the spirit of outdoor enjoyment and environmental appreciation. It welcomes everyone from families and groups of friends to individual nature enthusiasts, offering a space to experience the outdoors’ beauty and serenity.

Hinkle Fieldhouse

Visit Hinkle Fieldhouse for a thrilling dive into basketball’s heart, where the energy of historical games and the excitement of competition come alive. As the home of the Butler University Bulldogs, this legendary arena is a haven for sports fans. The sounds of the game, from the cheering crowd to the squeak of shoes on the court, make every moment here memorable.

Embrace sports at Hinkle Fieldhouse

Built in 1928, its classic design and nostalgic feel transport visitors back in time, offering a unique window into the early days of basketball. Whether you’re there to support the Bulldogs or to experience the magic of one of college basketball’s most storied venues, Hinkle Fieldhouse promises a mix of exhilaration and inspiration.

Monument Circle

Monument Circle, at the heart of Indianapolis, is a dynamic hub where history and modern life intersect. Towering above is the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, a symbol of sacrifice and freedom. Around its base, the Circle buzzes with activity, hosting bustling cafes, charming shops, and lively events that unite the community.

Visit the Monument Circle

Throughout the year, Monument Circle transforms, from summer concerts to winter festivals, offering something new with each visit. Whether you’re shopping for treasures, enjoying a meal with monument views, or basking in the Circle’s illuminated charm at night, it’s a place where the essence of Indianapolis shines bright, blending history, culture, and community.

Bad Axe Throwing

Bad Axe Throwing Indianapolis brings the exciting world of axe throwing to life, offering a unique and thrilling way to have fun. This spot is perfect for those looking for something different from the usual entertainment options, providing an engaging mix of skill, competition, and fun. Whether you’re planning a party, a team-building event, or just a memorable outing with friends, it’s the place to unleash your adventurous side.

Grip the adrenaline at Bad Axe Throwing Indianapolis

As soon as you hold an axe, the excitement builds as you aim and throw it towards the target. With expert coaches available to assist beginners and refine the skills of seasoned throwers, everyone is guaranteed an enjoyable time. Bad Axe Throwing Indianapolis fosters a sense of camaraderie and friendly rivalry, making for an entertaining and unforgettable experience.

Mind Tripping Show

Experience the Mind Tripping Show, an incredible blend of mind-bending illusions and comedy that guarantees an unforgettable night in Indianapolis. This interactive performance combines psychological tricks, humor, and audience participation to keep you on the edge of your seat. Hosted by a dynamic duo, the show will leave you questioning reality while laughing at the unbelievable feats unfolding before you.

Get mind blow at the Mind Tripping Show

Unlike other magic shows, the Mind Tripping Show offers a unique entertainment experience that stimulates both your intellect and your sense of humor. With charismatic performers and spontaneous surprises, each show promises a one-of-a-kind adventure. Whether you’re on a date, with family, or out with friends, prepare for an evening filled with wonder and laughter as you enter a world where what you see may not be what you believe.

Escape the Room Indy

Escape the Room Indy immerses you in an exhilarating world of puzzles and mystery where every detail could lead to your freedom. With a selection of themed rooms, participants must rely on sharp wit, keen observation, and teamwork to decipher clues and escape before time runs out. It’s an interactive adventure that combines the intrigue of mystery novels with the satisfaction of puzzle-solving.

Solve puzzles at Escape the Room Indy

Escape the Room Indy offers a thrilling experience that pushes your limits and fosters camaraderie. Whether you’re seeking a team-building activity, a family outing, or a unique date night, this escape room destination promises an unforgettable journey. The thrill of cracking codes and the exhilaration of narrowly escaping provide an unparalleled sense of achievement.

Broad Ripple Park

Broad Ripple Park in Indianapolis offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and recreational opportunities. With its winding trails, lively playgrounds, and vast green spaces, it’s a haven for both relaxation and adventure. Whether you seek tranquility by the riverside or active fun with family and friends, this park caters to all interests and ages.

Stroll along the Broad Ripple Park

Meander along the serene riverbanks or enjoy a jog amidst picturesque scenery. Families can delight in the playgrounds while adults engage in friendly sports matches on the courts and fields. Broad Ripple Park isn’t just a destination; it’s a vibrant community space where outdoor enthusiasts can immerse themselves in nature and share enjoyment.

Great Times Family Fun Park

At Great Times Family Fun Park in Indianapolis, fun-filled adventures await families seeking an exciting day out. From thrilling go-kart races to challenging rounds of mini-golf, each activity promises laughter and unforgettable moments. Dive into the arcade games for a nostalgic twist or cool off with bumper boat rides – there’s excitement for everyone in the family.

