The owners of dogs always face a difficult choice on the eve of the holiday: to find temporary accommodation for a four-legged friend or take it with him on the road. The second option is suitable only for the most desperate animal lovers, who can not live a day without their dog. After all, traveling with a dog is another test for both the owner and the furry “tourist.” Find out what tips will ease your fate if you decide to travel together.

Plan a trip with your dog in advance

As we often say, planning is the foundation of any journey. And this rule is especially relevant if in the conditions of the task there is a pet. Here’s how to prepare for your vacation:

  • “Make sure that all the necessary vaccinations are made to the dog, and the data about them are reflected in the veterinary passport.
  • Think about how you’ll find your pet if they’re suddenly lost away from home.
  • When making a holiday plan, don’t forget that you’re going to travel with your dog for a minute.
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Choose a way to travel wisely.

Safety and convenience on the road for you and the dog are priority conditions. Therefore, the best option will be to travel with the dog by car. It is important to remember that the pet should be fixed with a unique leash. So it will not interfere with the driver and will not suffer in the event of sharp braking or accident.

As for air travel, animal advocates do not approve of this mode of travel and advise them to use it in an emergency. If you still could not avoid the flight, try to get permission to stay the dog in the cabin.

And be sure to clarify the details of the payment for the flight with an unusual passenger – sometimes additional fees can exceed the ticket’s cost.

Carefully approach the issues with housing.

If you manage to find a hotel that is ready to take you with a dog, do not rush to book a room. It is better to call and clarify what conditions such service is provided. In addition, be sure to read reviews of other travelers with pets.

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Collect dog’s things as carefully as your own.

If you do not take care of the tourist set of your pet in advance, problems will overtake you on vacation. Make sure you take it with you:

  • Food
  • Medications
  • Leash
  • Favorite toy
  • Everything else the dog is used to.

Don’t forget about warm-ups.

On holiday, you can afford to lie on the beach or in your hotel room all day. But only if you didn’t bring your four-year-old friend with you. Remember that he needs at least 30 minutes of active exercise a day. Otherwise, he will feel uncomfortable, which means that you will not be well.

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