In a recent video commercial by Jennifer Aniston- where she is leaving the spa-soul in the plane, goes to his cabin first class and meets a little boy Cooper. They become friends and go for a walk in the salons of business and economy class. In the video’s finale, the actress is transferred to economic class, and when the flight attendant asks her if she wants to return to her place, the actress says: “No, I’m fine here.

The airline that Aniston was the face of is Emirates. It seems that only they can say: “Even in economic class, the passenger gets an exceptional travel experience, which will never be available from other carriers.” Regular awards confirm the loud statement. Thus, in 2016, Emirates was recognized as the best airline of the year according to the British research company Skytrax, and in 2017 was recognized as the best airline by a survey of visitors to the most prominent travel portal TripAdvisor.

Emirates is based in Dubai, UAE, and flies to 150 destinations in the world. The company flies to Bangkok, Sri Lanka, Bali, Australia, the Indian Ocean, and Africa. We will tell about the main advantages determined by the outcome of the competition.

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Emirates A380

Emirates has the largest fleet of A380 aircraft globally. They are much larger than other aircraft, and the flight onboard such an airliner is much calmer – you do not feel even a hint of turbulence and will be able to relax, forgetting that you are in the sky completely. Business-class in the A380 is equipped with a recreation area with a bar and comfortable sofas – not a flight, but a continuous pleasure.

Wi-Fi on all flights

Complimentary wireless Internet appeared at Emirates back in 2015. It operates onboard all A380s and on most Boeing 777 flights. Passengers can take advantage of 20MB of free traffic, which is enough to send an email, post a blog post, write a tweet, or post on Facebook, and it’s at a ten-kilometer height! If you need to hover heavily on the network, then for only 10 dollars, you buy 500 MB of traffic. You can even chat with friends on Skype. They’ll be surprised. What else can you dream of in this age of media and social networks!

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Delicious food

Eating on planes is almost always a challenge, but not when it comes to Emirates. In addition to a wide range of complimentary drinks (including alcoholic beverages), the airline offers an extensive range of delicious and inventive hot dishes for lunch and dinner. For breakfast, it serves such delicate croissants that it seems they could envy any Parisian pastry chef.

ICE Multimedia System

The largest of modern multimedia systems, ICE, includes two and a half thousand channels with movies, TV series, and music. You can watch new Hollywood (with dubbing) movies. You can also watch Cartoon Networks or Disney or a new episode of your favorite series. For the convenience of passengers, the system is equipped with touch screens. In short, there is everything to spend even the longest flight comfortably. Thus, in the 16 hours that the plane flies from Dubai to Auckland (the longest flight of the airline), you can revise the entire “World of the Wild West” and the historical picture, which was the basis for creating the series. Emirates’ entertainment system has received the highest award for 12 years in a row in the Skytrax ratings.

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Generous baggage allowances

Emirates’ baggage allowances are among the most generous in the world. For economy class, we allow luggage weighing from 20 to 35 kilograms. In business class – up to 40 kilograms more. Also, in any Emirates service class, passengers can hand over a set of golf clubs and one pair of golf shoes in the luxury company in addition to the baggage allowance.

Today, Emirates Has more than 250 wide-range aircraft, which are constantly updated and meet the highest standards in the world. The company is one of the world’s largest airline companies and has been ranked first globally in volumes for many years.

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