Bond at Great Times Family Fun Park

With attractions catering to both young and old, Great Times Family Fun Park is the ultimate destination for a day of amusement. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, a weekend getaway, or simply bonding with loved ones, embrace the joy and create cherished memories together. Let the laughter flow freely as you immerse yourself in the excitement of Indianapolis’ premier family entertainment spot.

The SportZone

At The SportZone, sports enthusiasts of all ages can immerse themselves in a variety of activities, from basketball to soccer. This dynamic sports complex caters to both competitive players and those seeking recreational fun, offering a versatile space for families, friends, and individual athletes to enjoy.

Get sporty at The SportZone

Featuring top-notch facilities, including indoor and outdoor arenas, The SportZone buzzes with energy and excitement. Whether you’re looking to join a league, compete in a tournament, or simply play for fun, this complex offers the perfect setting. Its inclusive atmosphere welcomes both seasoned athletes and beginners, making it a must-visit spot for sports lovers in Indianapolis.

Indiana World Skating Academy

Step into the inviting atmosphere of the Indiana World Skating Academy, where the ice awaits for a delightful experience. Catering to skaters of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned athletes, this premier ice skating venue promises excitement and elegance. With its gleaming surface and friendly ambiance, every visit becomes a memorable occasion, urging you to don your skates and glide away.

Glide at the Indiana World Skating Academy

Beyond open skate sessions, the Academy offers a gateway to the dreams of aspiring figure skaters and hockey players through various classes and training programs. Whether you’re seeking leisurely enjoyment or aiming to master new skating skills, the Indiana World Skating Academy blends recreation and instruction seamlessly on its well-kept ice rink.

Dave & Buster’s

Dave & Buster’s is a haven for gamers and thrill-seekers alike, featuring an extensive selection of games for all ages. From classic favorites to cutting-edge virtual reality adventures, there’s something to delight everyone in this bustling arcade atmosphere. Challenge your friends to a friendly competition or aim for a new high score on your favorite game in this vibrant, energetic setting.

Have fun at Dave & Buster's

In addition to the games, Dave & Buster’s also offers a full-service restaurant and bar, providing the perfect place to recharge and unwind after an exciting gaming session. Whether you’re enjoying a family day out, a romantic date night, or a lively gathering with friends, this arcade delivers a dynamic fusion of dining, entertainment, and gaming, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all.

Climb Time Indy

At Climb Time Indy, adventurers are invited to embark on an exhilarating journey to conquer new heights. With challenges suitable for climbers of all levels, from beginners to experts, the facility offers a diverse range of walls and obstacles designed to replicate the thrill of outdoor climbing. It’s an opportunity for both physical exertion and mental stimulation as you push yourself to reach your personal summit.

Ascend at the Climb Time Indy

More than just a climbing facility, Climb Time Indy fosters a tight-knit community of climbers united by their love for adventure. Whether you prefer solo climbs for reflection or group sessions for camaraderie, the atmosphere here is welcoming to all. With safety measures in place and expert guidance on hand, Climb Time Indy is all about conquering fears, boosting confidence, and celebrating every milestone along the way.

Rhodius Park

Rhodius Park is a peaceful haven nestled within the bustling city, providing a serene retreat for both locals and tourists. Boasting a plethora of amenities such as a swimming pool, basketball courts, baseball diamonds, tennis courts, and playgrounds, this expansive park caters to diverse interests. Families can bask in the sunshine, athletes can hone their skills, and nature enthusiasts can relish the tranquility.

Wander in Rhodius Park

The park’s appeal lies in its versatility, offering something for everyone. Whether you’re taking a refreshing dip in the pool, engaging in a spirited game on the courts, or simply enjoying a stroll, Rhodius Park offers a rejuvenating escape from the urban hustle and bustle. It serves as a gentle reminder of the joys of outdoor recreation and the importance of fostering connections and enhancing well-being.

Game Show Battle Rooms

Step into the excitement of Game Show Battle Rooms, where the thrill of live game show challenges awaits. With a variety of puzzles, trivia, and physical contests, each game promises to put your teamwork and wit to the test in a lively atmosphere. Whether you’re marking a milestone or simply seeking an unconventional night out, Game Show Battle Rooms offers an unforgettable experience filled with laughter and camaraderie.

Participate in the Game Show Battle Rooms

Beyond the competition, it’s about making memories and savoring moments of shared joy. Gather your loved ones or colleagues, and prepare for an adventure that’s all about fun, laughter, and the exhilaration of friendly rivalry. It’s more than just a game; it’s an opportunity to create lasting bonds and relish the thrill of the challenge.

