The 10 Best Restaurants in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, a city renowned for its dynamic culinary scene, invites food enthusiasts to dive into a gastronomic journey through its streets. From historic flavors to modern innovations, the City of Brotherly Love offers an array of dining experiences that are as diverse as they are delicious.

Here, we explore 10 unmissable restaurants that define Philadelphia’s food landscape, promising an unforgettable adventure for every palate.

Friday Saturday Sunday

Located in Rittenhouse, Friday Saturday Sunday offers a unique take on American fine dining. The moment you step inside, you’re welcomed by a cozy yet elegant bar atmosphere perfect for oyster and cocktail fans. The warm and casual elegance of the space makes every visitor feel special, turning the bar into more than just a waiting spot reflecting the restaurant’s dedication to quality and community spirit.

The menu showcases a mix of American dishes with global influences, from the light and fresh crudo to the bold jerk-spiced quail. Chef Williams skillfully blends different flavors and textures, presenting each plate as a piece of art. Friday Saturday Sunday offers a memorable experience that embodies Philadelphia’s adventurous culinary scene, making it a must-visit for anyone eager to dive into the city’s vibrant food culture.


Kalaya in Fishtown offers a genuine taste of Thai culture, thanks to the creative efforts of Chef Chutatip “Nok” Suntaranon. This restaurant invites guests on a flavorful journey that captures the essence of Thailand’s diverse culinary traditions, all within the vibrant atmosphere of Philadelphia. The setting is filled with the energy and colors of Thai celebrations, and the menu is a vibrant mosaic of flavors.

From selecting the right ingredients to using traditional cooking methods, the effort to preserve Thai culinary heritage is clear. The menu offers a wide range of dishes that reflect the richness of Thailand’s regional cuisines. Kalaya is an opportunity to experience the depth and breadth of Thai cuisine in a way that is both enriching and enjoyable, marking it as a standout destination in Philadelphia’s lively food scene.

Royal Izakaya

Royal Izakaya in Queen Village showcases the beauty of Japanese cuisine through Chef Jesse Ito’s expert sushi creations. In the cozy back room, diners are treated to a special 17-piece tasting menu that features some of the best seafood, like dry-aged Spanish bluefin tuna and smooth New Zealand salmon belly. Each piece of sushi is crafted with care, blending traditional techniques with a touch of modern flair.

But there’s more to Royal Izakaya than just its sushi. The front room offers a completely different vibe — lively and energetic, with a menu that includes creative cocktails and tasty bites like chashu buns. This variety means Royal Izakaya has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for an upscale sushi experience or a fun night out with friends.

Her Place Supper Club

Located in Rittenhouse, Her Place Supper Club turns every dinner into a memorable event, blending the comfort of a dinner party with fine dining. Chef Amanda Shulman leads the kitchen, creating a welcoming environment that immediately makes guests feel at home and ready for a gastronomic adventure. It’s this innovative approach and commitment to quality that have made Her Place Supper Club a standout in Philadelphia’s culinary landscape.

What makes Her Place Supper Club unique is how it makes diners feel like they’re part of a special, intimate gathering. This mix of friendly hospitality and culinary excellence captures the heart of Philadelphia’s food scene, making Her Place Supper Club an essential destination for anyone looking for a dining experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Cantina La Martina

Kensington’s Cantina La Martina is a vibrant showcase of Mexican culture and Chef Dionicio Jiminez’s journey from Puebla, Mexico, to Philadelphia. This restaurant offers a menu filled with diverse and tasty dishes, reflecting Jiminez’s culinary adventures. The weekend barbacoa is a standout, slow-roasted in garden pits, bringing a smoky flavor that honors traditional cooking methods.

Each dish invites diners to delve into Mexican cuisine as seen through the eyes of a chef who’s passionate about his heritage. This restaurant transforms guests from mere patrons into participants in a cultural journey, celebrating Mexican cuisine’s complexity. This combination of personal storytelling and authentic flavors makes Cantina La Martina an essential visit for those wanting to experience genuine Mexican dining.


