35 Things To Do In Jacksonville

By Janet Benoir – April 9, 2024

Located in northeast Florida, Jacksonville, a city known for its sunny warmth and friendly locals, invites you on an unforgettable adventure. Known as “Jax,” it combines culture, history, and nature to offer something for every traveler. Let’s explore the top 40 exciting activities in Jacksonville, a city full of adventures and memorable moments.

Kingsley Plantation

Step into the shoes of those who lived centuries ago on Florida’s oldest plantation house. This historic site, with its preserved buildings and picturesque landscapes, offers a deep dive into the past. Visitors are invited to explore and reflect on the intertwined narratives of history and humanity through the plantation’s corridors and open spaces.

Visit the Kingsley Plantation

Surrounded by ancient oaks and Spanish moss, Kingsley Plantation serves as a powerful reminder of the human spirit’s endurance. It provides a serene environment for contemplation, connecting visitors to the lives and stories of those who came before. As a place of learning and reflection, the plantation enriches visitors’ understanding of America’s complex past.

Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach offers a tranquil escape where the beauty of sand and the vast ocean come together in a harmonious display. It’s a place where visitors can find peace away from their everyday routines, allowing for moments of relaxation and a deeper connection with the calming presence of the sea. The endless horizon creates a backdrop that encourages contemplation and rejuvenation.

Relax in the Atlantic Beach

This beach is more than a mere coastal retreat; it’s a haven where the ocean breeze, the soothing waves, and the sun’s warmth create a serene experience. Atlantic Beach serves as a picturesque setting for strolls, sunbathing, or just enjoying the scenic views, offering everyone a piece of paradise.

St Johns Town Center

St Johns Town Center offers a shopping experience like no other in Jacksonville, featuring over 175 retailers ranging from high-end boutiques to popular chain stores. This open-air complex caters to fashion lovers and bargain seekers, providing a diverse selection of shops that accommodate every taste and budget. The excitement of discovering great deals and unique finds makes shopping here a truly thrilling experience.

Shop at St Johns Town Center

More than just a shopping destination, St Johns Town Center serves as a lively community hub where visitors can dine at various restaurants, enjoy a coffee with friends, or simply soak in the vibrant atmosphere. The center’s inviting landscape and well-planned spaces encourage guests to take their time exploring and enjoying what it has to offer. It represents the best of Jacksonville’s shopping and dining scene, making it a must-visit location for locals and tourists alike.

Fort Caroline National Memorial

At Fort Caroline National Memorial, visitors step back in time to the 16th century, exploring the remnants of a French settlement. This historic site honors the fleeting French presence, showcasing the early interactions between European settlers and Native Americans through its reconstructed fort and educational trails. It’s a place that invites both exploration and reflection, uncovering the rich layers of history that have shaped the region and its inhabitants.

Step inside the Fort Caroline National Memorial

Nestled within the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve, the memorial is enveloped by a serene natural landscape. The surrounding quiet forests and rivers allow visitors to deeply connect with the past. Fort Caroline is more than just a historic site; it’s where history and nature meet. It provides a unique perspective on the legacy of exploration, conflict, and coexistence that has left an indelible mark on the land.

Riverside Arts Market

The Riverside Arts Market is a bustling hub of local creativity and talent, set beneath the Fuller Warren Bridge every Saturday. Here, visitors can explore a wide array of handcrafted items, art, and unique goods. The market is a vibrant showcase of the community’s artistic prowess, featuring everything from handmade jewelry to original artwork.

Explore the Riverside Arts Market

The Riverside Arts Market serves as a lively celebration of artistic expression and community connection. It’s an interactive experience, complete with live music, food stalls, and art installations. This is where visitors can connect with local artists, understand their craft, and be moved by the stories behind their work. This dynamic venue offers the thriving arts scene in the area, promising new and exciting finds with each visit.

Riverside/Avondale Historic District

The Riverside/Avondale Historic District in Jacksonville is a captivating blend of history and modern charm. Strolling down its tree-lined streets, you’ll be transported back in time with the sight of meticulously preserved homes and buildings, each narrating a piece of the city’s rich past. This area buzzes with a unique energy, thanks to an array of chic boutiques, lively pubs, and diverse eateries that contribute to its distinctive vibe.

Wander through the RiversideAvondale Historic District

This neighborhood is more than a destination; it’s an immersive experience. With its warm locals, quaint cafes, and vibrant street life, the district welcomes visitors to explore and discover its treasures. Whether it’s hunting for vintage gems, savoring a meal at a cozy bistro, or just enjoying the picturesque surroundings, the Riverside/Avondale Historic District offers a delightful glimpse into Jacksonville’s cultural and historical essence.

Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens

The Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens spans 126 acres, offering a serene retreat filled with nature’s wonders. It’s a place where you can wander through diverse landscapes, from vibrant gardens to peaceful lakes. This tranquil oasis provides a perfect escape from urban life, inviting you to explore its beauty and immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature.

Unwind in the Jacksonville Arboretum & Gardens

This beautiful space not only showcases the splendor and variety of the natural world but also serves as an educational hub, promoting environmental awareness and conservation. Through its educational programs and interactive displays, the arboretum encourages visitors to learn about native species and the importance of preserving our planet.

