Traveling and discovering the world can be different, and do it alone as beautifully as in the company. About why resting “solo” is excellent, and sometimes this is precisely what you need, you can read this article. Today we want to give some advice, especially for girls who decide to trip independently. The fact that tourists more often residents become victims of adventurers and catchers easy profit. In the case of weak sex, fighting back can be more complicated than avoiding an undesirable situation. 

Be confident

The most crucial point in a single journey is to be confident and sober but optimistic to look at things. Excessive fear will do you a disservice – locking in the hotel with the first twilight and shuffling from each counter. You risk missing a lot of exciting things. Again, the person whose eyes are read anxiety, in the first place, will attract the attention of a potential offender. Walk as if you know exactly where to go, even if you got lost an hour ago, enjoy unexpected discoveries, and when you decide that it’s time to return to the hotel, catch a taxi. If you want to save money and get on public transport or foot, ask the road of someone who inspires confidence: the woman, the family, the employees of the nearest cafe or store.

Take the example of the local.

In some countries, people are loyal to women’s appearance. You can safely walk around in a mini or short top. On the contrary, the female body should be as covered from prying eyes as possible, and a frank outfit can provoke aggression. If you are not sure what the mores will be in the country chosen for the holiday, do not worry, you will immediately understand everything. For example, in India, you will catch so many clear male views for a half-hour walk in shorts that you will wear a long skirt or light pants the next time you leave the hotel. Don’t want to take any chances? Just look how dressed local girls, young, often want to stand out and undress to the limits of morality.

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Don’t walk at night.

Do not walk alone on dark alleys, crossings, and wastelands. This rule will not surprise anyone because it is equally valid for a foreign trip, hometown, and area in which he grew up. Common sense will tell you that it is better to stick to busy streets and muscular return to the hotel by taxi after midnight. The only additional advice we can give is to try to come to new cities and check into hotels to not be on the street at night along with all the suitcases and valuables.

Keep an eye on your things.

When traveling “solo,” the responsibility for valuables lies solely with you, so it is better always to keep them insight. While waiting for the bus, sit in a cafe or the park, put the bag next to you, and better in front of you. In a packed bus, put your backpack forward to see if all the pockets are fastened. The standard advice for all travelers: do not shine large sums of money and expensive equipment, to the maximum leave things, passports, and credit cards in a safe in a hotel room.

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Be online

We do not urge you to look at the smartphone screen all the time. On the contrary, it is better to leave it more often and absorb new impressions with all your feelings. However, you will be more comfortable if you have an agreement with any of your friends or relatives to communicate with, say, every three days. It is unnecessary to tell you everything that happened to you, postpone it until a personal meeting. Still, the elementary message: “I stayed in such a hotel, everything is fine” will be a safety net.

Write to a legend

Men of some nations are famous for their hot temperament, so their courtship can be unnecessarily persistent. It isn’t delightful, especially if the person does not cause you interest, but only the desire to get rid of him as soon as possible. In such situations, in order not to seem rude, you can compose a small legend about the husband who is waiting for you in the hotel or is about to come. If necessary, “talk” that he is a former professional wrestler who left his career because of mental problems. If you are fundamentally not going to meet men, you can wear an engagement ring, real or fake. It does not matter. Well, in a very extreme case – do not be afraid to seem rude.

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Drink wisely

Remember the important rule – do not get drunk in the company of strangers. If you have managed to find new friends, if in the city where you came, there is one of the old friends, you can give yourself free rein, but never lose your mind being in the bar alone. To protect yourself as much as possible – drink beer, ask the bartender to open the bottle in your place, and do not leave it unattended. The probability that if you get to the hotel without adventure and go to bed is not as great as you would like.

Trust your intuition

Psychologists have long established that women have excellent intuition, and subconscious judgments often turn out to be correct. If, for one reason or another, or even without it, you are uncomfortable in someplace or someone’s company, listen to your inner voice. You travel solo. You don’t owe anyone anything, so be always only where you feel good!

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