The 10 Best Restaurants in Bakersfield

Bakersfield, California, might be under the radar as a culinary destination, but it’s full of unique eateries worth discovering. From cozy cafes to sophisticated dining spots, the city offers a diverse array of flavors that cater to all tastes.

Whether you’re a local food enthusiast or a visiting gastronome, here are thirteen unmissable restaurants in Bakersfield that promise a memorable dining experience. Each restaurant provides not just great food, but a true taste of the community’s vibrant culture.

Cafe Smitten

Cafe Smitten serves as a delightful culinary oasis right in the heart of Bakersfield, known for its lively ambiance and cozy decor. This cafe is a perfect getaway, featuring exceptional coffee and a delicious breakfast menu highlighted by the Greek Eggs plate—a favorite among locals for its fresh, farm-to-table flavors. With an additional location in West Bakersfield, Cafe Smitten has become a beloved spot for both residents and visitors.

Beyond breakfast, Cafe Smitten offers a relaxing atmosphere for afternoon unwinding, complete with a green tea matcha latte on their dog-friendly patio. Whether you’re meeting friends or seeking a serene spot to relax, Cafe Smitten captures the inviting spirit of Bakersfield through its delectable dishes and drinks.

Moo Creamery

Moo Creamery blends traditional diner favorites with modern culinary innovation, making it a standout choice for brunch in Bakersfield. With a menu that features dishes like Pulled Pork Benedict and Spanish Chorizo Burger, it’s a treat for anyone looking for a fresh take on classic meals. Refreshing drink options such as the Cucumber-Jalapeño Margarita and Spiked Basil Lemonade perfectly complement the dining experience, emphasizing the restaurant’s creative flair.

The dinner service at Moo Creamery is just as compelling, offering a casual yet refined atmosphere ideal for both romantic evenings and family gatherings. The focus on high-quality ingredients and an inventive menu means every meal is unique and memorable. Be sure to leave space for dessert, as their homemade ice creams and shakes provide the perfect sweet finish to your dining experience.

PorkChop and Bubba’s BBQ

PorkChop and Bubba’s BBQ is a must-visit for barbecue lovers in Bakersfield, renowned for its smoky flavors and meaty delights. Despite its modest size, this family-run establishment packs a big punch with a menu featuring succulent pulled pork, ribs, and the crowd-favorite smoked wings porkytizer. Each dish is prepared with care and authenticity, making it a local staple and a recommended stop for visitors.

The standout feature of PorkChop and Bubba’s is their commitment to freshness. Meats are smoked daily, and dishes are removed from the menu as they sell out, ensuring that every meal is as fresh and flavorful as possible. This straightforward, no-nonsense approach to traditional Southern barbecue has not only pleased palates but also built a loyal customer base.


Sonder adds a touch of cosmopolitan sophistication to Bakersfield, featuring a stylish interior and a wide selection of craft cocktails and American cuisine. Popular for its creative drinks like the Lavender Lemon Drop and the Watermelon Margarita, Sonder is ideal for both lively gatherings and intimate dinners. The comfortable lounge seating and cozy fire pit provide a welcoming environment perfect for any occasion.

The menu at Sonder mixes traditional comfort with culinary creativity, offering a range of options from robust burgers to lighter starters like charcuterie boards and bruschetta. Each dish is thoughtfully prepared, and every drink tells a story, transforming dining at Sonder into more than just a meal—it’s a memorable experience.

Temblor Brewing Company

Temblor Brewing Company is more than just a brewery; it’s a vibrant gathering place for both beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers to enjoy a variety of brews. Favorites like the Streets of Bakersfield IPA and the award-winning Under a Blood Orange Sky cater to all tastes, while the spacious patio offers a perfect setting to enjoy the sunny Bakersfield weather amidst lively conversations.

The brewery also features an extensive food menu that pairs perfectly with its beers, including savory sandwiches, classic burgers, and fresh salads. Whether you’re a Bakersfield local or just visiting, Temblor Brewing Company delivers a top-notch brewery experience with a unique local twist.