Friendship Fountain

At Friendship Fountain in St. Johns River Park, visitors can witness one of the world’s largest fountains, creating a mesmerizing display of light and movement. This iconic Jacksonville landmark captivates everyone with its breathtaking water shows that blend droplets and rainbows. It’s not just a feast for the eyes but a cherished spot where people come to marvel at the dazzling interplay of water and light.

Snap shots at the Friendship Fountain

The fountain stands as a testament to Jacksonville’s vibrant spirit, serving as a popular gathering place for both locals and tourists. During the day, it offers a serene setting for picnics and walks, while at night, it becomes a vibrant display of illuminated water choreographed to music. Friendship Fountain is where the simple act of watching water leap and dance can forge unforgettable memories.


The Riverwalk in Jacksonville is a serene path that winds along the St. Johns River, offering stunning views of the city’s skyline and a peaceful setting to enjoy its architectural and natural beauty. As you wander, you’ll find an array of shops, restaurants, and cultural spots, allowing for a leisurely exploration of the city’s vibrant riverside life.

Stroll along the Riverwalk

This is more than just a walkway; it’s a bridge between Jacksonville’s rich history and its modern-day allure. Along the Riverwalk, historic sites blend with contemporary attractions, providing a unique way to experience the city. It’s an ideal spot for watching boats, dining with scenic views, or simply soaking in the tranquility of the surroundings, making every visit a memorable journey through Jacksonville’s lively heart.

Castaway Island Preserve

At Castaway Island Preserve, visitors can stroll along raised walkways that wind through untouched wetlands, offering a unique perspective on Jacksonville’s natural beauty. This wildlife sanctuary is a vibrant ecosystem where diverse plant and animal species thrive, showcasing the area’s ecological diversity. Throughout the year, the landscape transforms, presenting a constantly changing view of nature’s splendor, making every visit a new experience.

Experience the Castaway Island Preserve

This preserve is not only a place for scenic walks but also a center for environmental education and appreciation. It allows guests to immerse themselves in nature, observing everything from the delicate details of foliage to the aerial acrobatics of local birdlife. With informative signs and hands-on exhibits, Castaway Island Preserve educates visitors on the importance of conservation while providing a peaceful escape where adventure and tranquility coexist.

Fort George Island Cultural State Park

Fort George Island Cultural State Park, nestled in Jacksonville’s pristine natural landscape, offers a fascinating glimpse into Florida’s rich history. Visitors have the chance to explore the island’s past through its historic plantations and archaeological sites. Additionally, the park’s varied ecosystems set the stage for outdoor adventures such as kayaking, hiking, and bird-watching, catering to both history enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers.

Check the Fort George Island Cultural State Park

The true charm of Fort George Island is found in its blend of historical depth and the stunning beauty of its natural environment. The park features trails winding through maritime forests and salt marshes, inviting guests to deeply connect with nature. Whether cycling, fishing, or enjoying a picnic beneath the oaks, Fort George Island Cultural State Park offers a retreat where history and nature beautifully intertwine.

Memorial Park

Memorial Park in Jacksonville, designed by the architects of New York’s Central Park, is a tranquil haven beside the St. Johns River. It honors Florida’s World War I veterans and captivates visitors with its river views, ancient oaks, and well-kept landscapes. This space serves as a lively center for the community, attracting families, artists, and fitness lovers with its open lawns for picnics and paths for jogging and walking dogs.

Get nostalgic at Memorial Park

More than a place for solitude, Memorial Park is a dynamic gathering spot in Jacksonville. Evening activities in the park, from concerts to social gatherings, showcase the vibrant community life, making the park a picturesque setting that captures the essence of Jacksonville’s social heartbeat.

Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail

The Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail offers a scenic escape into the heart of Florida’s natural landscapes. This paved trail follows the path of a former railway, leading cyclists, runners, and hikers through dense woodlands, open fields, and wetlands. As you journey along the trail, you’ll be greeted by wildflowers, wildlife, and the tranquil beauty of the countryside, making it a perfect setting for a day of exploration and adventure.

Follow the Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist looking for a new challenge or a family seeking a leisurely weekend outing, the Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail caters to all levels of outdoor enthusiasts. With rest stops and picnic areas dotted along the route, the trail invites you to take a break, refuel, and soak in the serene surroundings of Jacksonville’s great outdoors.

Bold City Brewery

Dive into the bustling world of Bold City Brewery, a cornerstone of Jacksonville’s thriving craft beer culture. As one of the first to spark the local craft beer movement, this family-run brewery offers a cozy taproom with a welcoming atmosphere for beer lovers and casual drinkers alike. Visitors have the chance to taste an array of beers, showcasing the brewery’s wide range and creative spirit.

Sail with Now & Zen Sailing Charters

Bold City Brewery is a gathering spot where friends meet, celebrations happen, and beer enthusiasts discover new favorites. With its relaxed vibe, guided brewery tours, and visiting food trucks, it’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy the essence of Jacksonville. Raising a glass here means joining a community that values quality beer and good company.

Timucuan Ecological & Historical Preserve

The Timucuan Ecological & Historical Preserve is a sprawling expanse that captures the essence of Jacksonville’s rich history and natural splendor. Covering thousands of acres, it serves as a refuge for diverse wildlife and a paradise for nature enthusiasts. The preserve is a living museum, showcasing the heritage of its early inhabitants and offering insights into the intricate history that has molded this region.

