Fear of flying in the modern world can be a real problem. If you think not about the sun-sea-beach before your vacation, but about the fact that before all this, you have to stay for a few hours in an airtight metal whopper. Perhaps, our tips will help you to carry flights a little easier.

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Please note that we do not talk about aerophobia, the advice from our article will not be suitable for those who are afraid to fly so much that they experience extreme stress at the thought of the plane. If you have aerophobia and want to get rid of it, it is best not to read the recommendations on the Internet and ask for help from professionals, for example, in the center “Fly without fear.

But if you get nervous every time before the next trip and think if there is a way to carry flights easier, then here are a few.

Acknowledge and accept your fear

As we remember, acceptance is the first step to coping with the problem. It’s okay to be afraid to fly. You are not alone. With you, the upcoming flights with horror await several million people. Humans, in general, are not created by nature to fly, so psychologists explain the fear of movement through the air as primitive sources of our thinking. So exhale and do not hesitate. Many are afraid, and you too, but you will fly, which is a big step.

Choose a convenient place.

Choose a place is necessary so that, first, not to increase your fears, and secondly, to make the flight as comfortable as possible. If you can spend on business class, take tickets there: a housekeeper with narrow chairs and minimal legroom can increase the fear of enclosed space. If you want to save money, look for more permanent seats. Usually, they are in the front row, right after the business. Take seats at the emergency exit is not advised. It can only increase your fear of flying (especially if you will be approached by a flight attendant and will personally explain what to do in an emergency).

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Also, I do not recommend sitting at the window (unlikely you want to admire the views from a height) and in the tail (in the turbulence, there shakes the most). The ideal place for a person afraid to fly – in the front rows after business class, at the aisle.

Armed with statistics

Anyone afraid to fly has heard that every year more people die in an accident than in plane crashes, and “if you are afraid of planes, avoid and take a taxi ride.” But it’s hard for the human brain to believe, especially when a person is afraid. Let’s help him a little bit.

Visit the Flightradar24.com website. It shows all the planes that are currently in the air. If you live in a major city, you will see that it is now flying a few dozen aircraft. Reduce the scale, and hundreds, even thousands of yellow airplanes will appear on the map. It is not clear how this is possible, but it is a fact: every minute in the world takes off or lands a plane. No accidents or accidents. Because in aviation, everything is thought out, and the safety of passengers is given the most important place.

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Learn useful information

Try to understand what scares you in flight.

Don’t you understand how this big and heavy thing stays in the air and doesn’t fall? Please read about the basics of aerodynamics or see a webinar, where they talk about it in detail.

Is it scary that during turbulence, the plane will fall apart in the air? Find out what it’s all about – turbulence.

Are you afraid you’re going to get into a thunderstorm and have to land at the nearest airport? Read about how the weather affects flights.

In general, analyze your fear and try to get to its root cause. And then just Google – any information can be found on the Internet. If you are terrified, ask to look for details of someone close or friends so that they give you not Internet horror stories and filtered and reasonable answer to the question “What if?”.

Download a helpful app on your phone

Before the upcoming flight, download the SkyGuru app (unfortunately available only for the iPhone). It was developed by a professional pilot and a specialist working with people who are afraid to fly. The app helps you understand what’s going on with the plane at this particular moment. Flight information will be uploaded to your smartphone before the flight, and during all hours, you will be able to see at any time where you are and find out how the weather outside the window affects the aircraft. The app recognizes different sounds and explains their origin, as well as gives the user advice.

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The application is free, but for each flight will have to pay $4.99 (or $19.99 for ten flights). You can use the demo, which will explain how the weather on the takeoff and landing will affect your feelings and roughly predict turbulence. But if you want the program to soothe you the whole flight, it is better to buy the full version.

Learn to relax

And without alcohol: it will help to fall into suspended animation before landing, and in the end, you may just not be allowed on the plane. In addition, alcohol is generally not recommended to use in this case: it hurts blood vessels and pressure. During the flight, your body already experiences high loads. It is better to start practicing meditation, collect a playlist of your favorite soothing music, bring knitting (spokes, in this case, take bamboo) or embroidery, buy coloring for adults – in general, any activity that will help you relax and distract. It also helps to download on the road a few movies, better light comedies.

Get ready to fly

Put lollipops and gum in a bit of make-up – psychologists say that chewing or dissolving candy helps distract from frightening circumstances. In addition, if you chew on landing or take off, less will lay ears. Also, put a sleeping mask, a unique pillow, and earplugs in the bag – they will help to abstract from the flight. Dress as comfortably as possible and grab regular homemade slippers or warm socks: your body should be comfortable and well.

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