There is no better way to save on travel and hotel accommodation than to look at the tourism industry from the inside out. We give you this opportunity by collecting the best travel advice from international airport workers.

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Don’t waste your time putting locks on your suitcase.

As it turns out, it is entirely useless. One user on the Internet told about his experience at the airport. It turns out that he had to open such locks hundreds of times to determine the suitcase’s contents. He did this procedure with the usual handle: it is enough to move the tongue to one side and press with a sharp object on a zipper, and quickly close the suitcase again.

Bring your headphones on the plane.

Another employee admitted that the accessories on board are generally not new, although they are carefully packaged. Working in a warehouse that supplied one airline, the employee realized that the used accessories after the flight were cleaned and re-packaged. So their use is not entirely safe in terms of personal hygiene. Here is another guide that you might be interested in- 9 Useful Apps for Business Travelers

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Get rid of old marks on your suitcase.

Some of the advice to travelers seems obvious, but as it turns out, they are still neglected by hundreds of people every day. As a result, their luggage is sent in the wrong direction. For example, an airport worker recommended getting rid of irrelevant marks that confuse conveyor belt operators.

Be polite in dealing with the airport staff.

It may be a matter of upbringing, but it becomes especially relevant in the conversation about comfort in the process of flight. According to one of the discussion participants, the sphere of influence of flight attendants is much broader than passengers might think. Once you show due courtesy, they will gladly find a worthy replacement for your dish from the first-class menu or transplant to the best seat on the plane.

Buy tickets and fly on Tuesday.

An employee from the airline’s revenue accounting department, posting his advice to travelers, said that the best time to buy a ticket is Tuesday afternoon. According to him, flights are also profitable to make on Tuesday and Wednesday, and Saturday. This applies to flights to the United States.

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But it’s better to refrain from coffee.

One of the former airport employees, whose responsibilities included servicing the machine, described the low pay of such wages and the lack of necessary tools. As a result, he and his colleagues did not consider it essential to monitor the condition of the equipment, and the quality of coffee left much to be desired.

Put your pet’s name on his bag or leash.

This is advice to travelers who have gone on a trip with pets. The flight often causes panic in four-legged passengers and to calm the pets. Workers manage only by talking to them. It turns out to be very helpful if, at this point, they turn to them by name. Here is another guide that you might be interested in- Five simple tips for travelers with dogs.

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