Why you Shouldn’t Save On Travel Insurance: Few Remarkable Stories

By Janet Benoir – May 22, 2021

Travel insurance is a crucial aspect of any journey. To highlight its importance, we’ve collected incredible tales from individuals who, during difficult circumstances, found that their insurance policy was nothing short of a lifesaver.

Larissa- 28 years Old, Head of printing

Travel insurance is an essential component of any enjoyable vacation and should never be an afterthought. To emphasize its significance, I’ll share two noteworthy experiences. The first incident transpired in France when my companion suffered a fall from his bicycle, resulting in a broken finger. We were apprehensive that the insurance company might refuse to cover the expenses, deeming cycling an extreme sport. However, our worries were unfounded as they not only covered all the costs but also assisted with communication at the hospital. The second episode occurred in Spain when an individual was admitted to the hospital due to a sudden onset of diabetes. Although the insurance company only partially covered the €7,000 bill, leaving us to settle the remainder, the situation would have been far more daunting without any insurance coverage at all.

Maria- 26 years Old, Photographer

My spouse and I never go without travel insurance, as it has come to our rescue on several occasions. For instance, during a trip to Bali, I became sick and our insurance provider promptly guided us to the top hospital in Denpasar, taking care of all financial aspects. Moreover, when our baggage went missing in Paris for four days, the insurance company graciously covered our expenses while we awaited its return.

Yana- 26 years Old, Baker

I never skimp on travel insurance for my trips. Not only is it affordable, but it also offers invaluable peace of mind. For instance, during a three-month sojourn in Bali, I found myself needing insurance on three separate occasions. The first two instances were for minor health concerns, while the third was for a scooter accident. Thankfully, my insurance covered treatment at a top-notch international clinic. In another episode in Bulgaria, I suffered a suspected concussion, and the insurance company promptly approved an expensive CT scan. Overall, investing in travel insurance can save you from unexpected expenses and ensure a worry-free journey.

Katya- 28 years Old, Employee of the Travel Agency

Selecting the appropriate insurance provider is essential. I once had clients who fell severely ill from a virus, but the insurance doctor failed to provide an accurate diagnosis. Conversely, another client who fractured her leg during a ski vacation received top-notch medical attention through her insurance. This coverage included a thorough examination, treatment with a plaster cast, and even an extra seat on her return flight.

Yulia- 24 years Old, Translator

A few years back, my travel insurance proved to be a lifesaver during a European vacation when I suddenly experienced intense abdominal pain. Without delay, the insurance company dispatched a doctor to my whereabouts, armed with essential medical equipment and a directory of 24-hour pharmacies. More recently, they swiftly arranged an appointment with an ophthalmologist when I encountered an eye problem and even followed up afterwards to make sure everything went off without a hitch.