The 10 Best Restaurants in Detroit

Detroit is more than just the birthplace of the automobile; it’s become a hotspot for amazing food. The city’s restaurant scene is as diverse and vibrant as its history, blending tradition with innovation. From cozy spots in quiet neighborhoods to lively places downtown, Detroit’s dining options showcase its spirit and creativity.

Here, we dive into 10 must-visit restaurants that offer not just meals, but memorable experiences that capture the essence of Detroit. Get ready to explore a world of flavors that put Detroit on the map for food enthusiasts.

Selden Standard

At Selden Standard, you’re immersed in a world where dishes weave tales of local farms and the changing seasons. Nestled in Detroit’s lively Midtown, it stands as a pillar of the New American culinary scene, offering a cozy yet dynamic atmosphere. Each plate, from the savory cauliflower with tahini to the tender duck sausage, reflects the kitchen’s dedication to craftsmanship and Michigan’s generous harvests.

Dining here is an experience to relish, with every flavor emphasizing the peak freshness of the ingredients used. Beyond the exquisite cuisine, Selden Standard’s warm ambiance, impeccable service, and meticulous attention to every detail elevate each visit. This restaurant is a journey through the essence of the city’s gastronomic excellence, making it a destination for anyone eager to taste the soul of Detroit’s culinary arts.

Lady of the House

At Lady of the House, Chef Kate Williams combines Detroit’s rich flavors with the elegance of Parisian dining, creating a unique dining experience. The restaurant, set in one of the city’s historic areas, offers a menu where every dish tells a story. These creations, presented in vintage china, reflect a deep commitment to local and sustainable produce, inviting guests to explore personal tales of culinary artistry.

The ambiance at Lady of the House plays a crucial role, merging old-world charm with modern design elements. It’s a key player in Detroit’s dynamic culinary scene, providing an atmosphere that’s both cozy and sophisticated. Here, guests can expect a meal that honors the local agricultural legacy, making each visit a memorable event that celebrates the spirit and diversity of Detroit’s gastronomy.

Wright & Company

Wright & Company shines as a beacon in Detroit’s dining scene, nestled in a historic building overlooking Woodward Avenue. Its elegant early 20th-century atmosphere pairs beautifully with a modern menu that marries hearty gastropub essentials with innovative twists. Every small plate and cocktail is designed to spark conversation and captivate the taste buds, making dining here an experience of discovery and delight.

As a culinary retreat, Wright & Company embodies the unique blend of Detroit’s rich history and vibrant present. Each visit brings something new, thanks to its dynamic menu and the lively energy of downtown Detroit that flows through the venue. This restaurant stands as a tribute to the city’s resilient spirit, offering more than just meals—it offers memorable experiences that celebrate Detroit’s ongoing renaissance.


Ima brings a cozy, welcoming atmosphere to Detroit, blending traditional Japanese dishes with a Midwestern twist. Led by Chef Mike Ransom, Ima’s locations across the city have become go-to spots for both locals and tourists looking to explore unique culinary creations. The casual yet dynamic setting perfectly matches the menu’s innovative offerings, creating a space where different cultures meet and mingle on the plate.

At Ima, every dish, from the hearty udon noodles to creatively crafted meals, tells a story of culinary exploration that respects local traditions while embracing global flavors. This restaurant is more than just a place to eat; it’s a gathering spot where food bridges gaps between people, inviting diners into an exciting and comforting culinary adventure that reflects the vibrant diversity of Detroit’s food scene.


Alpino brings a slice of the Alpine experience to Detroit’s Corktown, offering a sophisticated yet simple dining adventure. Its menu, with standout dishes like the fresh güurkensalat and authentic wienerschnitzel, effortlessly transports guests to the European highlands. Each dish, along with a thoughtfully curated wine and cocktail selection, showcases Alpino’s dedication to the essence of Alpine cuisine, all within the vibrant atmosphere of Detroit.

