You have planned everything: bought tickets, booked a hotel room (or maybe even a few), purchased insurance, and rented a car online. Suitcases are collected, everything you need to go is ready! But let’s go through the list of things you must have with you if you plan to travel by car.

Driving License

We will not remind you about passports and insurance, but we need to talk about the driver’s license separately.

First, check the expiration date of your rights. It must be at least one year. Otherwise, the point of issuance of cars may be difficult. And certainly will not give the car on expired or temporary rights.

Next, look on the Internet to whether your rights are suitable for driving in the country you are driving. The fact is that requests are accepted only in the countries that signed the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic in 1968. 

Others require an international driver’s license (MVU), a light blue book that describes all driver data in eight languages. It is a certified translation of your driver’s license with a signature and a stamp.

You can get MVU in any department of traffic police in your city. It will take from 20 minutes to an hour. The finished document is issued on the same day. The term of the IWU is three years.

Smartphone, Navigator, and Chargers

At the rental office, you will indeed be offered to rent a navigator or pay for the use of what is already installed in the car. Save money: Take your navigator from home or download the program into your phone. And don’t forget in advance to download maps of the right areas to make the device work without the Internet.

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It is also important not to forget the chargers that connect to the lighter or have USB connectors.

You might also want to take a DVR, especially if you’re more confident with it. Not only that, in some European countries, for example, in Germany, Austria and Sweden, using a DVR is not recommended – it is not that illegal, but not welcome.

Cash and credit card with sufficient limit

If you rent a car, you probably already know that it will need a credit card with a rather large limit. The fact that renting the rental office will block the deposit, which is at least 1000 euros, but in any case several times more than the cost of renting the car itself. And unlock this amount only after returning the car (and sometimes it takes a few days). So make sure to take a credit card with a limit of at least 2000-3000 euros.

It is not wrong to have with you and cash and a small denomination, especially if you plan to use the toll roads or stop gas stations. This way, you will avoid unnecessary difficulties if the machine for cards will be non-working or at the terminal temporarily will not be in touch with the bank.

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Discs with music or cords to connect to the smartphone

If the crossing is long, it is easy to get bored on the road. Of course, almost all rental cars installed radio, but not the fact that you will find a radio station to taste, and if the trip is planned to remote cities, the choice can be reduced to one or two options. So it’s best to bring your music with you. And since it is difficult to predict whether the issued machine will be a device for reading discs, it is better to take both discs and a smartphone with downloaded music. If there is a portable column, fine – take it, and all the issues will be solved immediately.

Water and food – a small bag-fridge

Pure bottled water should always be in your bag – it can be quenched, and your hands washed. Sandwiches, vegetables, fruits, or snacks will not be excessive. And if possible, grab a small bag that keeps the cold. It is unnecessary to take a full-fledged car cooler, loads with walls laid with special foil, often enough, the products for a few hours of the journey do not spoil.

Firstaid Box

Surely you will take it with you in any case, but the reminder will not be superfluous. Be sure to take painkillers, antipyretic, sorbent, antihistamine, as well as a remedy for motion sickness, wet wipes, disinfectants, bandages, and patches. If you or one of the passengers take specific drugs, they are also important not to forget: on the spot can be difficult or not at all impossible to buy them.

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Optional items that will make travel more convenient

Traveling by car will be incomparably more convenient, if you take comfortable clothes and shoes, for example, a soft tracksuit and sneakers. Small pillows and blankets for passengers are also helpful, especially if you are traveling with children.

If you are going to a hot sunny country, in advance, stock up on a unique overlay on the windshield, which is installed during the parking. It is made of a material with a reflective surface, which makes the machine heatless.

What else should be in the car

When you hire a car, check if there are these items in the trunk:

  • Fire extinguisher
  • Cable
  • Emergency stop sign
  • Spare wheel

Check-list on the road

1. Driver’s license (if necessary – international) 

2. Credit card with a large limit of 

3. Cash, preferably in small bills and coins 

4. Navigator or phone with loaded cards 

5.Chargers for all the right gadgets – adapter for lighter 

6. Music discs, a wire to connect your smartphone to a car recorder or a portable column 

7. Bottled water

8. Food for snacks

9. Comfortable clothes, plaid, pillow – not necessary, but will make the journey more comfortable 

10. Motion sickness tablets – a small first aid kit (painkiller, antipyretic, sorbent)

11. Wet wipes – disposable handkerchiefs

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