Our lives have changed, but some of us are accessing the world through the Internet, dreaming of our next vacation. We will have restrictions, we will be asked to follow health protocols, we will be instructed to respect safety precautions and yet the boundaries will start to open and we will travel again.

We travel to connect, to escape, to discover. And while most of the world is limited, the urge to travel does not require planes or cruise ships. Your imagination can ignite it, inspiring you to travel to a different time and place.

When looking for a hotel for our vacation, we try to check as many photos as possible, just to make sure we pick the best place. Sometimes we are disappointed when we arrive, but sometimes the opposite happens. Have you ever come to a hotel and heard that it’s even prettier than you imagined? According to the reviews we receive, this has happened to many of the guests who have visited Amaya Resorts.

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No matter how talented the photographer is, it is sometimes impossible to capture the beauty of a place. The feelings you experience in a place make it more beautiful. The quality of service and the greatest professionalism of the team make a place more beautiful.

Amaya Resorts & Spas has long been one of the most popular luxury hotel chains in paradise island. His desire for quality and professionalism has been well appreciated for decades. These Sri Lankan hotels offer some of the best locations and sights in the country. As a brand, it prides itself on exceptional service and meeting the needs of every guest. Our positive relationships with our guests are strengthened by their positive service encounters. We get regular comments on how special the experience was.

Whatever holiday you want, we have the perfect location for you to fulfill your most exciting holiday dream. With a clear promise of delicious food, exquisite design and excellent service, Amaya has the gift of making any hotel feel like a home in a home.

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As you sit and reflect on the world around you reminding you of the places you’ve been and continuing to add more places to your “dream” list, we’ll dream of sharing some of our improvements with you, when it is safe to travel and explore another. turn on the beauty that surrounds us.



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