We searched for treasures hidden in the labyrinthine streets and wells of yards. You will not find these unusual hidden treasuresin classic guidebooks. This article will show the inside of the city of Petersburg. Public transport, scooters, and bicycles will help you reduce travel time.

Oldest rock shop in St. Petersburg

Ligovsky Avenue, 47 (m. Rebellion Square)

One of the moods of St. Petersburg is Russian rock. Therefore, it will be symbolic of the route starts in the legendary shop rock paraphernalia Castle Rock, operating opposite the Moscow Station for 19 years. Informal youth were held here until the owner promised the locals peace and quiet. Among the clients are Yuri Shevchuk, Boris Grebenshchikov, Sergey “Chizh” Chigrakov, Oleg Garkusha, and other famous musicians. In addition to goods with the appropriate rock attributes, here are actual artifacts: palm prints, autographs, personal belongings of stars. For example, the cloak of Mikhail Gorshenev from the group “King and Shute” and the concert costume of Ilya Damn from “Pilot.”

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Buck’s Income House

Kirk Street, 24 (M. Chernyshevskaya)

Not far from the pavilion of the chernyshevskaya station stands an expressive house, built-in 1904-1905 for the publisher of the newspaper “The Speech” Juliana Baca. It is a building with “confusing” architecture, a richly decorated facade, open balconies, labyrinths of the stairway, and air galleries that connect the outbuildings to the main building on the level of the second and fifth floors. The numbering of apartments can drive even experienced couriers crazy. For example, apartment number 9 suddenly appears no.34. This is the result of numerous redevelopments of bar apartments in communal compartments and then again in separate apartments. Enter the entrance on one street and try to go to another.

Music store where the film “Brother” was filmed

Kirk Street, 8 (M. Chernyshevskaya)

Incredibly, the music store where Danila Bagrov wanted to buy Nautilus still exists. In St. Petersburg, he is credited with several addresses, but the shooting took place in this courtyard on Kirk. Go down the stairs, go to the counter with the records and ask: “Do you have “Wings” “Nautilus” ?” And if the seller will be in a good mood, he will answer you: “No, very quickly dismantled. But you come in again.”

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Income House of three Benoit

Stone Island Avenue, 26-28 (Petrogradskaya)

One of the three most famous profitable houses of the northern capital (along with Tolstoy House and The House of Baca) was built on the Benoit brothers’ project in 1912. The giant building can be called a metaphor of St. Petersburg: in one wing – elite suites, in the other – classic communal apartments, and the third destroyed by looters. Walkthrough a maze of twelve well enclosures that connect all the buildings of the giant complex. At the beginning of the 20th century, this building served as a model of the well-being of apartment buildings. It was equipped to the innovative standards of the time with built-in elevators, steam heating system, own power plant, laundry, garbage incinerator, snow-sink, and even telephones. Famous party figures, singers, artists, and composers, such as Dmitri Shostakovich, lived in the house.

Kamchatka Boiler Room (Kino Group Club-Museum)

Blokhin Street, 15 (m. Athletic)

In Soviet times, it was not supposed to be a parasite. It was ungrateful to compose poems and songs, especially if the musician did not have special education. So creative personalities were often encouraged to find a regular job. Thus, the cult musician Victor Tsoi decided to ship coal in one of the boiler rooms on the Petrograd side. The work for the young man is not difficult, and the time for concerts and writing remains. The legendary boiler room was popularly nicknamed “Kamchatka.” Now there is a memorial yard and a functioning bar with an interactive museum. It a great place to pause on a long route and move back 30 years when young people were waiting for change.

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