Locale showcases the best of Bakersfield’s culinary scene with its innovative approach to lunchtime favorites, utilizing local and sustainable ingredients. The menu features unique items like inventive sandwiches and the popular sweet potato Brussels sprouts bowl, which has won over food lovers. Enhanced by live music and eye-catching wall murals, the atmosphere at Locale turns each meal into a vibrant sensory experience.

Situated in downtown Bakersfield, Locale stands out for its commitment to quality and local flavors, creating an inviting place where meals are more than just eaten—they’re celebrated. With its casual and artistic vibe, Locale is the ideal spot for those seeking a leisurely and enjoyable lunch experience, making every visit a memorable one.

Guapos Tacos

Guapos Tacos breathes new life into traditional Mexican cuisine by offering vibrant vegan options that are as satisfying as their meat-based counterparts. Located in a modest setting, the restaurant might be easy to miss, but it stands out with its flavor-packed vegan tacos, like the Al Pastor and Soyrizo, which are favorites for their rich spices and textures.

This taco joint is celebrated not only for its creative menu but also for its dedication to high-quality, flavorful dishes that cater to all dietary preferences. Every dish at Guapos Tacos showcases the innovation and care put into its preparation. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, stopping by Guapos Tacos offers a unique opportunity to explore the delicious possibilities of vegan Mexican food.

BottleShock Wine and Brew

BottleShock Wine and Brew offers the perfect blend of casual elegance, making it an ideal choice for a relaxed yet romantic evening. The wine bar features a curated selection of wines and craft beers, set in a cozy atmosphere with plush lounge chairs and ambient twinkle lights. On select nights, the addition of Zepeda’s Stonefire Pizza enhances the experience, providing gourmet pizzas that perfectly complement the drinks.

Founded by a mother-daughter duo, BottleShock is deeply passionate about exceptional wine and culinary innovation. This cozy venue is more than just a place to drink; it’s a welcoming space where guests can unwind and indulge in a warm, inviting atmosphere. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or just looking for a pleasant place to spend an evening, BottleShock offers a memorable experience with each visit.

Dot x Ott

Dot x Ott combines the best of both a restaurant and a market, offering a unique experience where guests can enjoy expertly prepared meals in a stylish and relaxed setting. Particularly popular for brunch, the venue features modern decor and a calming atmosphere, enhancing the dining experience. Favorites like Bone Marrow & Eggs and Fried Chicken & Waffles pair perfectly with classic brunch cocktails such as Bloody Marys and mimosas.

After enjoying a meal, guests can explore the market section of Dot x Ott, where a variety of locally sourced products awaits. From exotic spices to fresh produce, this market offers a great selection for those looking to take a piece of their dining experience home. This blend of fine dining and quality shopping sets Dot x Ott apart as a top destination in Bakersfield.


Eureka! is a standout restaurant where American cuisine meets artisan flair, offering an exciting menu of gourmet burgers and classic dishes with innovative twists. With a commitment to quality, the restaurant uses fresh, locally sourced ingredients, ensuring each meal supports local growers and delivers exceptional flavor. Highlights like the 28-Day Dry-Aged Bone Marrow Burger and the Bison Burger exemplify Eureka!’s creative culinary approach, drawing both new guests and regulars.

The atmosphere at Eureka! is lively and welcoming, perfect for any gathering, from casual lunches to romantic dinners or special celebrations. The staff’s dedication to providing excellent service complements the diverse menu, making every visit memorable. As a vital part of Bakersfield’s culinary scene, Eureka! promises an engaging dining experience that appeals to a wide range of tastes.

Embark on a flavor-filled journey through Bakersfield, where each restaurant offers not just meals, but memorable dining experiences that highlight the best of local creativity and hospitality. Whether you’re in the mood for a craft beer under the sun, a gourmet burger, or innovative vegan tacos, Bakersfield’s top dining spots are sure to enchant and satisfy.