Zahav, located in Society Hill, is a highlight of Philadelphia’s food scene, thanks to Chef Michael Solomonov’s modern take on Israeli cuisine. With its expanded outdoor patio, more people can now enjoy Zahav’s famous dishes under the open sky. Eating here is like taking a trip to Israel without leaving Philadelphia, making Zahav an essential experience for anyone who loves food.

The restaurant perfectly blends traditional flavors with modern dining, creating a cozy yet refined atmosphere. Chef Solomonov’s love for Israeli food shines through in every detail, from choosing the best ingredients to presenting dishes that make you feel the warmth and diversity of Israel. Zahav offers a deep dive into the rich tastes, smells, and textures of Israeli cuisine, making every visit memorable.

Ground Provisions

Ground Provisions in West Chester offers a unique vegan experience, combining the feel of a cafe, country store, and upscale restaurant in one. Created by the team behind Vedge, this place brings a creative twist to vegan dining with its prix-fixe menu. Dishes like roasted peach gazpacho and polenta cornbread showcase the versatility and delicious possibilities of plant-based ingredients, prepared with care and creativity.

This restaurant’s ever-changing menu reflects a commitment to using fresh, seasonal produce, offering something new for both long-time vegans and those new to plant-based eating. Ground Provisions stands out in West Chester for its innovative approach to vegan food, inviting atmosphere, and the way it makes vegetables the stars of the show, making it a must-visit for anyone looking for an exceptional dining experience.


Tabachoy in Bella Vista is a celebration of Filipino cuisine, showcasing the journey from a simple food cart to a cherished restaurant under the helm of Chef-owner Chance Anies. The menu is a heartfelt homage to the Philippines, featuring favorites like the crispy pork belly sisig and the richly flavored pork adobo. These dishes are an invitation to dive deep into the culinary traditions of the Philippines.

Chef Anies shares stories and traditions of Filipino culture with every plate, turning a meal here into both a culinary and cultural exploration. It’s this mix of delicious, authentic food and the warm, family-like environment that transforms Tabachoy from a mere restaurant into a cultural gathering place. For both aficionados of Filipino cuisine and those new to these flavors, Tabachoy offers an authentic experience of the Philippines’ rich culinary landscape.


Ambra in Queen Village offers a dining experience that brings you right into the action. Instead of watching from a distance, guests at Ambra are seated close to the kitchen, where they can watch Chef Chris D’Ambro and his team prepare sophisticated dishes. This immersive experience, where diners can see every detail of their meals being crafted, makes each person feel like they’re attending an exclusive chef’s table.

The intimate atmosphere encourages a genuine connection between the chefs and the guests, turning each meal into a celebration of the culinary arts. This interaction transforms dining into a full-sensory event where every dish tells a story of creativity and passion. Ambra’s focus on creating a distinctive and intimate dining encounter positions it as a standout destination in Philadelphia’s food scene.

My Loup

In the heart of Rittenhouse, My Loup merges the rich culinary traditions of France and Italy with a unique Philadelphia twist, offering an innovative menu that surprises and delights. Led by head chef Alex Kemp and co-owner Amanda Shulman, the restaurant reflects the city’s blend of history and modernity, making each meal at My Loup an exploration of culinary creativity and cultural fusion.

My Loup creates an inviting atmosphere that blurs the line between the classic and the contemporary. This dedication to crafting a memorable dining experience makes My Loup a destination for those looking to immerse themselves in the diverse and dynamic flavors of Philadelphia’s dining scene. With its unique combination of traditional elegance and modern flair, My Loup stands out as a culinary landmark.

Philadelphia’s food scene is packed with excellent restaurants, each with its unique taste, atmosphere, and creative twist. From Fishtown’s lively streets to Society Hill’s charming corners, the 10 standout restaurants we’ve highlighted are just a taste of what the city offers. Start exploring these spots to experience the best of Philadelphia’s dining truly.