Indianapolis Racquet Club

At the Indianapolis Racquet Club, tennis lovers of all levels can indulge their passion for the game in a welcoming and top-notch environment. Boasting well-maintained courts, the club offers the ideal space to hone your tennis skills, from perfecting your serve to engaging in friendly matches. With a focus on excellence, the club provides exceptional facilities, expert coaching, and a vibrant community united by their love for tennis.

Try the Indianapolis Racquet Club

Whether you’re a novice eager to learn or a seasoned player seeking improvement, the Indianapolis Racquet Club offers programs tailored to every skill level and age group. Through a variety of clinics and activities, players can enhance their technique, strategic thinking, and overall fitness. Beyond tennis, it’s a hub where enthusiasts come together to share experiences, forge connections, and take their game to the next level.


At Smiley, fun takes center stage, welcoming visitors of all ages to an array of exciting activities. From laser tag battles to arcade game challenges and mini-golf rounds, there’s something for everyone here. Laughter echoes through the venue as memories are made, promising an unforgettable experience for all.

Get entertained at Smiley

More than just games, Smiley fosters connections and shared joy among visitors. With its lively ambiance and helpful staff, it’s the ideal spot for families, friends, and anyone seeking a lively day out. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, a social gathering, or simply a quest for fun, Smiley offers the perfect setting for endless entertainment and smiles.

Action Duckpin Bowling

Experience the nostalgic delight of duckpin bowling at Action Duckpin Bowling, an Indianapolis treasure that takes you back in time. With smaller balls and pins, this vintage alley offers a unique challenge for bowlers of all levels. The retro ambiance, featuring antique scoring machines and classic décor, immerses you in a bygone era, adding an extra layer of charm to your bowling experience.

Roll with Action Duckpin Bowling

Amidst the laughter and friendly competition, friends and families create lasting memories in this cozy setting. Whether you’re marking a special occasion or simply seeking a fun night out, Action Duckpin Bowling ensures an unforgettable time. Its vintage charm and inviting atmosphere make every frame a journey through history, where each roll tells its own story.

Dark Armies Inc.

At Dark Armies Inc., experience the ultimate adrenaline rush in heart-pounding paintball battles. Inside this expansive indoor arena, teams strategize, dodge obstacles, and aim for victory amidst a flurry of paint-filled excitement. It’s not just a game; it’s an immersive adventure that challenges your agility, teamwork, and strategic prowess.

Battle in the arena of Dark Armies Inc.

Whether you’re a seasoned paintball pro or new to the thrill, Dark Armies offers an electrifying environment for all. Ideal for group gatherings, birthdays, or team-building events, every session promises an unforgettable experience that leaves participants craving more action.

The Academy Volleyball Club

Experience the thrill of volleyball at The Academy Volleyball Club, where players of all levels come together to hone their skills and compete. This dynamic facility is filled with excitement as athletes jump, dive, and spike, driven by their love for the game and their desire to improve. Whether you’re seeking to refine your technique, participate in tournaments, or simply enjoy the sport, The Academy is your go-to place.

Spike at The Academy Volleyball Club

Featuring courts tailored for both serious matches and casual play, The Academy Volleyball Club promotes teamwork and progress. Here, coaches and players share a dedication to development, turning each game into a chance to grow and succeed. More than just a volleyball venue, it’s a community where athletes unite to pursue their passion, offering a mix of competition, enjoyment, and camaraderie that makes every moment on the court memorable.

Paniq Escape Room

At Paniq Escape Room – Indianapolis, you’re thrust into immersive scenarios where teamwork and quick thinking are key. With diverse storylines and challenges, from historical enigmas to futuristic puzzles, each room promises an adrenaline-fueled test of your problem-solving abilities against the ticking clock.

Practice teamwork at Paniq Escape Room - Indianapolis

But it’s not just about escaping; it’s about the thrilling adventure that unfolds as you decode clues and unravel mysteries together. Perfect for families, friends, or team-building outings, Paniq Escape Room fosters creativity and collaboration, offering a one-of-a-kind experience where every solved clue brings you closer to victory.

Morty’s Comedy Joint

Get ready for an evening of laughter and fun at Morty’s Comedy Joint, the ultimate destination for comedy enthusiasts. Featuring a dynamic lineup of comedians ranging from fresh talents to seasoned pros, this cozy venue promises an unforgettable experience filled with hilarious anecdotes and side-splitting jokes. The intimate atmosphere ensures that every moment shared between performers and audience members is genuine and impactful, making for a truly immersive comedy experience.

