United Kingdom’s Royal Family

Prince William and Kate Middleton have embarked on numerous world tours in recent years, with official visits to countries such as New Zealand, Australia, India, Bhutan, and Canada. Accompanying them on all their travels is a Royal Navy doctor and a small entourage of 10-20 people. For the greater safety of the crown, two royals, such as Prince Charles and the queen or Prince Charles and Prince William, are not allowed to fly in the same plane. Prince William can only be on the same plane as Prince George until the young prince turns 12. Before the trip, Buckingham Palace contacts the chefs in the countries where the monarch is headed and determines the menu. One of the mandatory conditions is that dishes must have a minimum of seasonings to ensure the monarchs’ breath remains fresh. Additionally, British monarchs do not eat seafood on trips since it can be easily poisoned.

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Donald Trump, USA

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Each country has a primary aircraft for transporting their state leaders. In the U.S., it’s a Boeing VC-25A. This aircraft has a presidential office, a reception room for guests, and the presidential apartments are situated at the nose of the plane. The presidential liner can comfortably accommodate over 100 people. It is rumored that President Trump always keeps a bottle of ketchup on hand so he can enjoy his favorite dish – steak with ketchup. The American president is always accompanied by a significant number of bodyguards (sometimes occupying an entire hotel at the destination) and travels only in an armored car.

Salman bin Abdul-Aziz ibn Abdurrahman Al Saud, King of Saudi Arabia

The King of Saudi Arabia enjoys traveling on a grand scale; in March this year, he embarked on an Asian tour accompanied by a 1,500-strong entourage. The king traveled on 36 aircraft with 459 tons of luggage, two Mercedes S600 limousines, and two gold-plated escalators used as aircraft ladders. Over 100 bodyguards were responsible for the king’s safety. Accustomed to luxury, the monarch has expensive Arabic carpets spread out for him in any hotel, which are carried around the world.

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Pope Francis, Vatican City

Pope Francis always travels with Vatican officials and his own press office. On any trip, he brings a small bag containing a liturgical book with the texts of prayers (breviarium), a notebook with a schedule of upcoming meetings, a book for reading, and a razor. Despite being the head of the Catholic Church, the Pope travels modestly, only renting a regular passenger airliner from Alitalia.

Hassanal Bolkiah, Sultan of Brunei

As one of the wealthiest people on the planet, Brunei’s Hassanal Bolkiah personally pilots his Boeing 747-400 while traveling. The plane’s finish cost the sultan $120 million, and he brings with him at least 400 people in his entourage.

Mohammed VI, King of Morocco

The King of Morocco travels around his country in a Mercedes, accompanied by a motorcade of guards. For foreign trips, he uses a personal Boeing 747 with a cinema and billiards on board. All year round, his 12 royal palaces maintain a temperature of 17 degrees, ready for the king’s arrival. The monarch owns an impressive collection of cars, including Aston Martin, Maybach, Rolls-Royce, and Ferrari, which he enjoys driving near his residences.

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