Hotel industry professionals are well aware that their years of study truly pay off during their first trip abroad. Why is this? They understand all the complexities of the service sector, ensuring they avoid overpayments and scams. Here are some invaluable tips from experienced travelers who are experts in the field.

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Choose the right dates.

Michael Terry from the University of Florida’s Hotel Management program explains that hotel prices depend on one key factor: demand. Want an affordable getaway without hordes of tourists? Plan your vacation two weeks before Christmas, at the end of August, or during the first week of September.

Ask for a discount.

According to Professor Daniel J. J. Mount, hotels hate leaving rooms unoccupied. As a result, staff can often offer a discount if the hotel has an available room that you’re willing to take.

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Stay in the room until 3 p.m.

Amit Sharma, another professor from the College of Hotel Management, offers this advice: on your departure day, feel free to stay in your room until 3 or even 4 p.m. Hotels may not advertise this practice, but you have the right to extend your stay for a short time at no extra cost.

Pick a bed far from the window.

When staying in a two-bed room, opt for the bed further from the window. Michael Terry explains that subconsciously, guests are drawn to be closer to nature and light. This means the bed against the wall could be more comfortable and possibly even cleaner (if the cleaning staff accidentally forgot to change the linens).

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Be courteous to the staff.

Bonnie J. Natson, a professor at Michigan College of Hotel Business, recommends building relationships with hotel staff whenever possible. In an unfamiliar country, her advice is to befriend the porter first. They can suggest local establishments, warn you about areas to avoid at night, and recommend the best places to dine. Bonnie also advises praising hotel employees to show appreciation for their hard work and gain their trust and support. This can help resolve any challenging situations during your stay.

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