Known as the gateway to Northeast India, Siliguri is one of the most important cities for tourists from all over the world. Not only does it connect the seven sisters to mainland India, but this glorious city also links to the four international borders of China, Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh. That said, the cool climate and wild beauty call people from warmer areas more often than you might think. Not only that, even the areas around Siliguri are quite popular tourist destinations, making Siliguri and the surrounding areas popular all year round. So if you’re also thinking of planning a trip to absorb the enchanting scenery that most West Bengal has to offer, then you should undoubtedly know the best destinations that will add that extra touch to an experience the generality of your journey. So, here are eight of the best destinations near Siliguri that will help you reach all the best tourist spots in the vicinity of an eye.

The 6 Best Destinations near Siliguri

Below is a list of all the best locations located near Siliguri. These stays offer the best in comfort and convenience to its guests.

1. Chamong Chiabari Retreat and Spa

This resort offers one of the best views of the mountains although it is quite unknown. It is literally located in the middle of the mountains, making it one of the best destinations to escape the daily stresses of our busy lives. They offer a wide range of services, from spas to picnic areas, to barbeques to tea teas, making it feel like a mini vacation. The resort rooms are quite spacious and comfortable. Being in such a beautiful location, you can experience nature in all its splendor.

2. Spider Jungle Destination

This over a decade old resort near Siliguri is literally a gem. Located close enough to the forest, you can experience nature and all its tranquility. This resort has four different types of cottages to choose from. All their cottages are developed in a way that makes you feel like you’re in the middle of the jungle. The only thing that distinguishes the fact is the presence of all modern amenities for your comfort and leisure. It’s one of the perfect places to stay if you’re looking to enjoy nature and you’re not in a hurry to get back to your daily life.

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3. Green Lagoon Resort

This huge resort is located in the Gorumara National Park Wildlife Sanctuary. Being located in the heart of the sanctuary, this resort is the perfect place to spend your vacation if you are deeply involved with animals and nature. They have such nice rooms that even when you’re staying at the resort will give you the feeling of being in the wild. So if you want to relax at the resort without heading out, this is the perfect place for you.

4. Singtom Tea Estate & Tea Resort

More than a century old, it is the oldest tea plantation destination in the world. Surrounded by 1600 acres of tea plantation, this resort offers spectacular views of over 50 Himalayan peaks. Without a doubt, staying here is a delight to your eyes. They also have a Bubble Massage hot tub that is so relaxing to your body that you never leave the place. Their rooms are quite spacious and modern with all the amenities provided to their guests. Here you can taste the freshest and best Darjeeling tea. This place is a paradise for all nature lovers and vacationers.

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5. Heritage Central Resort

Built during the reign of the British Empire, it is one of the oldest historic hotels near Siliguri. The resort’s central building still has that British flair. The resort has quite stunning luxury suites with all the modernity to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The interior of the resort has that kind of cute English café that makes you feel like you’re transporting back and forth from Indian culture to Britain. This is one of the best resorts near Siliguri and if you are more interested in comfort and luxury this is the best place to spend your vacation

6. Arcadia Heritage Resort

It is quite an old property which is why they have some old structural ruins that contain artefacts from British control in India and are still in good condition. With comfortable rooms, this resort offers views of the beautiful Himalayas. Simply sit back and sip a cup of Darjeeling hot tea while letting the tranquil Himalayan views brighten your eyes. This is one of the perfect places to stay if you’re the kind of person who likes to seize the moment and never miss a single tourist attraction as this destination is close to many hotspots like Tiger Hill , Japan Peace Pagoda, Batasia Loop, Rock Garden to name a few.

No matter where you go in West Bengal, you will have an experience you will remember for a lifetime. And if you happen to visit one of the places near Siliguri, you can choose one of the best destinations mentioned above and you are ready for one of the most exciting itineraries of your life. So what are you waiting for? Open your laptop and start booking because you won’t want to miss one of the best adventures of your life on your trip to West Bengal.

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Frequently asked questions about holiday destinations near Siliguri

Q. Are there any good places near Siliguri that you can visit?

  • There are many good places in and around Siliguri that you can visit. West Bengal welcomes thousands of tourists every year as it is one of the most popular tourist spots in India.

Q. What is the best time to visit West Bengal?

Any time is the best time to visit West Bengal as it has a pretty pleasant year-round climate. But by entering the winter season, you can experience the foggy and charming views of the mountains.

Q. Do all the resorts near Siliguri have a great view of the rooms?

  •  Most, if not all locations in and around Siliguri offer the best mountain views.

Q. Is it expensive to stay in resorts near Siliguri?

  • The bigger the view, the more expensive the room is. Yes, many rooms cost more than average, yet you can’t see these heavenly places anywhere else.

Q. What is Siliguri known for?

  • Siliguri is known to be quite a popular tourist place due to its fascinating mountain views


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