People working in hotels know for sure that the years of study pay off on their first trip abroad. Want to know why? They know all the intricacies of this service sector, which means that they are insured against overpayments and deceptions. Surely you will need these tips from travelers from professionals in their field.

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Choose the right dates.

Michael Terry of the University of Florida Hotel Management argues that the cost of hotel service depends on one single factor: demand. Do you want to relax inexpensively and without crowds of tourists? Go on holiday two weeks before Catholic Christmas, at the very end of August or in the first few of September.

Ask for a discount.

Professor Daniel J. J. Mount assures that hotels do not like to leave their rooms empty for at least one day. Therefore, employees can almost always give you a discount if the hotel has a spare room, which you are ready to occupy.

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No one’s going to kick you out of the hotel until 3 p.m.

Another professor from the College of Hotel Management, Amit Sharma, gives his advice to travelers. According to her, you can safely count on staying in the room on the day of departure until 3 or even 4 p.m. Hotels generally do not cover this practice, but you have the right to extend your stay for a short time free of charge.

Choose a bed far from the window.

If you are staying in a two-bedroom, choose not one that is closer to the window. Michael Terry says that subconsciously you will want to be closer to nature and light, as probably the previous guest. This means that there is a chance that the bed at the wall will be much more comfortable and perhaps even cleaner (if the maids accidentally forgot to change the bed linen).

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Be courteous with the staff.

Bonnie J. Natson, a professor at the Michigan College of Hotel Business, advises at the first opportunity to establish relationships with hotel employees. In an unfamiliar country, her advice to travelers – first of all, make friends with the porter. He will talk about various establishments, warn which local areas to avoid in the evening and where it is most profitable to have dinner. Bonnie advises not to miss the opportunity to praise the hotel employee. So you can celebrate the hard work of service personnel and enlist his trust and support. This will help resolve any difficult situation during your stay at the hotel.

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