The 10 Best Restaurants in Newark

Newark, New Jersey, is a vibrant mix of cultures, reflected in its diverse and exciting dining scene. From homely, family-owned spots to upscale restaurants, the city is filled with great places to eat. Whether you crave classic comfort food or innovative culinary creations, Newark’s restaurants offer memorable flavors and experiences.

Casa d’Paco

Casa d’Paco offers a warm Spanish ambiance and a menu full of vibrant tapas that whisk diners away to Spain with every bite. The restaurant’s cozy setting, with rustic decorations and soft lighting, enhances the communal, family-like dining experience. It’s a place where dishes like spicy chorizo and tender octopus celebrate the joy of Spanish cuisine.

Dining at Casa d’Paco is like taking a mini vacation to Spain, especially when meals are accompanied by carefully selected Spanish wines and beers. The rich flavors of garlic-infused seafood and the classic paella marinara, with its perfect blend of saffron rice and fresh shellfish, capture the essence of Spanish culinary tradition. Here, each meal is not just about eating, but about experiencing the vibrant Spanish culture.

The Yard – Newark

The Yard seamlessly blends contemporary flair with classic American dining, energizing Newark’s dynamic culinary scene. It’s renowned for taking simple ingredients and elevating them into exceptional dishes, such as the oxtail burger—a rich reinterpretation of a classic—and the zestily seasoned walla sauce wings. This culinary hotspot thrives on innovation and quality, making each dish a delightful surprise.

Brunch at The Yard transforms weekends into vibrant gatherings, where creative plates are enjoyed amid lively tunes and an industrial-chic setting. This venue captures the essence of Newark’s eclectic food culture, making it a favorite for those seeking both excitement and exceptional dining. It’s more than just a meal; it’s a celebration of food and the city’s vibrant culture.

Sabor Unido

Sabor Unido blends the hearty, rustic flavors of Portugal and Brazil, offering a dining experience that showcases the best of both culinary worlds. Specialties like the comforting Brazilian stew, feijoada, and the expertly grilled picanha steak, highlight traditional cooking techniques and rich tastes. This blend of cultures provides a savory tour right from your seat.

The restaurant’s ambiance, with its earthy tones and cozy seating, sets a warm, inviting atmosphere that complements the dining experience. Sabor Unido is more than a place to eat; it’s a venue where meals become gatherings and every dish serves as an invitation to celebrate with family and friends, making it a cherished locale for both quiet romantic evenings and lively family get-togethers.

Fornos of Spain Restaurant

Fornos of Spain offers a slice of Spanish culinary tradition right in the heart of Newark, renowned for its exceptional seafood paella and a menu rich with authentic flavors. The restaurant balances classic spices with fresh ingredients, presented in an ambiance that evokes the spirit of old Spain. Each dish is a tribute to the Iberian culinary arts.

Stepping into Fornos is like entering a charming Spanish villa, where the decor and extensive selection of velvety wines perfectly complement the traditional fare. Here, dining is not just eating, but a journey through Spain’s rich gastronomy. Each visit becomes a memorable celebration, making Fornos a must-visit for those seeking a genuine taste of Spanish cuisine in Newark.

Tops Diner

Tops Diner epitomizes the classic American diner experience, infused with a touch of New Jersey charm. Known for its hearty portions and a menu that satisfies all cravings, from fluffy pancakes to perfectly grilled steaks, the diner delights in a nostalgic setting reminiscent of the 1950s—complete with shiny chrome and cozy booths.

As a beloved Newark landmark, Tops Diner offers more than just meals; it’s a gathering place where both locals and visitors create lasting memories. It’s perfect for kicking off the day with a substantial breakfast or for enjoying a classic milkshake to finish the evening, embodying the quintessence of American comfort food.

Five Corners Ristorante

At Five Corners Ristorante, Italian culinary traditions receive a contemporary makeover in an elegant setting. The menu showcases a range of sophisticated flavors from handmade pastas to expertly grilled meats, each dish crafted to be as visually appealing as it is delicious. The modern, polished decor provides the perfect backdrop for these culinary creations, enhancing the overall dining experience.

The restaurant pairs its exquisite meals with a carefully selected wine list, designed to complement each flavor. Whether you’re planning a romantic evening or a professional gathering, Five Corners Ristorante offers a memorable dining experience that stands out as a highlight of Newark’s dining scene.

Swahili Village

Step into Swahili Village for a culinary journey that captures the essence of Africa. As soon as you walk in, you’re greeted by vibrant colors and the sounds of Africa that immediately transport you to a different world. The menu showcases the continent’s rich flavors, featuring dishes like the spice-infused jollof rice and the zesty peri-peri chicken that echo the diverse culinary traditions of Africa.

Swahili Village offers more than just a meal; it presents an immersive experience where every dish has its narrative. The friendly staff are enthusiastic about sharing their cultural heritage, providing insights and stories that make each dish come alive. This restaurant is more than a place to eat; it’s an adventure, ideal for those eager to explore Africa’s vibrant culture through its cuisine.

La Fiamma

At La Fiamma, every meal is a vibrant celebration of Italian culinary traditions, infused with a touch of Newark’s local charm. As you step inside, you’re welcomed by the enticing aromas of garlic and fresh basil, setting the stage for a menu filled with classic dishes like spaghetti carbonara and veal saltimbocca, all crafted with authentic ingredients and traditional methods.

The atmosphere at La Fiamma is as hearty as its meals, whether you’re seated inside surrounded by rustic decor or outside on the patio enjoying the dynamic street scene. This restaurant’s lively ambiance and exquisite flavors make it a favorite spot for those who cherish genuine Italian cuisine and a warm, inviting dining experience.

Blueprint Cafe Lounge

Blueprint Cafe Lounge combines the art of coffee brewing with innovative cuisine to offer a standout dining experience in Newark. This trendy cafe delights with its selection of some of the city’s finest coffees and a creative menu that appeals to health-conscious diners. From savory breakfast bowls to refreshing smoothies, each dish is thoughtfully prepared to both nourish and satisfy.

The cafe’s contemporary design, characterized by natural light and minimalist furnishings, provides a peaceful setting perfect for sipping coffee in the morning or enjoying a relaxed lunch. Blueprint Cafe Lounge is a haven for those who prioritize a healthy lifestyle, showcasing that nutritious meals can be deliciously fulfilling.


Kinjo stands out in Newark’s dining scene for its exceptional fusion of sushi and Asian cuisine. The restaurant’s modern approach to traditional dishes results in unique creations that surprise and delight. The interior is sleek and stylish, providing a perfect setting for a chic night out. Kinjo’s menu, which includes innovative sushi rolls and Asian-inspired cocktails, is crafted with an eye for detail.

These additions encapsulate the vibrant and diverse culinary culture of Newark, inviting tourists and locals alike to explore the city’s rich flavors and innovative dining concepts. Each restaurant not only offers exceptional food but also contributes to the unique tapestry of Newark’s gastronomic scene.

Each of these restaurants offers a unique glimpse into the diverse culinary landscape of Newark, New Jersey. Whether you’re in the mood for hearty American classics, exotic international flavors, or innovative fusion dishes, Newark’s best eateries promise an unforgettable dining experience.