Stroll in the Timucuan Ecological & Historical Preserve

The preserve’s trails, kayak paths, and educational centers provide a multitude of ways to immerse oneself in this serene environment. Whether you’re drawn to the allure of historical exploration, the thrill of spotting wildlife, or the peace found in untouched natural settings, the Timucuan Ecological & Historical Preserve delivers a profound and memorable experience.

Intuition Ale Works

Intuition Ale Works is a cornerstone of Jacksonville’s vibrant craft beer scene, welcoming both dedicated beer enthusiasts and those just looking to enjoy a casual drink. The lively atmosphere is perfect for catching up with old friends or making new ones, all while exploring some of the best beers Jacksonville has to offer.

Discover drinks in the Intuition Ale Works

Every beer at Intuition Ale Works has its own unique story, showcasing the brewery’s dedication to quality and inventive brewing. No matter if you prefer the bold bitterness of hops or the rich sweetness of an ale, you’ll find a beer that delights your senses. It’s the ideal place to relax, try out new flavors, and dive into the exciting craft beer culture that Jacksonville is known for.

Jacksonville National Cemetery

The Jacksonville National Cemetery is a solemn expanse, a place of honor and remembrance for the nation’s heroes. Set against a backdrop of serene landscapes, this hallowed ground serves as a final resting place for veterans and their families. The cemetery’s meticulously maintained grounds and solemn atmosphere evoke a profound sense of gratitude and reflection, offering visitors a space to pay their respects.

Pay respects at the Jacksonville National Cemetery

Visiting the Jacksonville National Cemetery is more than just a tourist activity; it’s a profound tribute to the bravery and sacrifices of those who served. The solemn beauty of the cemetery provides a moving glimpse into the nation’s past and the personal stories of its heroes. This peaceful site allows visitors to pay their respects, remember the fallen, and contemplate the true meanings of courage and sacrifice.

Camp Milton Historic Preserve

Camp Milton Historic Preserve offers a journey back in time to the Civil War era, highlighting Jacksonville’s significant role during this period. Through its well-preserved battlefield and encampment, visitors gain insights into the conflict and courage that shaped this chapter of history. The trails within the preserve tell tales of soldiers’ lives and military strategies, providing an educational experience that delves into the human side of the Civil War.

Roam in the Camp Milton Historic Preserve

The site’s educational offerings, including guided tours and interpretive signage, enhance visitors’ understanding of the past. Walking the same grounds where soldiers once strategized offers a unique perspective, bridging past and present. The preserve serves as a powerful reminder of Jacksonville’s rich historical heritage and honors the legacy of those who endured one of America’s pivotal moments.

Sunshine Park and Splash Pad

Sunshine Park and Splash Pad serves as a vibrant retreat for families, filled with the sounds of children’s laughter as they play in the water jets under the warm Florida sun. This place transforms into a hub of happiness, where families come together to enjoy the outdoors and make unforgettable memories. It offers a perfect blend of excitement and relaxation for visitors of all ages.

Snap shots at the Friendship Fountain

Here, the simple joys of life take center stage as families immerse themselves in the fun and warmth of the splash pad. Each splash and giggle weaves a story of family fun, creating a tapestry of memorable experiences. Sunshine Park and Splash Pad stands as a testament to the enduring power of family bonds, celebrated in a setting where the laughter never ends and every visit becomes a cherished memory.

The Treaty Oak

The Gigantic Octopus-Like Southern Live Oak Tree in Jacksonville is a marvel of nature, with sprawling branches that remind visitors of an octopus’s arms. This ancient tree is deeply rooted in history. Standing beneath its vast canopy, one can’t help but be moved by its enduring presence, a testament to the resilience and beauty of the natural world.

Touch the Gigantic Octopus-Like Southern Live Oak Tree

This extraordinary tree is more than a mere natural feature; it symbolizes the strength and continuity of life itself. People come from far and wide to gaze upon its magnificent form. It serves as a serene spot for contemplation and connection, reminding us of the timeless wonder of nature and our place within it.

Public Art

Jacksonville’s streets are alive with a vibrant display of public art, turning the city into an open gallery of creativity and cultural expression. Colorful murals, intricate sculptures, and diverse installations dot the urban landscape invite passersby to take a moment to explore and appreciate. It’s a rich tapestry of artistic diversity that celebrates the unique identity of the city, making every walk an opportunity for discovery and inspiration.

Appreciate the Public Art in Jacksonville

The city’s public art scene is a canvas where artists, both local and visiting, express their visions and spark dialogues. From murals that address pressing social issues to sculptures that add a touch of whimsy to the streets, Jacksonville’s art scene is a dynamic and ever-changing exhibition. It not only beautifies the city but also makes art an integral part of the community’s daily life.

Dames Point Bridge

The Dames Point Bridge, with its stunning design, showcases the brilliance and vision of Jacksonville. As you travel across, the sweeping views of the city and the water below provide a moment to marvel at the surrounding beauty. More than just a means to get from one place to another, the bridge symbolizes connection and progress, uniting communities with a sense of hope and forward movement.

Cross the Dames Point Bridge

By night, the bridge becomes even more enchanting, illuminated by lights that highlight its graceful structure against the night sky. It watches over Jacksonville like a guardian, its elegant form reminding us of the balance between human innovation and the natural world. The experience of crossing the Dames Point Bridge lifts the soul, transforming a simple crossing into a memorable passage from the mundane to the magnificent.

Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens

The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens is a sanctuary of art and nature, where the beauty of the creative world meets the tranquility of the natural world. As you wander through the galleries, you can explore the depths of human emotion and the heights of artistic expression. The museum boasts with inspiration where art is not just seen but felt.

Admire the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens

Outside, the gardens offer peaceful retreats by the riverside. The blending of art and horticulture creates an immersive experience, where every pathway and every blossom adds beauty and harmony. It’s a place where you can easily wander, finding moments of reflection and connection amidst the splendor of art and nature.

Jacksonville Skyway

The Jacksonville Skyway provides a unique way to see the city from above, smoothly sailing over busy streets and offering stunning views of downtown. This isn’t just another way to get around; it turns everyday travel into an exciting view. As you ride the Skyway, Jacksonville’s skyline and lively streets spread out below you, presenting the city in a whole new light.

Pass by the Jacksonville Skyway

Riding the Skyway feels like a glimpse into the future. Each station opens up new possibilities for adventure, encouraging passengers to discover Jacksonville’s cultural and historic treasures. It proves that sometimes, the journey itself can be just as thrilling as the destination.

Museum of Science and History (MOSH)

The Museum of Science and History (MOSH) offers a captivating journey through the wonders of space, life sciences, and human achievements. It invites visitors of all ages to dive into the mysteries that shape our existence. MOSH is a celebration of curiosity and discovery, where every exhibit sparks the imagination and fuels the desire to learn more about the world around us.

Learn at the Museum of Science and History (MOSH)

As you navigate through its interactive displays and engaging exhibits, you’re taken on an adventure that showcases the endless possibilities of human curiosity and creativity. It’s a place where learning is an adventure, proving that wonder and exploration are at the heart of our collective experience.

The Robot Factory

The Robot Factory at the Sally Corporation is where imagination becomes reality. It is a place where creativity meets cutting-edge technology. Visitors are transported into a world where lifelike robots and animatronics come alive. This unique experience allows guests to witness firsthand the incredible blend of fantasy and engineering, making it an unforgettable visit.

Innovate in the Robot Factory at the Sally Corporation

The tour through the Robot Factory showcases the marvel of human innovation, revealing the intricate world of animatronics. Both adults and children leave this magical space with a newfound belief in the power of imagination combined with human ingenuity. It’s proof of the magic that happens when creativity is applied to technology, turning dreams into tangible experiences.

Art Walk

The Jacksonville Art Walk transforms the city into a lively celebration of its rich artistic heritage, drawing together a diverse range of talents from painters to sculptors. It’s an event that showcases the city’s relentless pursuit of creativity and innovation, painting a vivid picture of Jacksonville’s cultural vitality.

Be artsy at the Jacksonville Art Walk

As the sun sets and the streets fill with laughter and lively chatter, the Art Walk becomes more than just a gathering for art enthusiasts. It’s a vibrant showcase of performances, classical art, and interactive experiences. Cafes and venues along the route offer a taste of local culture and cuisine, inviting everyone to immerse themselves in a comprehensive celebration of Jacksonville’s artistic and cultural offerings.

Cancer Survivors Park

Cancer Survivors Park in Jacksonville is a place of inspiration and resilience, where each sculpture and pathway shares a story of overcoming cancer. It’s a peaceful space designed for reflection, healing, and connecting with others’ survival stories, highlighting the strength of the human spirit. The park reminds visitors of the value of life and the crucial role of community support in facing life’s challenges.

Find inspiration at the Cancer Survivors Park

With serene landscapes and quiet benches for contemplation, the park is more than just an area of natural beauty. It symbolizes hope and celebrates the courage of those who have battled cancer, serving as a tribute to their journey towards recovery. Cancer Survivors Park stands as a meaningful symbol of perseverance and the unwavering will to embrace life, making it a source of comfort and inspiration for many.


The soft golden sands and clear waters welcome everyone from swimmers to surfers, offering a perfect setting for family fun. These shores aren’t just spots to relax; they’re lively gathering places where people of all ages come to enjoy the sun, sea, and shared moments of joy. Each wave that crashes on the beach brings with it the possibility of new adventures and experiences, making every visit unique and special.

Bathe in the Jacksonville Beaches

The evenings are especially magical as the sky turns into a canvas of oranges and pinks at sunset. The local wildlife adds an extra layer of wonder to the beach experience, highlighting the area’s natural beauty and the importance of conservation. These beaches are where you can find a deep connection with nature, peace, and the simple pleasures of a day spent by the ocean.

Aardwolf Brewing Company

Aardwolf Brewing Company in Jacksonville is where beer becomes a medium for sharing stories and building community. The welcoming atmosphere of the taproom, with its cozy decor and friendly staff, invites people to come together and enjoy the local culture over a glass of finely crafted beer.

Gulp drinks at the Aardwolf Brewing Company

The brewery is renowned for its exceptional craft beers and its role in fostering gatherings that turn into cherished memories. Aardwolf has created a space that feels like home to everyone, where laughter and conversations flow as freely as the beer. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax or celebrate, Aardwolf offers a sense of belonging and happiness.

Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary

Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary is a place of refuge for endangered big cats, emphasizing the sanctuary’s goal to protect these majestic animals. Here, lions, leopards, and other big cats find safety and care. Visitors to the sanctuary are treated to an up-close look at these incredible creatures, gaining insight into the critical importance of preserving our natural world.

Discover the Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary

Through educational tours and sharing the stories of the sanctuary’s residents, Catty Shack Ranch not only inspires admiration for nature but also encourages people to take action against the extinction crisis. This place stands as a symbol of hope and a reminder of the collective effort needed to protect our planet’s biodiversity, inviting everyone to contribute to a future where humans and wildlife thrive together.

St. Johns River

Kayaking on St. Johns River is a peaceful escape that transports you into the heart of nature, far from the busy city life. As you glide through the water, you experience serenity, highlighting the stunning scenery and vibrant wildlife along the riverbanks. This activity is a chance to slow down, soak in the beauty of the landscapes, and connect deeply with nature.

Kayak on St. Johns River

This activity is also an exploration that reveals the hidden beauty of Jacksonville, accessible only from the river. Kayakers get an exclusive look at secret spots, lively ecosystems, and nature’s everyday occurrences. Combining excitement with tranquility, kayaking on St. Johns River is an essential experience for anyone looking to discover the natural charms of Jacksonville while finding a moment of peace amidst the great outdoors.

Ritz Theatre and Museum

The Ritz Theatre and Museum in Jacksonville is a key site for celebrating African-American culture. It showcases the impact of artists, musicians, and leaders from the community on both a local and national level. With engaging exhibits and powerful performances, it offers insight into the lives and achievements of African-Americans, highlighting their crucial role in American history.

Ritz Theatre and Museum

Serving as a cultural focal point, the Ritz Theatre and Museum provides a space where art is not just seen but felt. It features a variety of programs that range from jazz concerts reminiscent of the Harlem Renaissance to art shows that dive deep into African-American creativity. It encourages conversations and fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation among its visitors.

Now & Zen Sailing Charters

Now & Zen Sailing Charters creates an unforgettable mix of excitement and peace for an extraordinary sea adventure in Jacksonville. As the yacht sails open and the wind takes hold, passengers experience the thrill of navigating through the beautiful waters. The stunning views of the ocean’s vastness and the interplay of sunlight on the waves contribute to an atmosphere of bliss and tranquility.

Sail with Now & Zen Sailing Charters

The yacht’s cozy setting is ideal for spending quality time with family and friends, sharing laughs and engaging conversations. Couples can find romance in the serene beauty of the ocean and the privacy it offers. Families can also enjoy the adventure of sailing together and discovering the wonders of the aquatic world.

Eco Motion Tours

Through this immersive walking tour, participants are led on a fascinating exploration that melds historical narratives with the natural beauty of the area. It’s more than just a walk; it’s an experience that delves into the essence of Jacksonville, showcasing the historical landmarks and vibrant ecosystems that define the city. Guided by experts with a deep passion for Jacksonville, these tours provide a unique insight into the city’s heritage and natural wonders.

Try the Eco Motion Tours

The tour weaves through green parks, along picturesque paths, and stops at significant historical spots. This immersive experience engages all senses, allowing participants to truly grasp Jacksonville’s complexity and allure. It offers a fresh perspective on the city, emphasizing its diversity, resilience, and the spirit of its people. Eco Motion Tours goes beyond simple sightseeing, creating a meaningful connection with Jacksonville.

Little Talbot Island State Park

Little Talbot Island State Park offers a unique glimpse into Florida’s pristine natural landscapes, untouched by modern development. This park is a sanctuary for those looking to explore the diverse ecosystems Florida has to offer. It’s a perfect spot for nature lovers and photographers alike, with its unspoiled beaches providing endless opportunities for discovery and relaxation.

Little Talbot Island State Park

The park’s extensive trail system invites hikers to explore its natural beauty, with each trail offering its own unique sights. Kayaking along the estuaries provides a quiet way to experience the park’s scenic beauty up close. Little Talbot Island is more than just a park; it’s an experience that connects people with the beauty of Florida’s natural world, fostering a deeper appreciation for our natural surroundings.

Jacksonville offers a variety of adventures, inviting you to create your own unforgettable stories. From enjoying the sunny beaches and exploring historical treasures to experiencing the lively arts scene, Jacksonville ensures every moment is filled with wonder. Come and discover Jacksonville, where your heart will find its rhythm and leave you with lasting memories of its beautiful landscapes.

The 10 Best Restaurants in Jacksonville

Jacksonville, a scenic city by the river and sea, boasts a lively and varied food scene. Its eateries, from quaint historic areas to lively beaches, offer a rich dining experience, making it a top spot for food enthusiasts.

Here are the top 10 essential restaurants shaping Jacksonville’s food culture.


Mesa is a standout restaurant in Jacksonville’s diverse food scene, specializing in Indian cuisine. It offers a unique five-course tasting menu that appeals to vegetarians and fans of Indian food alike. The dishes, especially the tamarind-ginger glazed chicken wings, are a mix of traditional flavors and modern twists, promising an authentic taste of India. Mesa’s focus on genuine, carefully prepared food makes it a must-visit spot in Jacksonville.