Laugh at Morty's Comedy Joint

More than just a comedy club, Morty’s Comedy Joint fosters a sense of community where laughter reigns supreme. Whether you’re seeking a night out with friends, a romantic date, or some solo entertainment, Morty’s offers a welcoming escape from the everyday routine, serving up laughter that’s sure to brighten spirits and leave you with lasting memories.


At Incrediplex, located in the bustling heart of Indianapolis, a world of excitement awaits visitors of all ages. Picture a vast playground where bowling alleys and arcade games mingle with top-notch sports facilities, creating an atmosphere filled with laughter and excitement. Families come together, friends engage in friendly competition, and lasting memories are made against the backdrop of flashing arcade screens and the lively sounds of basketball courts.

Enjoy at Incrediplex

Beyond the games and sports, Incrediplex serves as a vibrant community hub, offering a blend of entertainment and physical activity. Whether you’re aiming for a strike on the bowling lanes, testing your reflexes in the arcade, or showcasing your skills on the court, Incrediplex provides a dynamic setting that caters to both young and old alike.

The Thirteenth Hour

Step into the immersive world of The Thirteenth Hour, where every twist and turn reveals a tale shrouded in mystery and suspense. Unlike your typical haunted house, this experience is meticulously crafted to transport you into a realm where every detail heightens the tension and tests your courage. With each step through dimly lit corridors, you’re drawn deeper into a narrative that blurs the boundaries between reality and the supernatural.

Face your fears at The Thirteenth Hour

Beyond the scares, The Thirteenth Hour offers an immersive journey that harnesses the power of storytelling to ignite your imagination. Encounter characters straight out of folklore, each weaving a narrative that adds depth to the rich tapestry of this phantasmagorical world. It’s an adventure that blends fear and fascination into a mesmerizing dance, leaving you in awe and wonder long after the experience ends.

Indianapolis Cultural Trail

The Indianapolis Cultural Trail is a dynamic pathway winding through the city, connecting neighborhoods, cultural hubs, and entertainment spots. Offering a scenic and inviting route, it entices urban adventurers to stroll or bike through Indianapolis’s lively atmosphere. Every twist and turn reveals a different facet of city life, from bustling markets to tranquil parks, encouraging exploration at your own pace in the fresh air.

Traverse the Indianapolis Cultural Trail

More than just a trail, it’s a narrative of Indianapolis itself, narrated through art installations, green oases, and stunning architecture. As you journey along, you become an active part of the city’s story, drawing closer to its heart with each step or pedal. Discovering the city’s essence through vibrant streetscapes and friendly faces, it’s an adventure that celebrates curiosity and the joy of unexpected encounters.

Breakout Games in Castleton

Experience the thrill of Breakout Games in Indianapolis, where you and your team must work together to solve puzzles and unlock secrets in a live-action escape game. With only 60 minutes on the clock, each room presents a unique challenge that will put your problem-solving skills to the test. It’s an immersive adventure that promises excitement and intrigue, perfect for friends, families, or team-building outings.

Escape the Breakout Games in Castleton

As the clock ticks down, the excitement builds as you unravel the mysteries and inch closer to your escape. With a range of themes available, from defusing bombs to solving murder mysteries, there’s something for everyone at Breakout Games in Castleton. Whether you’re a puzzle enthusiast or just looking for a thrilling experience, it’s an exhilarating way to bond with your team and put your collective wit to the test.

Ragnarok Axe Throwing

Ragnarok Axe Throwing offers an exciting twist on the ancient art of axe throwing, creating a lively and welcoming environment for all adventurers. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned thrower, the venue provides the perfect setting to learn, practice, and compete, ensuring every throw is filled with excitement.

Be competitive at Ragnarok Axe Throwing

Under the guidance of skilled instructors, participants of all levels can experience the thrill of hitting the bullseye while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere filled with music and laughter. Ragnarok Axe Throwing isn’t just about mastering the skill of throwing axes; it’s about creating lasting memories in the heart of Indianapolis, where fun and challenge combine for an unforgettable experience.

Wine and Canvas

At Wine and Canvas, tap into your artistic side in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere where creativity flourishes alongside the wine. Guests are encouraged to pick up a paintbrush and let their imagination run wild under the guidance of skilled instructors. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned painter, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you can achieve while enjoying your favorite wine and soaking in the lively ambiance.

Unleash your creativity at Wine and Canvas

This delightful experience is perfect for a romantic evening, a fun night out with friends, or even a solo escapade, offering a perfect blend of artistry and relaxation. Wine and Canvas eliminates the pressure from painting, replacing it with enjoyment, support, and the fulfillment of crafting your own masterpiece. It’s the ultimate way to unwind, socialize, and express yourself in the heart of Indianapolis.

