The 10 Best Restaurants in Kansas City

Kansas City is a food lover’s dream, famous for its incredible barbecue and a mix of worldwide flavors, all served with a warm Midwestern welcome. On your food journey in this city, make sure to check out these 10 must-visit restaurants.

Le Petit Chef

Le Petit Chef transforms dining into an interactive adventure right at your table at Hotel Phillips. This unique 3D experience brings a miniature chef to life, blending storytelling with delicious meals. As music and visuals accompany each course, you’re part of an animated tale. Whether you choose the Classic, Vegetarian, or Kid’s menu, each dish is a part of the story, making every bite a memorable moment.

Born in Marseille and brought to Kansas City with the creativity of Skullmapping’s art directors, Le Petit Chef offers a blend of culinary excellence and innovative technology. It’s more than just eating out; it’s a journey into a magical world where food meets fantasy. Get ready for an evening where every course is an act in an extraordinary performance, captivating your senses and leaving you enchanted.

Arthur Bryant’s BBQ Restaurant

Arthur Bryant’s BBQ Restaurant is a cornerstone of Kansas City’s barbecue culture, known for its history and delicious slow-smoked meats. It’s a place where both presidents and celebrities have enjoyed the signature flavors of hickory and oak-wood smoked barbecue. Here, trying the various BBQ sandwiches alongside Arthur’s famous fries or onion rings is a must for any visitor, offering a true taste of what Kansas City barbecue is all about.

At Arthur Bryant’s, every dish serves as a lesson in barbecue excellence, blending tradition with mouthwatering flavors. The menu, highlighted by their renowned BBQ sandwiches, captures the essence of Kansas City’s rich culinary heritage. Eating here connects you to the heart of American barbecue history, making each meal an unforgettable experience.


Parlor sits at the vibrant heart of Kansas City’s Crossroads neighborhood, offering a diverse culinary adventure with its collection of seven restaurants and two bars. This unique food hall brings together a mix of flavors from the creative plates at Deez Nachos to the traditional Mediterranean dishes at Sidos. The lively atmosphere and variety make Parlor a must-visit spot for food lovers looking to explore the city’s eclectic food scene.

More than just a dining destination, Parlor is a community gathering space where food meets culture. As you hop from one food stall to the next, you’ll enjoy a world of tastes, from Tex-Mex to fried chicken, all showcasing Kansas City’s rich culinary diversity and warm hospitality. Each visit to Parlor promises a new experience, inviting you to indulge in the flavors that make Kansas City a true foodie haven.

Joe’s Kansas City BBQ

Joe’s Kansas City BBQ, once a simple gas station, has become a legendary spot for barbecue lovers. Known for its amazing Z-Man sandwich and perfectly smoked meats, it’s a place where people from all walks of life come together with great food. It’s more than just eating; it’s about experiencing Kansas City’s unique barbecue culture.

When you walk into Joe’s, you’re hit by the delicious smell of barbecue and the sound of happy diners. The walls tell the story of Joe’s journey to becoming a barbecue icon. Here, every meal is a celebration of tradition and community. Visiting Joe’s is not just about the food; it’s about being part of something special in Kansas City.

The Italian Sausage Company

Tucked away in Gladstone, just a bit from Kansas City, The Italian Sausage Company offers a taste of Italy with its handcrafted sausages and deli sandwiches. It’s a family spot where recipes passed through generations come to life. The famous No. 7 sandwich, a hefty stack of Italian meats and cheeses, showcases the depth of their traditional Italian flavors.

Each sandwich at The Italian Sausage Company is more than just a meal; it’s an experience that transports you straight to Italy, blending old-world recipes with a touch of local charm. The No. 22, a mix of pastrami and red-wine-infused olives, highlights their knack for combining tradition with a twist. It’s a warm invitation to explore Italian cuisine, right in the heart of the Midwest.


Mildred’s radiates with the warmth of a morning sunbeam, inviting you into its cozy embrace in the heart of the Crossroads Arts District. Here, the air is perfumed with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and pastries warm from the oven, setting the stage for a breakfast or brunch that’s nothing short of magical. It’s a space where time slows, allowing for a moment of tranquility before the day unfolds.

Whether it’s the fluffy layers of the Standard Breakfast Sandwich or the comforting embrace of their homemade biscuits and gravy, each dish serves as a testament to the art of breakfast. As the morning light filters through the windows, casting a golden hue over the tables, Mildred’s stands as a beacon for those seeking solace in the ritual of the first meal of the day.

The Town Company

At The Town Company, located inside Hotel Kansas City, the dining scene is all about celebrating the locals. Chefs Johnny and Helen Jo Leach skillfully turn farm-fresh ingredients into exquisite meals right before your eyes. It’s a place where the cozy vibe of the Midwest meets fine dining, making every visitor feel right at home while indulging in top-notch cuisine.

Watching your meal prepared at the chef’s counter offers a unique experience, blending the art of cooking with the warmth of a hearth. Here, every dish has a story, crafted from the best local produce and meats. The Town Company invites you to enjoy the flavors of the Midwest, promising a memorable dining adventure that feels both luxurious and welcoming.

Town Topic

Town Topic is a classic diner that takes you back to the good old days, right in the heart of Kansas City. Known for its delicious smashburgers, diner breakfasts, and being open 24 hours, it’s the perfect spot for anyone at any time. Whether you’re wrapping up a late night or starting your day early, you’re always greeted with a warm welcome and a tasty meal.

At Town Topic, you’re enjoying a piece of Kansas City’s history. With its neon lights, cozy diner vibe, and a menu full of comfort food favorites like chili dogs and chocolate malts, it’s a beloved spot for both locals and visitors. It’s where you go to relive the simpler times and savor every bite, knowing this place has been doing it right for over 85 years.

Kitty’s Cafe

Kitty’s Cafe is a cozy spot in Kansas City known for its standout dish: deep-fried pork tenderloins. Hidden behind a simple exterior, this diner has been a favorite since 1951, serving up classic American comfort food. The crispy, juicy pork tenderloins have earned praise far and wide, making Kitty’s a must-visit for anyone exploring Kansas City’s food scene.

Walking into Kitty’s Cafe is like stepping back in time, with its welcoming vibe and straightforward decor. The star of the show, their pork tenderloin sandwich, delivers a satisfying crunch that’s become a symbol of the city’s culinary tradition. It’s more than just a meal; it’s a taste of Kansas City’s history and heart, drawing food lovers from all walks of life.

Fox and Pearl

Fox and Pearl offers a unique dining experience in Kansas City, where Chef Vaughn Good showcases his skills with a menu full of rich, wood-fired flavors and expertly prepared meats. The setting is cozy and inviting, reminiscent of a stylish summer camp, making each meal special.

After dinner, the lounge is the perfect spot for a relaxing cocktail, or you can join in the excitement of Night Goat, their Sunday barbecue event that’s making waves in the local BBQ scene. Fox and Pearl is more than just a meal; it’s an experience that embodies the heart of Kansas City’s food culture.

Each of these 10 unmissable restaurants in Kansas City tells a story of tradition, innovation, and the unbreakable bond between food and community. Kansas awaits, not just as a destination, but as a journey through flavors, textures, and memories yet to be made.