The restaurant’s warm and inviting atmosphere mirrors the rich culture of India, enhancing the dining experience with its creative menu. Mesa is perfect for both seasoned lovers of Indian cuisine and those new to these flavors. Its dedication to quality, authenticity, and innovation makes Mesa a highlight in Jacksonville’s restaurant scene, offering a culinary journey that’s hard to forget.

Restaurant Orsay

Restaurant Orsay in Jacksonville is a standout for its blend of French sophistication and Southern comfort. Dishes like pan-roasted fish on creamy grits and crispy mussels frites showcase the kitchen’s skill and creativity. The weekend brunch is especially remarkable. It features dishes such as roasted oysters and bourbon-orange French toast, each a testament to the culinary team’s passion for flavor and innovation.

The atmosphere at Orsay is vibrant yet inviting, striking the perfect balance between elegance and warmth. This special ambiance, coupled with meticulous service, ensures every visit is memorable. From the moment guests step inside, they’re treated to an experience that highlights the best of Jacksonville’s food scene. Orsay is a must-visit for anyone looking for an extraordinary meal in the city.

Carolina Jax

Carolina Jax, once a food truck, is now a go-to spot for innovative burgers in Jacksonville. Highlights include the Hurricane burger, a delicious mix of beef, cheese, jalapenos, macaroni, bacon, and chipotle sauce. The Riverside burger blends the sweet and spicy flavors with key lime, pepper aioli, goat cheese, and marmalade. This place is perfect for those who love traditional burgers but are excited by new flavors.

Besides its famous burgers, Carolina Jax also offers a range of sandwiches and hot dogs, like the Hurricane Dog, topped just like the burger. Every dish emphasizes fresh ingredients and bold flavors, making each visit a tasty adventure. It’s quickly become a favorite in Jacksonville for its relaxed vibe and innovative dishes that mix classic comfort food with modern twists.

Cowford Chophouse

Housed in a historic 1902 building, Cowford Chophouse is a standout in Jacksonville’s dining scene, offering more than just delicious meals. It combines a rich history and stylish setting with a rooftop terrace that showcases stunning views of the St. Johns River and downtown. This setting provides a unique dining experience where the beauty of Jacksonville enhances each meal, blending the past with panoramic beauty.

Cowford Chophouse’s menu mixes traditional and modern tastes, featuring everything from tuna tartare to a range of steaks and seafood. Each dish showcases the restaurant’s dedication to quality and innovation. More than just a place to dine, Cowford Chophouse embodies the spirit of Jacksonville’s evolving culinary scene, making every visit a memorable experience that connects diners with the city’s rich cultural heritage.

Silkie’s Chicken and Champagne Bar

Silkie’s Chicken and Champagne Bar gives Southern food a modern twist, making every meal an exciting culinary journey. The restaurant is famous for its Flavor Bomb chicken sandwich, praised by Oprah Winfrey herself. Their brunch offerings also stand out for their creativity. The cozy yet chic atmosphere at Silkie’s makes it the perfect spot for anyone looking to enjoy traditional Southern comfort food with an elegant touch.

At Silkie’s, the surprises don’t end with the main courses. Side dishes like the truffle smoked gouda macaroni and cheese show the restaurant’s dedication to elevating classic recipes to new heights. Whether you’re from Jacksonville or just visiting, a meal here is sure to fulfill your comfort food cravings while introducing you to innovative dishes that blend the old with the new.

The French Pantry

As soon as you enter The French Pantry, it’s like finding a little piece of Paris in Jacksonville. It’s well-loved for its unique take on sandwiches and bruschetta, turning everyday ingredients into extraordinary meals. The place is particularly famous for its Reuben sandwich, making it a standout choice for anyone looking to experience flavors that are both familiar and innovative.

For those with a sweet tooth, The French Pantry is just as impressive. It offers a tempting selection of homemade desserts, from indulgent chocolate cakes to a lighter, fruit-topped wedding cake. The dessert case is enough to draw you in, with each option more inviting than the last. This mix of savory excellence and sweet indulgence, all served in a charming, Paris-inspired setting, makes The French Pantry a top destination.

Blue Bamboo

Blue Bamboo invites diners to explore the rich tapestry of flavors that define traditional Cantonese cuisine. The menu, thoughtfully curated to encourage sharing, allows guests to embark on a communal dining journey. At the heart of Blue Bamboo’s offerings are the Cantonese-style roasted duck and Chinese barbecue spareribs, each dish a homage to Chef Dennis Chan’s deep-rooted culinary heritage.

Beyond the savory delights, Blue Bamboo’s dessert menu presents a sweet conclusion to the Cantonese feast with its Mandarin orange cake. This dessert, with its light, citrus-infused sponge and creamy frosting, offers a refreshing and innovative take on traditional Cantonese sweets. Blue Bamboo has created a sanctuary for those in search of a genuine Cantonese dining experience in Jacksonville.


Norikase in Jacksonville is a unique and exclusive spot that offers a special dining experience with its Japanese cuisine. This small, cozy handroll and cocktail bar has only nine seats, making every visit personal and immersive. When you eat their omakase dinner, it’s like going on a culinary adventure through Japan’s best flavors and cooking methods. Each dish showcases the chef’s skill and the deep tradition of Japanese food.

What sets Norikase apart is not just its food but also where it comes from. They get their seafood directly from Tokyo’s Toyosu Market, one of the top seafood markets in the world. This means you get to enjoy the freshest and most authentic tastes right in Jacksonville. This connection to Toyosu Market provides diners with rare and high-quality options, making Norikase stand out in the local dining scene.