Twisted Room Escapes

At Twisted Room Escapes, dive into interactive adventures where you and your team take center stage. Each room presents a unique storyline packed with puzzles and mysteries to unravel. Get ready to put your minds together, think creatively, and beat the clock as you navigate through challenges to secure your escape.

Play games at the Twisted Room Escapes

Ideal for groups of friends, families, or coworkers seeking excitement, Twisted Room Escapes offers an immersive experience that promotes teamwork and problem-solving. Whether you’re deciphering clues in an ancient temple or solving a modern-day mystery, these engaging adventures promise an unforgettable blend of brain-teasing fun and thrilling escapades.

Indy welcomes all travelers with a mix of excitement and relaxation, catering to every taste. Whether you crave adventure, cultural exploration, or outdoor relaxation, Indianapolis has something special for you. Get ready to be amazed and captivated by the charm of this vibrant city.

The 10 Best Restaurants in Indianapolis

Indianapolis, located at America’s crossroads, is a must-visit for food lovers and adventurers. Known for its sports history and cultural richness, the city offers many exciting dining options. From modern twists to classic dishes, Indianapolis’s restaurants provide unforgettable meals.

Here are 10 top Indianapolis restaurants that will impress and enhance your trip.


Walking into Bluebeard is like finding a special spot where books and amazing food come together. It’s known for changing its menu often to use fresh local farm produce. The food is a creative mix of American and Mediterranean flavors, making every meal an exciting experience. The outdoor patio is a cozy spot to eat, surrounded by the herbs used in the kitchen, adding to the charm of dining here.

Eating at Bluebeard isn’t just about enjoying good food; it’s about enjoying the whole atmosphere. The outdoor area feels like a hidden garden in the city, perfect for relaxing and enjoying their innovative dishes. They focus on using local ingredients, so everything tastes fresh and flavorful. Whether eating outside among the plants or inside with books around you, Bluebeard turns a meal into a memorable adventure.

The Eagle Mass Ave

The Eagle on Mass Ave is the go-to place for anyone craving top-notch fried chicken in the Midwest. Not just a restaurant, it’s a favorite spot for its crispy and juicy fried chicken that keeps people coming back. Beyond chicken, The Eagle shines with its lively vibe and community feel, making each meal there special.

This place doesn’t stop at chicken; it’s all about celebrating Southern flavors. With delicious dishes like spoonbread and succotash, The Eagle brings the warmth of Southern cooking to the table. Add their craft beers and bourbon selections, and dining here feels like part of a big, joyful celebration.


Nada brings a fresh twist to Mexican food right in downtown Indianapolis. The restaurant’s bright, festive decor sets the perfect backdrop for a fun meal. From dishes like the spicy diablo shrimp to creative takes on tacos, Nada offers an exciting and delicious menu. Their unique cocktails, especially the spicy jalapeño margarita, make the perfect pairing for the spicy dishes, enhancing the dining experience.

The restaurant’s focus on creating a lively dining atmosphere and attention to flavor and presentation makes it a standout spot. The jalapeño margarita, among other signature drinks, showcases Nada’s dedication to offering something special and memorable for every guest. Whether you’re a fan of Mexican food or looking to try something new, Nada provides a welcoming and flavorful experience in the city’s heart.

Tinker Street

Tinker Street is a highlight of Indianapolis’s growing wine and dining scene, offering a comfortable and stylish place to eat. Located in the Old Northside area, this spot stands out for its great selection of wines and a creative menu that uses local ingredients. The cozy atmosphere and friendly, knowledgeable staff make Tinker Street a go-to spot for those who love food and wine.

The staff at Tinker Street are experts in their menu and wines, ready to suggest the perfect pairings to enhance your dining experience. This attention to detail and the quality of the food and drink make Tinker Street a must-visit for anyone interested in exploring Indianapolis’s culinary delights. It’s a place that invites you back repeatedly, promising new flavors and experiences with each visit.

Root & Bone Indianapolis

Root & Bone, led by Top Chef stars Janine Booth and Jeff McInnis, brings a fresh take on Southern cuisine to Indianapolis. Known for its unique sweet tea-brined fried chicken, this restaurant in the Meridian Kessler area turns classic comfort food into something special. Their brunch menu is a hit, offering everything from shrimp and grits to a creative version of avocado toast.

