Picture this: a winding narrow railway, gracefully weaving through towering, multicolored rock formations. In the crevices and atop the peaks, lush green trees thrive, while down below, a milky-blue stream of the Kurjips River roars alongside the cliffside road. As you venture around each bend in the jagged rock walls, you’re greeted by enchanting waterfalls or massive stone blocks, resembling frozen fairy-tale giants. It wouldn’t be surprising to catch a glimpse of an elf on horseback, bathed in sunlight, or witness a matryoshka-like troll emerging from a distant cave. Welcome to the magical realm of Guam Gorge in Mountain Adygea.

Nestled in the heart of Mountain Adygea, Guam Gorge offers a refreshing escape even during the peak of summer. With temperatures rarely exceeding 25 degrees Celsius in the shade, this Elven Corner provides a cool respite from the heat. As spring arrives in early March, nature awakens with vibrant colors. Snowdrops and bellflowers bloom across the mountain meadows, while cherry blossoms cast a fragrant green carpet over the landscape, making it an enchanting destination for travelers seeking natural beauty.

“Can you believe that my nine-year-old son declared Guam Gorge the best place on Earth and instantly wanted to live here forever?” If that piques your curiosity, it’s time to witness the breathtaking beauty of this Elven Corner in Mountain Adygea for yourself.

How to get there?

Nestled in the northern region of the Lago-Gnaki plateau, Guam Gorge offers a serene escape from the bustling seaside and well-trodden ski resorts. This hidden gem, cherished by those who appreciate nature’s splendor, provides a refreshing alternative for travelers seeking a truly unique experience.

Nestled between the villages of Guam and Mezmai, Guam Gorge offers two entry points for eager explorers. For a more convenient experience, opt for the Guam side where a tourist train departs hourly from the ticket office, whisking you away into the heart of this enchanting Elven corner in Mountain Adygea.

The closest airport to Guam Gorge is located in Krasnodar, approximately 150 km away from the scenic destination in Mountain Adygea.

Next, the bus Krasnodar – Apsheronsk, then – a taxi or bus to the village of Guamka.

Upon arrival, it’s highly recommended to rent a car directly from the airport. Car rental prices in Krasnodar begin at just $50 per day. This not only allows for a swift journey to Guam Gorge but also provides a comfortable means to explore the surrounding areas.

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Where to stay

Nestled in the villages near Guam Gorge, visitors will find a variety of guest houses catering to different budgets. While five-star hotels are scarce, travelers can still enjoy comfortable accommodations complete with all the necessary amenities. For those seeking a more immersive experience, Guam offers car camping and even glamping, allowing guests to connect with nature in a sophisticated manner.

Here are a few options:

Hotel Guamka – from $8 per night per person;

Guest house Kurshewel – from $60 per night per person;

Mezmay Hotel – from #30 per night per person.

Interesting facts

Stretching for 9 km from Guam to Mezmai, the picturesque Guam Gorge is a stunning landscape of towering 400-meter high rocks that line the river for about 3 km. In the past, visitors could explore the entire area aboard a tourist train. However, a landslide in 2011 destroyed part of the railway, limiting train access to just a quarter of the way, stopping at the charming “Cafe 1707.”

Despite this, adventurous travelers can still (and should!) venture further by foot, taking in the breathtaking views of rolling hills and lush groves that follow the river’s path. For those up to the challenge, it’s recommended to pack some provisions and hike all the way to Mezmai before catching a taxi back to your starting point.

To fully enjoy the experience of walking from Guam, it’s best to choose a Tuesday or opt for early morning and late evening hikes. This is because the train doesn’t operate during these times, and it’s not permitted to walk on the active parts of the rails when it’s in service. This is for good reason – the gorge features some particularly narrow spots where even the slimmest of pedestrians would struggle to squeeze between the train, the rock face, and the cliff’s edge. In these moments, it’s best to simply soak in the natural beauty of this enchanting elven corner in Mountain Adygea.

A one-way train ticket to Guam Gorge ranges from just $1.5 to $2, and children under 7 ride for free. As you journey along the scenic half-hour route, an audio guide in the carriages will regale you with fascinating stories about the history and unique biological features of this enchanting Elven corner in Mountain Adygea.

