What are you willing to do for a photo with a newborn seal, one of the cutest creatures on the planet? If your answer is “go to the other side of the world,” – keep reading. We will tell you where and at what time of year the cutest animals in the world are waiting to meet you.

Floating pigs in the Bahamas

In the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, there is an uninhabited island called Big Major Kay, also known as Pig Island. The fact is that if pigs believed in paradise, for sure, it would be in the Bahamas. Nowhere in the world do piglets live as carefree as on Major Kay. It is unknown exactly how the first animals got to the island, but today their wild descendants have fully adapted to unusual conditions. They luxe in the sun and bathe in the sea. Paradise life instilled in them friendliness – they are happy to swim to the tourists and take goodies from their hands.

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Seal Cubs in Quebec

Perhaps the world’s cutest animals are waiting for you in February on the Madeleine Islands in Canada. This is a particular time for these places and Greenland seals. They’re heading here to leave their offspring. Within three weeks, adorable cubs can be found in their natural habitat. You have the opportunity to admire the touching spectacle without disturbing their peace. Chateau Madelinot offers helicopter tours to the island, where you can take pictures of newborn seals.

Sacred Dogs in Nepal

October is the perfect month for all dogs in the Himalayas. For five days, even homeless dogs look like the cutest animals in the world. It takes place in Nepal amid the Kukar Tihar holiday. Without exception, all dogs are fed, tied with colorful collars, which are more like Hawaiian wreaths, and draw a red dot on the forehead.

Slow sloths in Costa Rica

These shaggy creatures have won the hearts of most animal lovers around the world with their unusual appearance, expressing extreme melancholy. If you want to take a few lessons of apathy from sloths, head to Costa Rica. Here they have an actual “temple of laziness” called Aviarios del Caribe.

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Countless rabbits in Japan

Fluffy inhabitants of Ōkunoshima Island, claiming to be “the nicest animals in the world,” focus on quantity, not quality – on a small piece of sushi, many of them. The fact is that there is no predator in this habitat that threatens their existence. Unsurprisingly, Okounoshima, like Major Kay, has lost its original name and is now known to tourists as “Rabbit Island” (not to be confused with a bay in the Seaside Region). If your dream is to suffocate in the “fluffy sea,” go to Japan immediately!

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