The atmosphere at Root & Bone is just as inviting as its menu, designed to make guests feel comfortable and relaxed as they enjoy their meal. The restaurant’s focus on high-quality ingredients and innovative recipes makes every visit a delightful experience. Whether you’re from the area or just passing through, dining at Root & Bone will surely be a memorable part of your Indianapolis experience.

The Fountain Room

The Fountain Room in the Chatham Arch area offers a high-end dining experience with its fancy decoration and top-notch seafood and steak menu. It’s more than just eating out; it’s about enjoying a mix of great tastes and presentations. Whether you’re craving a juicy steak or fresh seafood, this place promises a memorable meal worth the cost.

Dining at The Fountain Room is an all-around sensory experience. The restaurant focuses on quality, from using fresh ingredients to careful cooking that brings out the best in each dish. The chefs’ skill is clear in every bite, whether it’s a tender steak or a seafood dish with just the right seasoning. Guests leave not just satisfied, but with lasting impressions of a meal as enjoyable as delicious.

Union 50

Union 50 in Renaissance Place stands out with its cool gastropub vibe, live music, and creative menu. This spot is known for giving classic comfort foods a unique twist, like its kimchi meatloaf or duck confit poutine, blending great taste with fun times. Its stylish industrial setting and busy bar scene make every visit exciting and full of new experiences.

The place has a welcoming atmosphere with a mix of modern and rustic decor that catches the eye. The bar is a highlight, offering a wide range of drinks from craft beers to fancy cocktails, perfect for relaxing or starting the night. With different musicians playing regularly, Union 50 keeps things interesting, making it a great spot for dining with friends or enjoying a lively evening out.


Located in the Chatham Arch area, BODHI is a standout spot for top-notch Thai food that brings a slice of Bangkok to Indianapolis. The restaurant serves fresh, true-to-origin flavors with a creative twist. Diners can expect beautifully crafted dishes that combine Thailand’s classic taste with innovative ideas, alongside a range of unique cocktails that perfectly match the food’s vibrant flavors.

BODHI’s setting is stylish and comfortable, welcoming everyone who walks through its doors. It’s an ideal place for enjoying a meal with friends or marking a special event, surrounded by Thailand’s rich tastes and aromas. The restaurant’s menu is complemented by carefully designed cocktails that enhance the dining experience, ensuring a memorable visit. BODHI stands out as a go-to destination for those in Indianapolis craving authentic and inventive Thai dishes.

Gather 22

Gather 22 is a cozy spot perfect for coffee enthusiasts and food lovers in the Herron Morton Place neighborhood. Its high-quality coffees, teas, and delicious meals made with locally sourced ingredients stand out. Whether you’re looking for a quick coffee to start your day or a relaxed brunch, Gather 22’s warm atmosphere and welcoming service make it an ideal place to unwind and enjoy a good meal.

Gather 22 is not just about great food and drinks; it’s also known for its friendly vibe and excellent customer service, making it a favorite local hangout. The cafe’s inviting environment encourages guests to stay a while, whether catching up with friends or enjoying some alone time. The staff’s commitment to making every visit special contributes to the cafe’s charm, ensuring everyone who walks through the door feels at home.

The Garage Food Hall

The Garage Food Hall is a lively spot in the Chatham Arch neighborhood that showcases the variety of Indianapolis’s food scene. It’s a place where local chefs and food businesses come together to offer a wide range of dishes, from gourmet dumplings and handmade pizzas to craft beers and unique cocktails. The place has a friendly, open atmosphere, encouraging visitors to try different flavors in one location.

With its design focused on bringing people together, every visit offers something new to discover. Whether you’re a local looking for your next favorite meal or a visitor wanting to experience the city’s culinary diversity, The Garage Food Hall is a vibrant gathering place where the city’s culinary scene comes to life, making it a must-visit for anyone wanting to dive into what makes Indianapolis special.

Indianapolis’s food scene is rich in tastes, traditions, and new ideas. The restaurants mentioned aren’t just about food—they’re about unique experiences that show off the city’s cultural richness and growing reputation as a great place for food lovers.

Whether you love cozy Southern meals, fancy dinners, or the lively atmosphere of a food hall, Indianapolis has something for everyone. So, get ready to explore and enjoy the top restaurants that make Indianapolis an exciting place to eat.

35 Things To Do In Indianapolis

The 10 Best Tours In Indianapolis

Located in the Midwest, Indianapolis, Indiana, has adventure, culture, and history. Famous for its lively sports, historical depth, and cultural variety, the city beckons visitors to explore its unique attractions. From peaceful gondola rides to exciting racetrack tours, Indianapolis provides various experiences for all tastes.

Join us as we discover the top 10 tours in Indianapolis, showcasing the essential places and thrilling activities that make this city a top destination for travelers worldwide.