As a dining haven, Alpino is an immersive experience that delights the senses and uplifts the dining culture in Detroit. It invites diners on a flavorful journey through the Alps, presenting a unique opportunity to indulge in the exquisite tastes and traditions of Alpine gastronomy right in the city’s heart. Alpino is a testament to Detroit’s diverse culinary scene, a must-visit for those seeking an extraordinary meal with urban flair.

Mabel Gray

Mabel Gray, located in Hazel Park, is a standout restaurant known for its innovative New American cuisine crafted by Chef James Rigato. The ever-changing menu showcases Michigan’s best seasonal ingredients, offering dishes that delight and surprise diners. The restaurant’s cozy atmosphere, complete with rustic decor and vintage plates, makes each meal feel like a special journey through the state’s culinary landscape.

Celebrating local produce and chef Rigato’s unique approach, Mabel Gray serves dishes like griddled king trumpet mushrooms and Colorado lamb ribs that highlight the richness of Michigan’s agriculture. It’s an experience that connects diners to the community and the local land. Mabel Gray invites everyone to enjoy a meal that’s thoughtfully prepared and full of heart, showcasing the best of what Michigan has to offer.


Marrow in Detroit’s West Village combines a butcher shop and restaurant, championing local and sustainable dining. Its menu, from prix fixe to à la carte, showcases the best local ingredients and is a tribute to the area’s agricultural richness. Each dish reflects Marrow’s commitment to sustainability and the strong ties to local farmers and artisans.

This spot is more than just a place to eat; it’s a celebration of Detroit’s food scene, encouraging diners to connect with where their food comes from. Marrow not only offers delicious, responsibly sourced meals but also fosters a sense of community between the city’s cuisine and its people. It’s an essential experience for those looking to understand and appreciate the heart of Motor City’s dining culture.

Oak & Reel

At Oak & Reel in Milwaukee Junction, Chef Jared Gadbaw expertly blends Italian culinary traditions with the finest seafood. The restaurant’s stylish yet understated setting perfectly complements the sophisticated menu, which takes diners on a flavorful journey. Each dish showcases Gadbaw’s deep respect for his ingredients and his skill in bringing the essence of the sea to the table.

Oak & Reel makes each meal memorable, blending the boundless diversity of the sea with carefully crafted dishes that promise to enchant from the first bite to the last. Here, the celebration of seafood is an art form, inviting guests to indulge in the joy and beauty of fine dining at its peak, where every meal is a tribute to the treasures of the sea.

Sister Pie 

Tucked away in Detroit’s West Village, Sister Pie is a place where the humble pie is elevated to an art form. Here, the rhythm of the seasons dictates a menu of pies and baked goods that are as inventive as they are irresistible, from the richness of salted maple pie to the tang of lemon meringue. Each visit unfolds as a delicious journey through flavors both familiar and unexpected.

Sister Pie is a community hub, a warm and welcoming space where every pie has a story and every visitor is treated like family. It serves not just sweets, but also a slice of Detroit’s heart and soul. Here, amid the laughter and the clatter of pans, the spirit of the city is baked into every bite, making Sister Pie a destination that feeds more than just the body.

The Congregation 

The Congregation in Detroit is more than your average café; it’s a unique blend of history and community set in a stunningly restored church. Offering everything from your morning coffee to evening snacks on a spacious outdoor deck, it’s the ideal place for anyone looking to enjoy some quiet time or meet up with friends in a vibrant setting.

This spot captures the essence of Detroit’s innovative spirit, creating a cozy haven where the city’s past and present come together. Whether you’re there for the coffee or the atmosphere, The Congregation celebrates Detroit’s rich history in every detail, making it a must-visit for both locals and visitors.

Detroit’s dining scene is a vibrant tapestry woven with the threads of innovation, tradition, and community. Each of these 10 unmissable restaurants offers not just meals, but experiences that are deeply rooted in the Motor City’s rich culinary soil. From the heartwarming noodles of Ima to the elegant seafood platters of Oak & Reel, these establishments invite tourists to explore Detroit through the universal