After the New Year, the charm of snow and frost, fueled in the first month of winter by the festive atmosphere, gives way to the anticipation of spring and the early onset of heat. However, it is unnecessary to sit and wait for the season change at home to warm up. Just buy a ticket to these countries, where the weather can please now. And the choice is quite broad – for example, in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, and the Maldives.

United Arab Emirates

Those who still want to get in February in the heat are the cheapest way to travel to the UAE. In February, the Emirates is a real summer: the air warms up to an average of 25 degrees Celsius. It is also essential to fill out a health declaration and a form confirming that the tourist will download the COVID-19 DXB application.


In second place in terms of cost trip to Egypt. In the last month of winter, the average temperature in Egypt is at 21 degrees Celsius, and the water in the resorts is slightly warmer. The entry rules are not too strict: travelers need to present a negative test on COVID-19 (made a maximum of 72 hours) and take care of health insurance.

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Approximately the same weather awaits tourists in Morocco: 21 degrees Celsius and sunny, ideal for excursions and a rich cultural program. A negative PCR test (made 72 hours before the trip) and a document confirming the hotel booking are needed for entry.


For those who want a beach holiday, it is best to go to the Maldives. It is not too costly. The daytime is about 31 degrees Celsius, and the water is heated up to 28 degrees C. On the islands are waiting for tourists with a certificate about the absence of COVID-19 and a completed declaration of health. You will also need to provide flights in both directions and confirm reservations at the hotel (you can only live in one during the trip).


In February, in this African country, it is 25 degrees Celsius on average, and in Mombasa, it is only slightly cooler than the air. In the country will be allowed if the traveler has a visa, a negative coronavirus test (do 96 hours before arrival) and filled out in advance online form.

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South Africa

A little more expensive will cost a trip to South Africa. It is worth counting on sunny days and temperatures of about 24 degrees Celsius. To enter the country, you only need a negative PCR test done no earlier than 72 hours before departure.


It is scorching summer in Tanzania – here in February, the temperature is about 33 degrees Celsius, the ocean is a little cooler. Those planning to travel here must present a negative test for COVID-19 and fill out the Health Surveillance Form on the plane.


On this Caribbean island in February, there is pleasant weather – 27 degrees Celsius, the water is about the same temperature. Upon arrival in the country, travelers must complete a special form on their health, undergo a thermometry and pass a free PCR test. You will also need international health insurance.


The flight will be quite non-budget, but please the prices of accommodation. And the weather – February here is 33 degrees C. To enter, you will need health insurance and a certificate about the absence of COVID-19.

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