Old World Gondoliers’ Gondola Tour

Discover a unique adventure in Indianapolis with the Old World Gondoliers. Sail along the Central Canal right in the middle of downtown, where the lively city vibe meets the tranquility of the water. Enjoy being serenaded with Italian songs, making it a perfect choice for a romantic date or family outing. This experience brings a touch of European charm to Indianapolis, offering an unforgettable journey without leaving the city.

Old World Gondoliers’ Gondola Tour

Whether it’s enjoying the beauty of the city in the warm light of sunset or under the stars, this gondola ride is sure to be memorable. It’s an ideal way to celebrate, unwind, or just do something different, offering both a scenic view and a cultural experience. This tour not only provides a relaxing escape but also a chance to make lasting memories in the heart of Indianapolis.

  • Tour Fee: $25 per person, Private rides from $150 to $300 plus tip
  • Schedule: Seasonal availability, with evening rides for a magical experience
  • Inclusions: Serenade by your gondolier, scenic views of the Central Canal

City Market Catacombs Tour

Dive into the City Market Catacombs beneath Indianapolis for an intriguing adventure into history. These underground tunnels were once a lively center for trade, crucial for storing and moving produce in the 1800s. Now, they offer a peek into the city’s past, attracting those interested in history and exploration. This hidden attraction is perfect for anyone looking to discover the architectural and historical marvels of Indianapolis.

City Market Catacombs Tour

Walking through the catacombs, you’ll feel a sense of mystery and excitement as guides share fascinating stories from the past. The dimly lit passageways create a unique experience that’s both educational and memorable. Emerging from the depths, visitors are left with lasting impressions and a deeper appreciation for the city’s historical landscape, making the catacombs a must-see for those wanting to explore beyond the usual tourist spots.

  • Tour Fee: $12 for adults, $6 for kids ages 6-11
  • Schedule: Available May through October, perfect for a spooky Halloween adventure
  • Inclusions: Guided tour of the catacombs, historical insights

Broad Ripple Brewery Tour

This tour takes you around the Broad Ripple area, known for its great mix of places to eat, drink, and have fun, focusing on its breweries. You’ll learn all about how beer is made, see where it happens, and get to know the stories behind your favorite drinks. Plus, you’ll taste different kinds of beers, showcasing the variety and quality of what Indy offers.

Broad Ripple Brewery Tour

As you hop from one brewery to another, you’ll get to try various beers and discover what makes each one special. This experience is a chance to understand the craft and creativity that go into brewing. Whether you’re a die-hard beer fan or just curious about craft beer, the Broad Ripple Brewery Tour is a great way to dive into Indianapolis’s beer culture and enjoy some delicious brews.

  • Tour Fee: $30 per person
  • Schedule: Check availability for a weekend hop
  • Inclusions: Visits to four local breweries, beer samples, and transportation

Go Ape Treetop Adventure

Take your Indianapolis trip to the next level at Go Ape’s Treetop Adventure in Eagle Creek Park. Here, you can swing between trees, climb to exciting heights, and zip line across the forest, all while safely strapped in. It’s like becoming Tarzan for a day, exploring the treetops, and enjoying stunning views. This adventure is perfect for anyone looking to add a bit of thrill to their visit.

Go Ape Treetop Adventure

Go Ape’s course is designed for thrill-seekers of all abilities, offering a unique way to experience the outdoors and create lasting bonds. It’s not just about the adrenaline; it’s about challenging yourself, enjoying quality time with loved ones, and making the most of the natural beauty around you. The course brings people together through shared challenges and achievements, leaving everyone with stories to tell and a sense of accomplishment.

  • Tour Fee: $58 for adults, $38 for kids ages 10-15
  • Schedule: Booking available from spring to fall
  • Inclusions: All safety equipment, training, and unforgettable aerial obstacles

Haunted Underground Railroad Walking Tour

Join the Haunted Underground Railroad Walking Tour to experience a blend of history and mystery. Walk through Westfield’s historic streets and learn its key role in the Underground Railroad. This tour is educational and exciting, as it might also introduce you to some ghostly figures along the way.

Haunted Underground Railroad Walking Tour

As you explore, you’ll hear stories of courage and the quest for freedom, with a chance of encountering the spirits of those involved. This tour is perfect for anyone interested in history or the paranormal, offering a unique adventure combining the past and the supernatural.