Catullo’s Italian

Catullo’s Italian started as a food truck and has grown into an authentic Italian food in its community. It’s known for making its pasta, gnocchi, and ravioli from scratch, using traditional recipes and techniques. The chefs put a lot of passion into their cooking, turning every meal into a little trip to Italy. One of their most loved dishes is the pear Fiocchi.

Over time, Catullo’s has become a place where people come to enjoy the true flavors of Italy and feel like they’re part of a bigger family. They pay attention to every detail, from choosing the right ingredients to how they serve their dishes, making sure everyone feels like they’ve stepped into Italy with every visit. Catullo’s is also known for the warm, welcoming atmosphere that makes every meal special.

Dos Vatos Tacos

Dos Vatos Tacos, just a short walk from Neptune Beach, is famous for its diverse taco menu. They combine old and new tastes to create unique dishes, like the flavorful quesa birria taco and the innovative goat cheese relleno taco. This isn’t just a place to eat; it’s a spot where every meal is an adventure in Mexican cuisine, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who visits.

The relaxed atmosphere at Dos Vatos Tacos complements its food perfectly. It’s a place where the laid-back beach vibe is part of the experience. This focus on quality food and a welcoming environment makes it a favorite among both locals and visitors. A trip to Dos Vatos Tacos is a chance to enjoy carefully prepared tacos that truly showcase the effort and passion behind Mexican culinary traditions.

Jacksonville’s food scene is full of amazing restaurants, each offering unique tastes, settings, and creative dishes. With a range from fancy French meals to comforting Southern food, the city has something for everyone to explore and enjoy. These 10 restaurants showcase the best of Jacksonville’s food traditions and its new trends.

35 Things To Do In Jacksonville

The 10 Best Tours in Jacksonville

Jacksonville, Florida, is full of beautiful nature, rich history, and lively culture ready to discover. From the calm Amelia Island to the lively downtown Jacksonville, these top 10 tours offer unique views and unforgettable adventures of this exciting city.

Electric Bike Tours in Amelia Island

Amelia Island is unique and charming, making it a great place to explore on an electric bike. This easy and fun way of getting around lets you see the island’s beautiful streets, take pictures at pretty spots, and maybe see some wildlife. This kind of tour offers a close-up look at the island’s beauty and history.

Electric Bike Tours in Amelia Island

With 98% of travelers loving this experience, it’s clear that this tour is special. It’s not just a bike ride; it’s a chance to make lasting memories. Whether you’re experienced or new to electric biking, you’ll enjoy a wonderful adventure that combines the sights of Amelia Island with the excitement of exploring the outdoors.

  • Tour fee: $100 per adult
  • Schedule: 2–3 hours
  • Inclusions: Electric bike rental, helmet, guided tour

2-Flights Indoor Skydiving Experience in Jacksonville

Experience the excitement of flying without needing a plane with indoor skydiving in Jacksonville. It’s perfect for anyone who loves a thrill, allowing you to float on air safely and feel like you’re freefalling. This adventure is great for both thrill-seekers and those new to the experience, offering a safe way to enjoy the feeling of flying.

2-Flights Indoor Skydiving Experience in Jacksonville

The indoor skydiving center in Jacksonville uses advanced technology to create a real sensation of skydiving. With expert instructors guiding you, safety is a top priority, but you’ll still get that adrenaline rush. Whether you’re facing your fears, chasing a dream, or just want to try something new, indoor skydiving is an exhilarating experience not to be missed.

  • Tour fee: $91 per adult
  • Schedule: 1–2 hours
  • Inclusions: Flight gear rental, personalized flight certificate

Jacksonville Residential Architecture & History Tour

Take a tour through Jacksonville’s neighborhoods and see the beautiful houses and buildings in Riverside and Avondale. These areas show how Jacksonville rebuilt itself after a huge fire in 1901, with lots of different building styles from old times. It’s a great way to see the city’s history and the cool designs of its houses.

Jacksonville Residential Architecture & History Tour

Everyone who goes on this tour loves it, saying it’s a perfect mix of history and sightseeing. You’ll learn about the big fire that changed Jacksonville and how it grew back with even more interesting and diverse architecture. It’s not just a walk; it’s a journey through Jacksonville’s past, seen through its buildings and stories.

  • Tour fee: $96 per adult
  • Schedule: 2–3 hours
  • Inclusions: Guided tour, insightful commentary

Half-Day City Tour in Downtown Jacksonville

Discover Jacksonville’s heart with a half-day tour that takes you through its historic and cultural downtown. You’ll see a stunning skyline and many historic landmarks, offering a complete view of what makes Jacksonville special. This tour gives you a peek into the city’s unique qualities, blending its past and present beautifully.

Half-Day City Tour in Downtown Jacksonville

You’ll explore streets lined with old and new architecture, learning about Jacksonville’s history and current culture. This isn’t just a sightseeing trip; it’s a chance to experience Jacksonville. You’ll meet people who keep the city’s traditions alive, see its progress, and maybe even join in some local practices. Perfect for newcomers, this tour helps you understand and appreciate what makes Jacksonville stand out.