A sunny afternoon is the ideal time to explore Guam Gorge, as the sun’s rays pierce through the rocks, casting a breathtaking glow on the rails and waters of the Kurjips River. This enchanting scene creates the perfect backdrop for those atmospheric, backlit photos every travel enthusiast craves!

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Myths surrounding the origins of Guam Gorge’s name are steeped in a somber melancholy. One such legend tells the tale of a beautiful woman named Guam, who once resided in these very mountains. She found herself caught in a love triangle between the cruel and cunning Thunder and the noble Eagle, to whom she had already given her heart. In a fit of jealous rage, Thunder hurled a lightning bolt at his rival as the lovers sat atop a cliff. The bolt pierced the heart of the Eagle and split the rock in two. It is said that the river which now flows at the base of the gorge was formed from the tears shed by Guam as she mourned the loss of her beloved.

A more down-to-earth interpretation of the name “Guam Gorge” is rooted in the Adygean language, where “Guama” means “unpleasant to the heart.” It’s likely that the area’s ancient inhabitants were unsettled by the mysterious shadows cast by the towering rock formations in the gorge.


Cafe “1707”

Stretching 1,707 meters from the starting point in Guam to the cafe, the Guam Gorge railway line offers a scenic journey for visitors. This charming locale features affordable dining options, welcoming guests from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. Discover the enchanting elven corner nestled within the mountains of Adygea.

An open-air climbor

Are you eager to tackle towering cliffs with the confidence of insurance and guidance from a professional instructor? For just $4, you can seize this thrilling opportunity and choose from three levels of difficulty to challenge yourself in the stunning Guam Gorge, a hidden gem of Mountain Adygea.


If your adventurous spirit craves the ultimate thrill, then brace yourself for an encounter with the trolls (provided you’re over 14 years old and weigh less than 120 kg). Experience the authentic high-flying excitement at the top for just $3, or opt for the shorter, more budget-friendly option at the bottom for $2 per person. Dive into the enchanting world of Guam Gorge, the Elven corner nestled in the heart of Mountain Adygea.

Souvenir shops

Discover a delightful collection of classic souvenirs and magnets at Guam Gorge, an enchanting Elven Corner in Mountain Adygea. Just steps away from the parking lot, indulge in the scrumptious local cuisine, featuring mouthwatering smoked fish, sweet honey, and delectable cheese. Don’t forget to pick up a few wheels of the region’s famous Adygea cheese while you’re there!

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Ssurroundings of the gorge

Discover the magic of Guam Gorge, a hidden elven gem nestled in the mountains of Adygea. To truly appreciate its beauty, I suggest setting aside at least two days to explore the gorge and its enchanting surroundings. Adventure awaits in this captivating corner of the world!

Thermal springs

Unwind after an exhilarating hike through the mountains at some of the most renowned healing hot spring baths. Notable locations include the bases of Niagara, Aquarius, H2O in Nizhny Novgorod, and Red Dagestan. These well-equipped, paid-entry pools offer a luxurious experience, but for the more adventurous, wild hot springs can also be found. However, it’s worth noting that swimming in these untamed springs is not recommended due to unpredictable water temperatures and compositions. Discover the enchanting elven corner of Mountain Adygea and treat yourself to a rejuvenating soak in nature’s own spa.

Musical Grotto

Nestled just 300 meters from the heart of Guamka village lies a hidden gem – a cave boasting a unique and unusual echo. To reach this acoustic wonder, begin your journey at the cafe situated in the tourist base “Nut Grove.” The intriguing grotto is not the only highlight of this adventure, as the path leading to it takes you through the ancient and rare samshit grove. Sadly, these once-thriving trees have been decimated by invasive caterpillars, leaving only a few living samshits remaining. Don’t miss this last opportunity to witness the beauty of these ancient trees while exploring the enchanting Guam Gorge in Mountain Adygea.

Monk’s Cave

A picturesque trail from Guam leads you to this enchanting location known as Guam Gorge. Don’t be intimidated by the climb; the path is easily navigable, allowing for breaks to take in the breathtaking views along the way. Legend has it that a monk lived near this cave in the 16th century, healing people with water from a nearby waterfall. While there’s no guarantee that a dip in the waterfall will cure all your ailments, a stroll through this stunning corner of Mountain Adygea is sure to bring you a sense of peace and serenity. So why not venture out and experience the healing power of nature for yourself?

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