Why Emirates is being called the best airline in the world

By Janet Benoir – June 25, 2021

In a recent video commercial featuring Jennifer Aniston, the actress is seen leaving the spa on an Emirates airplane and heading to her first-class cabin. Along the way, she meets a young boy named Cooper, and the two explore the business and economy class sections of the plane. In the end, Aniston chooses to stay in economy class, highlighting the exceptional travel experience available even in the more affordable section of the aircraft.

The airline in question is Emirates, which has consistently been lauded for providing outstanding service and comfort, regardless of the class in which one travels. In 2016, Emirates was recognized as the best airline of the year by British research company Skytrax, and in 2017, it was named the best airline in a survey conducted by prominent travel portal TripAdvisor.

Based in Dubai, UAE, Emirates flies to 150 destinations worldwide, including Bangkok, Sri Lanka, Bali, Australia, the Indian Ocean, and Africa. Some of the most notable features contributing to the airline’s success are as follows:

Emirates A380

Emirates boasts the largest fleet of A380 aircraft in the world, which are significantly larger and offer a smoother flight experience than other planes. The A380’s business class features a relaxing area with a bar and comfortable sofas.

Wi-Fi on all flights

Since 2015, Emirates has provided complimentary Wi-Fi on all A380s and most Boeing 777 flights, with passengers receiving 20MB of free data. For just $10, passengers can purchase an additional 500MB of data, perfect for browsing the web or even chatting on Skype.

Delicious food

Emirates offers a wide range of delicious and inventive meals, as well as a variety of complimentary beverages. Breakfast options even include flaky croissants that could rival those found in a Parisian bakery.

ICE Multimedia System

The airline’s ICE multimedia system offers over 2,500 channels with movies, TV series, and music, all available on touch screens for passenger convenience. Emirates’ entertainment system has won the highest award in the Skytrax ratings for 12 consecutive years.

Generous baggage allowances

Emirates offers some of the most generous baggage allowances in the industry, with economy class passengers permitted to bring between 20 and 35 kilograms of luggage. Business class passengers can bring an additional 40 kilograms, plus golf clubs and shoes.

With more than 250 wide-range aircraft in its fleet, Emirates continually updates its planes to meet the highest global standards. The company is one of the largest airlines in the world and has consistently ranked at the top in terms of volume for many years.