  • Tour Fee: $18 for adults, $13 for seniors and kids 11 and under
  • Schedule: Evening tours for a ghostly ambiance
  • Inclusions: Guided walking tour, tales of hauntings and history

Squire Boone Caverns Day Trip

Take a trip from Indianapolis to the stunning Squire Boone Caverns for a change of pace. Here, away from the city noise, you can explore underground wonders like huge stalactites and stalagmites, all under the gentle light of cave lamps. This cool, quiet place lets you enjoy nature’s beauty and offers a break in a peaceful setting.

Squire Boone Caverns Day Trip

These caverns have more to offer than just their natural beauty; they also come with a slice of history. Named after Squire Boone, Daniel Boone’s brother found in the 1700s, they draw visitors with their fascinating past and scenic views. The sound of flowing underground streams adds to the calm, making it a perfect spot for anyone looking to experience something different and learn a bit of history.

  • Tour Fee: $19 for adults, $10.50 for children ages 4-11
  • Schedule: Year-round exploration
  • Inclusions: Guided cave tour, historical anecdotes, and access to park amenities

Indianapolis Motor Speedway VIP Grounds Tour

Experience the excitement at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Racing Capital of the World. This famous track has hosted countless thrilling races over its long history. The VIP Grounds Tour allows fans to see the track up close, including a lap around the legendary circuit and a stop at the famous Victory Podium. It’s a dream come true for racing enthusiasts, offering a rare glimpse into professional motorsports.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway VIP Grounds Tour

This tour takes you behind the scenes to places like the Media Center and lets you feel the excitement of being part of some of the biggest racing events, such as the Indianapolis 500. It’s a must-do for anyone who loves the speed and history of racing, providing an unforgettable experience close to the action.

  • Tour Fee: $30 for adults, $15 for children ages 6-15
  • Schedule: Available during the racing season and off-season by appointment
  • Inclusions: Guided tour, museum entry, and exclusive access areas

Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site

Visit President Benjamin Harrison’s home in Indianapolis to explore the life of America’s 23rd President in a beautifully kept Victorian mansion. This tour takes you through the personal and political world of Benjamin Harrison, with each room and artifact offering insights into the era he lived in. The original furnishings and personal items make the past come alive, providing a unique window into the life of a president.

Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site

The Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site also offers a closer look at Harrison’s achievements and challenges. The tour highlights Harrison’s contributions to civil rights and environmental efforts and invites reflection in the peaceful gardens surrounding the mansion. It’s an engaging and educational journey for anyone interested in American history, offering a blend of political significance and personal stories from one of the nation’s leaders.

  • Tour Fee: $10 for adults, $5 for kids ages 5-12
  • Schedule: Year-round educational experience
  • Inclusions: Guided tour of the home and gardens, historical insights

Indianapolis City Market Catacombs

The Indianapolis City Market is more than a food lover’s paradise; it’s also home to the intriguing underground catacombs hidden beneath the busy market area. This special tour takes visitors on an adventure through the historic tunnels once vital for the city’s trade and commerce. It’s an exciting mix of history, mystery, and design, offering a peek into the city’s intriguing past.

Indianapolis City Market Catacombs

On this tour, guests dive into the depths of the catacombs, where they can explore the architectural wonders and learn about their significant role in Indianapolis’s history. The journey through these ancient passageways is a historical exploration and an architectural adventure, revealing the creative ingenuity behind these hidden tunnels. This experience is perfect for anyone interested in discovering the secrets and stories beneath Indianapolis’s streets.

  • Tour Fee: $12 for adults, $6 for children ages 6-11
  • Schedule: Tours available from May through October
  • Inclusions: Guided exploration of the catacombs, historical insights

Smartphone-Guided Walking Tour of Downtown Indianapolis

Discover Indianapolis in a new and exciting way with the Smartphone-Guided Walking Tour. This innovative tour uses an app on your phone to lead you through the city, showing off its famous landmarks, secret spots, and rich history. It’s perfect for travelers who like to explore on their terms, allowing you to wander Indy’s lively streets at your own pace.

Smartphone-Guided Walking Tour of Downtown Indianapolis

This self-guided tour is ideal for those who enjoy exploring without being tied to a group or a set schedule. You can take your time at places that catch your interest, snap photos whenever you like, or just soak in the atmosphere of a cozy nook. The app doesn’t just point you to well-known sites and uncovers hidden gems around the city.

  • Tour Fee: Pricing varies based on group size
  • Schedule: At your leisure, with the freedom to start anytime
  • Inclusions: Digital map and guide, curated points of interest, and flexible timing

Indianapolis offers a wide range of exciting tours, from historical explorations to modern-day adventures. This city welcomes you to experience its rich history and vibrant present. Get ready to visit the Crossroads of America and create lasting memories with every step you take.