Summer is invariably associated with holidays, sea, beach, and fresh fruit. Where to go if the budget is limited? We have selected for you several options, where you do not need to spend on a visa and where food and housing are not worth the exorbitant money.


Albania is a stereotype that Albania is a Muslim country. There are several times more Catholic churches in the country than mosques. Albanians themselves are nice and friendly. The vast majority are fluent in English. The original authentic culture makes this place truly unique. There are stunning mountains, two seas (Ionian and Adriatic with pebble and sandy beaches) and beautiful lakes.

The coast, where most seaside resorts are located, the most popular of which – Himara, Borsh, Saranda, Xamili, Dermy – are called the Albanian Riviera. This coastline is 240 km long, located just opposite the Italian region of Puglia. By the way, if you have opened multiple Schengen visas, you can go by ferry to Italy – the two countries share the Strait of Otranto width 75 km.

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Last summer, 29 beaches in Montenegro were awarded the Blue Flag, an international award for water cleanliness and safety.

The cost of holidays in Montenegro depends on the place chosen to stay. The highest prices are in Kotor, Becic, Rafailovich, Przno, and Milocher. In Tivat and Herzeg Novi, food and lodging prices are markedly lower.

In Tivat like to relax locals – there are few tourists here. One of the most beautiful places in the vicinity of the city is the Island of Flowers near the medieval men’s monastery. Walkers can see the traditional Montenegrin fishing villages of Lower Land and Upper Land within 5 km of the city.

Herzeg-Novi is spread over the hills of the picturesque Kotor Bay. Walking around the city can be compared to walking through the botanical garden. A long time ago, sailors began to bring plants from different countries to the city, so now Herzeg-Novi literally drowns in all sorts of colors. There are growing giant cacti, banana palms, and other exotic plants.

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Progressive Georgia last year gave up plastic bags and chose the country’s first-ever female president. You’re welcome everywhere you go. In the capital of Georgia, even with a small budget, you can quickly feel like the king of life. For example, in the center of the old city, in a cafe with the inscription “I love Tbilisi,” you can order a portion of khinkali for $1.5 and a bottle of the famous mineral water “Borjomi” and enjoy a meal overlooking the old city, the River Kuru and the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity.

The city seems to be created to be photographed. With the probability of 100% at the nearest turn, you will be waiting for another retro or architectural masterpiece. Among other things, Georgia is pleased with the prices of group tours to the country’s main attractions. You can go to the Trinity Church of Gergeti on the picturesque Military Georgian road and the Alazana Valley for a sum of 2000 rubles.

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Of course, the most accessible and most affordable way to relax in Turkey is to go to the world-born set of jokes and stories all-inclusive. Even in high season, hotels exhibit tours with discounts of up to 50%. 

Popular Turkish resort towns in the summer turn into a continuous holiday with a lot of entertainment. Many affordable housing options and free entertainment can be found in Alanya, Marmaris, and Bodrum. The most expensive resorts are Fethiye, Side, Kemer, and Belek.


For those who do not like to be surrounded on vacation by crowds of tourists, we advise you to go to Abkhazia. Nature in Abkhazia is just as beautiful, but the prices are lower. For recreation, choose cities close to the Russian border – there is better infrastructure. Take the time to visit Lake Ritsa, a vast New Athos cave that fascinates the Geg Falls, the picturesque Novo-Athos Monastery on top of the mountain, where you can climb the path of sinners and trout.

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