It is necessary to talk about how important travel insurance is for a long time, but it is best to appeal to those who have repeatedly been convinced of the need for insurance on their own experience. We have collected remarkable stories of people for whom insurance has constantly been a saving way out of a difficult situation.

Larissa- 28 years Old, Head of printing

Travel insurance is the key to a happy holiday, and it should not be neglected. I’ll tell you two edifying stories.

The first happened in France, where my careless friend fell off his bike, so much so that he broke his finger. In the hospital, he was treated first and then put on a cast. We were afraid at the time that the insurance company would refuse the payment, considering cycling an extreme sport – this item was not included in our program. We were worried in vain: all paid without any problems and besides helped a lot with communication. Few people speak English in French hospitals, and all contact with staff ended up on the insurance company’s shoulders, so I do not even know what we would do.

The second story happened in Spain. Then there was an emergency: the man was taken to the intensive care unit with a sharp bout of diabetes. After two days in intensive care, he was transferred to a regular ward, and four more were discharged. As a result, we received a massive bill of 7,000 euros from the hospital. Of course, to cover them, we had to collect a lot of documents confirming the fact of the insurance case for the insurance company. And even though I think we were unlucky with the insurance company at the time, I can’t imagine that we would be left without insurance at all. Two weeks later, we received five and a half thousand euros, partially covering the costs. Another one and a half had to pay on their own. I am all to the fact that the choice of the insurance company should be approached wisely, but it is better to forget about the fact that you should rely on the “maybe” at once.

Maria- 26 years Old, Photographer

Going on a trip, my husband and I always carry our insurance. I can’t count how many times it has helped us out! In each case, we received timely assistance and insurance payments in an expedited timely manner. The first time I needed insurance was in Bali, where I got sick. Employees of the insurance company consulted us in detail by phone and sent us to the best hospital in Denpasar. There I was given the necessary help, and prescribed medicines, and all financial issues of insurance the company took over.

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The last incident occurred recently: our luggage was lost in Paris, and it could not be found for four days. The insurance company paid us $150 for the wait.

Yana- 26 years Old, Baker

I do insurance on almost all my trips. It is inexpensive but gives a sense of calm. In 2013 I once again went to Bali for three months. I chose the insurance carefully: I looked at the list of international companies in Bali and then looked at the Russian insurance companies that cooperate. With the coverage of water sports, the insurance took extended – planned to surf – and ride a scooter/moped. Without a scooter in Asia, saving on insurance is not worth it: medicine is expensive, especially in good international clinics.

During my three-month stay on the island, I needed insurance three times. The first time I had something like allergies, the second time was a cold, and the third was the most serious – a typical accident. I collided with another scooter, fell into the first lane, and on my leg, I had two heavy mopeds. Fortunately, it ended well. I was helped. I drove home, contacted the insurance. International clinics are something! It’s clean. It’s beautiful. It’s light. I had tests, treated my wounds, gave me medication, and sent me home. By signing forms, you will find out how expensive medicine is! A few days later, I flew to Russia and continued treatment here. All the medication I had enough, and there was even something left.

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The second memorable incident occurred in Bulgaria. There in the water park, I hit my head on the grill – laughter through tears! During the examination, the doctor offered to do a CT scan of the head: there was a suspicion of concussion. This service is costly and required the consent of the insurance. They answered immediately: “If necessary, then, of course, do it!” Always do insurance, but do not chase the best price. Choose the company and coverage wisely!

Katya- 28 years Old, Employee of the Travel Agency

My tourists had a situation where they became seriously ill in the hotel with the terrible Coke virus. The insurance doctor refused to make a real diagnosis, justifying it by the fact that such a severe disease, in any case, can not be called aloud and write about it in the certificates. He’s just going to get fired for it. The tourists identified the disease by their symptoms and multiple cases in the hotel, as it turned out. And the drugs were also bought by themselves from those that recommended on the Internet sick. This suggests that you need to choose an insurance company wisely – not everyone performs their duties properly.

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What about the good. One day on a mountain ski, a tourist broke her leg. According to insurance, she was provided with a quality examination and treatment, including plaster, and bought an additional chair on the plane.

Yulia- 24 years Old, Translator

A few years ago, I was saved by insurance. I was vacationing in Europe when I suddenly started to have severe abdominal pains. I immediately called the insurance, and they sent the doctor to the address in an hour. The doctor came with everything necessary for examination and a list of 24-hour pharmacies (evening in Europe, after all). And just recently, the insurance for forty minutes organized my actions to get an accessible examination of the ophthalmologist in the local hospital (something got in the eye under the lens, obviously, and terrible there all scratched). They even called back about two hours later and asked how everything went and whether everything was all right. They also reminded them to serve a paper with a prescription for medicines and checks on arrival in Russia.

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