Weddings abroad are a typical Western trend. The event planners in our country are only getting more expensive, and no one thinks to give up the honeymoon. So why not combine the two events into one, but bright and unique? If you’re willing to say “I agree” on the ocean, use this list of tips to plan the ceremony.

Choose the country of celebration.

It seems to be the most accessible and most enjoyable part of arranging a wedding abroad, but before you give preference to a country, you should think about this:

  • Is your choice to be one of the most exotic islands in the Pacific Ocean? This is fine, but will all guests be able to withstand a long flight? And the financial aspect of the idea was not canceled.
  • Should a dream ceremony start in an old castle on top of a cliff and end with a wedding on the beach? Make sure there’s a country on the world map that meets all your needs.
  • Cultural aspect: Do a thorough study, finding out whether the usual wedding ceremonies are in the chosen country. Some of them may not be acceptable for religious reasons.
  • The issue of security, the high crime rate, and the tense political situation in some countries are good reasons to think twice when planning a wedding abroad.
  • The legality of marriage: If this seems a prominent aspect eludes your attention, from the journey, you risk to return not just single, but completely free from the relationship man. There are many nuances in the laws of different countries. For example, in France, you will have to live at least 40 days before you can walk under the crown.
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Make a list of all the necessary documents.

As soon as you choose the venue for the ceremony, you should immediately collect the necessary papers. Their recruitment varies depending on the requirements of the authorities. In some cases, you may need a certificate that there are no barriers to the upcoming marriage. In others – a copy of the birth certificate. In short, take the issue seriously and prepare a roomy folder to collect documents. And do not lose sight of the visa issue, and make sure that the validity of your passports will not expire in the next six months.

Choose the right time of year.

On the days of national holidays and major festivals, the demand for flights and hotel accommodation increases dramatically, and with it, the cost of organizing a wedding. Try to plan the celebration not to have to be at one of the peak tourist periods. Weather conditions are also an essential factor. Marriage in September on Santorini for many years will be remembered as a fairy tale. If you opt for the Caribbean in the same month, you will have to remember only the rainy season and thwarted plans.

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Decide who is responsible for the organization.

As a rule, you have to choose from three options:

  • Preparing the ceremony as an additional package of services of your travel operator;
  • Local wedding planner;
  • Independent organization.

Is your choice one of the exotic islands in the Pacific Ocean? This is fine, but will all guests be able to withstand a long flight? And the financial aspect of the idea was not canceled.

Plan a flight.

The ceremony’s success largely depends on how safely you will be able to get to the place. So think ahead about how you will carry the wedding dress. Many airlines allow you to take it on board as hand luggage, but this will likely require an additional fee. In addition, in advance to buy a good bag for the dress, it can be hung or folded. If you still have to hand it in your luggage, mark your wedding dress as a fragile item.

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When booking tickets, leave yourself at least 48 hours before the ceremony to move away from the time zone change and discuss the final details with the organizer on the spot.

Purchase special insurance.

Wedding abroad is a case where it is worth paying particular attention to travel insurance packages. It is not superfluous to provide financial protection of wedding dresses, rings, and gifts if those will be lost or stolen for any reason. Learn the details in small print to avoid paying additional payments.

Consider a plan to move the wedding ceremony into the honeymoon.

Since you are already abroad, technically, your honeymoon can be considered open. Plan all its details: book your hotel seats and list the attractions and islands for your first trip as newlyweds.

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