  • Tour fee: $96 per adult
  • Schedule: 3 hours
  • Inclusions: Guided tour, hotel pickup (select hotels)

The Avondale Culinary Tour

Dive into a food adventure in Avondale’s historic area, where Jacksonville’s delicious tastes and culinary traditions come alive. This walking tour invites you to visit the neighborhood’s famous food spots to enjoy local favorites and sophisticated meals created by Avondale’s talented chefs.

The Avondale Culinary Tour

Wander down Avondale’s charming streets, surrounded by its quaint shops and the old-world beauty of its buildings. This experience connects you with the local culture through food, making each meal a memorable story. Perfect for anyone eager to explore new flavors, this tour is a must-do to discover the best of what Jacksonville has to offer.

  • Tour fee: $145 per adult
  • Schedule: 3 hours
  • Inclusions: Culinary tastings, guided tour

Electric Bike Art and Architecture Guided Tour in Jacksonville

Take an exciting electric bike ride and dive into the world of Jacksonville’s art and architecture. This tour is your ticket to explore the city’s historical neighborhoods, brimming with public art, architectural wonders, and fascinating stories. Glide effortlessly through streets and avenues, uncovering the cultural heart of Jacksonville. You’ll see historic buildings, and vibrant murals, and learn about the visionaries who have shaped its urban landscape.

Electric Bike Art and Architecture Guided Tour in Jacksonville

The electric bike adds a fun twist to this cultural trip, letting you cover more ground without getting tired. This means you can enjoy more of Jacksonville’s beautiful details, from elaborate buildings to striking street art, and hidden spots full of charm. As you ride, you experience Jacksonville’s diversity and creativity firsthand, making this journey an unforgettable exploration of the city’s artistic and architectural gems.

  • Tour fee: $60 per adult
  • Schedule: 2–3 hours
  • Inclusions: Electric bike rental, helmet, guided tour

Big Talbot Island Self-Guided Tour with Smart Helmets

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking splendor of Big Talbot Island through a unique self-guided electric bike tour. With the latest smart helmets equipped for seamless communication, this journey through nature is tailored for those who crave an intimate encounter with the outdoors. Ideal for enthusiasts of exploration and adventure, this tour places you at the helm, allowing you to uncover the island’s wonders at a pace that suits you.

Big Talbot Island Self-Guided Tour with Smart Helmets

Its lush greenery, diverse wildlife, and panoramic views offer a serene backdrop for adventurers and nature lovers alike. As you navigate through winding trails and along stunning coastlines, the self-guided tour empowers you with the liberty to explore hidden gems and pause at breathtaking viewpoints. This tour not only promises a personal and immersive experience with the natural world but also the joy of discovering Big Talbot Island’s beauty on your own terms.

  • Tour fee: $100 per adult
  • Schedule: 2–3 hours
  • Inclusions: Electric bike rental, smart helmet

Public Art Tour in Jacksonville

Join a guided art tour in Jacksonville to see the city’s bursting creativity through its murals and sculptures. This adventure takes you around the city to see colorful art that tells the story of Jacksonville’s history and present. Every artwork you see will show you a new side of the city, filled with innovation and imagination.

Public Art Tour in Jacksonville

You’ll learn about the ideas and dreams of artists from here and around the world who have made their mark on the city. From modern to traditional art, their work covers a wide range of experiences and views, making the tour a vibrant journey of artistic discovery. As you walk through Jacksonville, you’ll be inspired by the city’s art scene and maybe even find your creativity sparked.

  • Tour fee: $98 per adult
  • Schedule: 2–3 hours
  • Inclusions: Guided tour

Jacksonville Private Daytime Boat Tour

Take a private boat tour through Jacksonville and see the city from a new angle. Glide on the St. Johns River and enjoy stunning views of the skyline and unique buildings, along with a chance to see local wildlife up close. This tour is a full experience that lets you discover the city’s beauty in a way that few do.

Jacksonville Private Daytime Boat Tour

Customize your boat trip to suit your tastes, perfect for any special occasion or just a peaceful day out. Whether celebrating an event, spending time with a loved one, or seeking a quiet getaway, this tour can be tailored just for you. Relax on the water, soak up the sun, and let the peaceful surroundings rejuvenate you.

  • Tour fee: $270 per group
  • Schedule: 2 hours
  • Inclusions: Private boat tour, personalized itinerary

Amelia Island Area Kayak Rental on Lofton Creek

Take a peaceful kayak trip down Lofton Creek in the beautiful Amelia Island. This journey through calm waters is perfect for anyone who loves nature and wants a quiet getaway. You’ll paddle past whispering reeds and under a canopy of trees, enjoying the untouched scenery around you. It’s a great way to spend time outdoors and find a moment of peace.

Amelia Island Area Kayak Rental on Lofton Creek

As you kayak along Lofton Creek, you’ll leave your daily stress behind and get a close look at the island’s wildlife and plants. The creek’s smooth waters make it easy for both beginners and experienced kayakers to explore. This experience is not just relaxing; it also lets you see the stunning views of Amelia Island from a new perspective, making for an adventure you won’t forget.

  • Tour fee: $36 per adult
  • Schedule: 3 hours
  • Inclusions: Kayak rental

Jacksonville has a variety of tours that cater to all interests, from adventure and history to nature. Each tour opens up new experiences and memorable moments, making Jacksonville a great place for anyone wanting a diverse and fulfilling trip.