Armani, Versace, Ralph Lauren: Hotels Designed by famous Couturiers

By Janet Benoir – June 19, 2021

They say talent knows no bounds, so it’s no surprise that top fashion designers and couturiers are not only setting trends in clothing but also in related fields. These bright stars of high fashion take on large-scale projects, creating chic design hotels that are true works of art. Today, we’re showcasing some of the most stylish hotels designed by famous couturiers and trendsetters.

Palazzo Versace, Gold Coast, Australia

In 1997, the founder of one of Australia’s most ambitious development companies approached the Versace House with an offer to build a luxury designer hotel on the Gold Coast. The idea was brilliant. Gianni Versace had always admired architecture and incorporated Baroque elements into his fashion. Moreover, the Versace fashion house had a well-known name and a ready collection of everything the hotel needed, from textiles to porcelain and cutlery. The main building of the five-star hotel features postmodern architecture, and the interior decor is crafted in the best traditions of high fashion.

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Vice Versa, Paris, France

Vice Versa is a unique boutique hotel that turns the concept of mortal sins on its head. Fashion designer Chantal Thomass has portrayed them in the spirit of Paris – as sources of joy and pleasure. Each of the hotel’s seven floors is meticulously decorated to express one of the sinful yet alluring human weaknesses. From the gold and marble-adorned Pride floor to the fiery red and black Anger floor, each level offers an unforgettable experience.

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Armani Hotel Dubai, Dubai, UAE

The partnership between a leading global developer and renowned Italian designer Giorgio Armani resulted in a luxury hotel that exudes elegance and exclusivity in every detail. Armani personally took part in the design process, ensuring that each room is chic yet subtle and refined. This high-tech, innovative hotel occupies 11 floors in a skyscraper at the heart of Dubai and is a true icon of UAE haute couture.

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Hotel Le Bellechasse, Paris, France

French fashion designer and founder of his own fashion house, Christian Lacroix, has worked on three hotels in Paris. However, his most outstanding creation is Hotel Le Bellechasse, located in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district. This area was once the center of literary bohemianism and now attracts international tourists with its luxury boutiques. Lacroix designed the hotel with seven thematic zones, each featuring a different technique but united by the sense of a surreal world of fantasies.

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UXUA Casa Hotel, Trancozu, Brazil

Former Diesel creative director Wilbert Das opened his eco-hotel, UXUA Casa Hotel and Spa, in the fishing village of Trancoso on Brazil’s coast. The village, founded in the 16th century, has changed little since then, with simple architecture, untouched nature, and a relaxed pace of life. Local artisans built the hotel using traditional methods and recycled materials, while Das expertly crafted the spatial organization, interior concepts, and lighting solutions. The result is a stylish blend of village modernism and a celebration of simplicity.

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Round Hill Hotel and Villas, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Once part of a lord’s estate, this large circular peninsula included sugar cane plantations, fragrant peppers, and pineapples. A Jamaican entrepreneur successfully integrated a luxury boutique hotel into the lush greenery of palm trees and fruit terraces, creating an exclusive holiday destination for the global elite, including politicians and celebrities. Ralph Lauren personally designed the main building and 36 sea-facing rooms. As the owner of one of the private villas in the Round Hill complex, he used his intimate connection with the place to create an atmosphere of a cozy Caribbean home while maintaining the designer’s signature elegance and timelessness.

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Tcherassi Hotel Spa, Cartagena, Colombia

Although Silvia Tcherassi’s name may not yet be known worldwide, her innovative approach has already allowed this young and ambitious Colombian designer to make a name for herself at prestigious European fashion shows. The Tcherassi Spa, which opened in 2009, marked a significant step in her creative development and has received praise from well-known fashion magazines such as Condé Nast Traveller, Travel + Leisure, and Vogue.

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